Multiple teams would trade for Deshaun Watson without a settlement of civil cases

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
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Teams are making plans to acquire veteran quarterbacks — officially as of March 16 and unofficially before then. For Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, his legal situation complicates any effort to work out a long-expected trade.

He faces two tracks, criminal and civil. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said Monday in open court that he expects the grand jury to make a decision regarding whether Watson will be charged with any crimes and the level of the charges (felony or misdemeanor) will be determined by April 1.

The civil cases, brought by 22 massage therapists, undoubtedly won’t be. So the question becomes whether teams would refrain from trading for Watson while the civil cases are pending.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple teams are indeed willing to make the deal, as long as the criminal situation is resolved. Last year, the Dolphins insisted on settlement of all cases before a trade would be finalized. The Panthers were willing to make the deal regardless of the civil (or criminal) cases, but Watson didn’t want to waive his no-trade clause for a trade to Carolina.

The teams currently willing to do a deal without a settlement of the civil cases aren’t known. But they’re out there, lurking and strategizing and planning as the quarterback carousel prepares to spin.

60 responses to “Multiple teams would trade for Deshaun Watson without a settlement of civil cases

  1. The fact that Watson is being picky about who he would waive his no trade clause for shows how delusional he is

  2. Next time you’re enjoying the fake, juvenile patriotism of an NFL game, remember that they have zero values and they think you are a sucker.

  3. If Watson wants to play in the NFL again, he will settle his legal issues, sooner rather than later. IMHO, Watson and his legal team do not want Watson to testify in any depositions. 18 of the 22 lawsuits were reported to be willing to settle at the trade deadline last year, so Watson and his legal team should get the other 4 cases to agree to a settlement, before Watson goes under oath in any depositions.

    The civil settlements could/should happen in the next two weeks.

  4. Maybe he’ll be accepted in some markets, no questions asked, but in other markets, be careful trading for this guy. There could be a backlash.

  5. My guess is that the Steelers and the Buccaneers would be 2 of the teams that are interested. But at the same time this report might just be a way of the Texans driving up the price of the trade as well

  6. Dumb. In one of the las games he played two December’s ago, the lowly Bears destroyed him, sacking him 7 times and crushing the Texans. He’s way overrated.

  7. I question whether or not some quarterback-needy teams are just saying that they may acquire Watson as a form of leverage when negotiating trades with teams whose quarterbacks they actually want to acquire.

  8. Well, he has a no-trade clause that he has already used against the Panthers, which is strange, because that’s a team that’s close to where he went to college and they’re off the radar enough that there likely won’t be the kind of media uproar when he’s there compared to other cities… Funny how the teams are never listed. You think the Steelers, would touch this PR nightmare? I don’t… Think the Commanders would make that move given the claims against them right now? I don’t… Indy doesn’t have a No. 1 this year and I don’t see Houston sending him to another team in the division… Tampa could probably get away with it… Maybe Denver… There are other teams that would make sense, but they’d have to deal a QB away first (Atlanta, Seattle, Vegas…). I don’t think there is nearly the market out there for Watson that they’re trying to make us believe…

  9. Just settle the cases….. Watson took some really bad advice from someone. He could have avoided all of this circus.

  10. Watson, idiot that he is, refused to waive the trade clause for Carolina? This guy is verging on no career at all, and he’s trying to pick and choose? Bad move…

    On top of that, Carolina is a pretty nice place to play. Great climate, great people. Send Watson to Philly instead. That’ll teach him!

  11. No they wouldn’t or it would have already happened.

    Would make absolutly no sense for anyone to do that….

  12. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple teams are indeed willing to make the deal, as long as the criminal situation is resolved.

    Then multiple teams are idiots. Why mortgage the future with a QB who will want to also be the GM–a QB who has never won anything and by all indications is a terrible human being. He’s also been out of football for a year. I can’t wait to see which team is dumb enough to give up three first-round picks for this guy. It’ll probably be one of those teams with a dumb owner like the Dolphins.

  13. Intriguing. I’ll believe it when I see it.. Been waiting too long for this to be resolved for the Texans one way or another.

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles are a suitor. Lurie took a reclamation project like Vick. Qb Factory ftw!

  15. what do you think happens the first time Deshaun has to face the media ?? it will be endless questions about his off the field actions.. its a PR nightmare waiting to happy .. hard time believing Owners want him on there teams..

  16. The “PR Nightmare” everyone is speaking of would only last a few weeks. If that. The league is filled with not so very good ppl from top to bottom, front office, to the players. The NFL will pay ESPN and other major new outlets to let it go. Look how quick the gruden fiasco got thrown under the rug. Above all else, winning cures all, if he comes back and starts lighting it up, it’ll be like nothing happened.

  17. I have to think Washington is out. When you’re under Congressional investigation for sexual harassment you can’t bring in a guy with 22 sexual harassment charges. I mean I guess you can, and if any team/owner could be that tone deaf it’s Washington/Snyder. But still.

  18. Besides the fact that Watson vetoed a trade to Carolina, the Texans should’ve lowered their asking price before the start of last season and gotten rid of this headache. I don’t see anyone giving up multiple first round picks for a QB with all these cases pending AND who hasn’t played in a year.

    All these pending QB moves should be interesting. Whether it’s Watson or whoever, all of these fanbases need to realize that Brady and Stafford winning SBs in their first year with new teams was unprecedented and unlikely. Most of these situations will result in media and fanbases calling for the new QB to be ousted after one season.

