Bengals season tickets not yet sold out for 2022

Cincinnati Bengals Fan Rally Ahead Of Super Bowl LVI
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The up-and-coming Bengals need to come up a little more, apparently.

Despite an unlikely Super Bowl appearance and the promise of years of contending teams to come, the Bengals have not sold out their 2022 season tickets, according to Scott Springer of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Seats remain available, and the organization is currently going through the renewal process with 2021 season-ticket holders. Per Springer, the Bengals are one of 13 teams without a season-ticket waiting list.

It’s still early. Surely, people in Cincinnati will pony up to see the best version of the home team in more than 30 years. Even with the ability to stay home and watch games on TV with no concern of a local blackout (I’m old enough to remember when there was an actual blackout policy), some teams are good enough to compel witnessing their exploits in person. The Bengals currently are one of those teams.

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  1. Maybe there just aren’t enough people making that kind of money in the Cincinnati area right now. Things are tough in a lot of places these days and season tickets to sporting events are a luxury few can afford anymore.

  2. Bengal fans are smart enough to wait until Mike Brown proves he’s committed to winning by signing/trading for several high end free agents. Protect Joe Burrow.

  3. best seat it’s at home. always a great view,
    parking is free, beer is cheaper…
    i would guess that most teams that “sell out” have a lot of buyers who sell the tickets instead of going to games… that’s how it is in LA for both the chargers and the rams.

  4. This team is on the upswing, but I think most Bengals fans realize that this year was an anomaly. They could continue to improve, but ownership needs to show fans they’re committed to winning by actually signing some talent and spending some money.

  5. Bengals have a better chance selling out away games. Mike Brown goes back to being Mike Brown and this peak becomes a distant memory.

  6. Probably frustration with the previous activity of the ownership.
    If the future engagement from local fans continues there , or anywhere else , they should face the loss of the franchise.
    That should apply to others also .
    How do the Florida’s franchises do recently selling tickets ?

  7. I don’t know much about the size of the Bengals fanbase but I remember watching their playoff run this year and they cut to a couple live shots of various Cincinnati bars with Bengals fans watching the games. The bars they showed only had about 8-10 fans in Bengals gear that were visible in the locations they shot. Small sample size but there could be a correlation. Philly bars are so packed with Eagles fans during an Eagles playoff game that you have to push through the crowds. They have a page on the team site just to get on the season ticket waiting list.

  8. Mike brown is not as cheap as people think, he spends money just usually on his own guys. He can have some of my ticket money when he proves that he’s willing to spend on some outside help to protect burrow. Until then I’m remembering the last official word I heard from Zack Taylor which was that the line was fine, they could scheme around that. If that’s the attitude they take, or they only use the draft to get him help, they ain’t getting a penny from me.

  9. Season tickets are a commitment, both time and money. Given the size of the metropolitan area, it’s no surprise. I would like a world where season tickets don’t exist. I’m not gonna buy season tickets to my local movie theater and be forced to watch Ishtar or the The English Patient.

  10. I’m a Lions fan, so I understand following a team that hasn’t won.

    assuming the lions turned it around like thr Bengals for sake of argument …

    I’m 40, and I could probably afford season tickets if I really wanted them. but that’s a big money commitment of disposable income. there ia a huge time commitment involved also.

    Also, if unless you have great seats, football is really better to watch at home. you can snag a really nice TV for a few hundred bucks now.

    plus, covid is still a concern for a lot of people.

    honestly, I’d rather buy a secondary market ticket with great seats as a splurge once a season. I think most people fall into the same boat

  11. Bengals fans are smart. They support but have been burned too many times. They will all sell out eventually and they will have another great year.

  12. Up in New England, we have no problems finding season ticket holders who support the team

  13. This is a bit misleading. There ARE tickets available… but if you actually go to the website to select seats, and actually look at the seats available for purchase, there are only 623 seats left as of this morning (yes, I had time on my hands and actually counted, so go ahead and make fun of me). Most sections showing availability actually only have a few seats left in the section. So, let’s not make it sound like Bengals fans are not buying tickets… 99% of the available tickets are sold out, and season ticket renewals just went out this week.

  14. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    February 24, 2022 at 4:34 pm
    best seat it’s at home. always a great view,
    parking is free, beer is cheaper…
    Also, no lines in the bathroom 🙂

    I’m with you. 80 inch high def TV, fridge full of beer. Can’t beat it. I gave up my season tickets years ago.

  15. I’ve been a Bengals season ticket holder for 17 years, I live in DC, fly to the games, sit 4 rows behind the Bengals bench, and would t trade that great city and fans for anything…. WHO DEY

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