    People are fickle and lack patience and most of the time these teams aren’t “just a QB away” from winning it all.

  19. care to name these multiple teams,except the dolphins, who we know has been in the running for 6 months…

  20. We have killers and domestic violators in the NFL. Watson has sexual proclivities where he asked women to do certain things. Doesn’t measure up as the worst guy in the NFL. Of course, he will play again.

  21. Washington on line 1. What better way to deflect attention away from Commander Snyder. Danny loves to create a complete circus like atmosphere here in the DC area.

  22. I hope Deshaun returns to the NFL. I am going to enjoy pulling against him and whatever Team signs him. If it happens to my favorite team I will pull against them.

  23. Any team that would trade the farm for him would be giving the Texans a Super Bowl dynasty just like the Hershel Walker trade that Dallas did.

  24. Washington, given it’s current situation with ownership and Congress, should stay far away from Watson. Of course trading for him would be the exact type of tone-deaf move that this team is famous for. Look for Watson to be Commanding the offense on DV next year.

  25. As an Eagles fan, I don’t want the guy. I know how good he is and I know how much we need a quarterback, but I couldn’t root for the dude. I read a summary of the charges against him, and to me anyway, he seems like your classic narcissist who has a clear sense of entitlement. I understand that he hasn’t been tried or convicted yet, but where there’s THAT much smoke, there certainly has to be fire. That said, I’m sure he’ll buy his way out of it and be available to play again soon. But hopefully not for my team.
    I know a lot of professional athletes aren’t choir boys. I get. But when we’re talking about a quarterback, we’re talking about a position where intangibles are almost as important as physical qualities. In my opinion, this guy is never going to be a winner. But again, that’s just my opinion.

  26. If Washington trades for him, they are just tone deaf. Well, that probably isn’t a question – they probably are. That said, this would only exacerbate the situation.

    All that said, I think Washington will probably think about it. That said, do they pull the trigger if the ask is Chase Young and 1st round picks?

    I think the betting money still has to be Miami. The extra picks, throw Tua in there as someone for them to try, and a few other pieces is still the easiest trade to construct. I guess I could conceivably see the Vikings get involved if the price is right.

    I don’t really have a team anymore, but I don’t think I would care for my team to trade for Deshaun unless all the other off-field stuff were cleared.

  27. Well, multiple teams are incompetent. Never mind the monster he is off the field, he’s never won anything and abandoned his teammates last year. Also, he’s going to be suspended by the NFL when he does get moved to another team, so that has to be added to the equation. For the all the teams interested in him, how about learning to draft better instead.

  28. deshaun knocked down how many millions last year to not play a single snap?
    i wouldn’t settle anything. why pay to play when you can get paid to not?
    keep cashing those checks deshaun…. keep cashing those checks.

  29. No matter where Watson lands, that team’s fan base will not be happy. Who would want him as the face of their franchise with his particular baggage? If he ever becomes a Patriot, I’ll be done with them.

  30. Why would a QB needy team spend five premium draft picks on this guy when there are several quality starting QBs who might be at a cheaper price and with very little baggage. This potentially includes Rodgers, Cousins, Wilson, Garopolo, Ryan, Mayfield, Wentz, Hurts and Ryan as a minimum.

  31. I suspect these reports are Mickey Mouse stories, originating from his agent!
    If however true, it just goes to show what a cesspit of immorality the NFL is!
    This guy should never play again and the NFL shouldn’t be paying him not to play!

  32. The key is trade value, a lot a teams that need a QB would sacrifice say a 5th rounder and a conditional 1 if he doesn’t get suspended to hold the rights to him. If he settles everything they have a QB life goes on, if he gets convicted of any cases civil or legal then suspended by the league his contract gets voided and the Texans can take back some bonus money along with the team that holds his rights can cut him and walk a way with just losing a low draft pick.

    Only a complete idiot and very desperate owner/gm/coach would trade what the Texans want at the moment to acquire Watson. The absolute complete idiot is Watson and his agent that should have settle everything took the PR lumps and maybe a suspension and had it all disappear by know (look at Ben, Tyrek, Jarran Reed, etc etc), though his lawyers are really happy as they take all his money.

  33. When it’s millions of dollars in business, people can throw away morals and do what is needed.

  34. I’m sure the Commanders want him, but I just can’t imagine that a team that has had the sexual harassment issues that franchise has had and still has, how do you reconcile trading for Watson?

    There are franchises/cities/coaches/owners who can’t dream of acquiring Watson for numerous reasons, but there are others where Watson’s arrival would barely make a blip.

  35. “Any team that would trade the farm for him would be giving the Texans a Super Bowl dynasty just like the Hershel Walker trade that Dallas did.”

    Yeap, I agree! If the Texans just get (1) 1st’s and (1) 2nd’s in the 2022 and 2023 draft the Texans would have in…

    2022 – (2) 1st’s, (2) 2nd’s and (2) 3rd’s, + plus their remaining picks in 2022

    2023 – (2) 1st’s, (2) 2nd’s, + plus their remaining picks in 2023

    The Texans 2021 draft received a B+ according to NFL writer Gennero Filece, best in the AFC South. The Texans & Caserio may have the steal of the draft with Davis Mills in 2021.

    The Texans would have a lot of picks in the next (2) years, and if Caserio can draft as well as he did in 2021, the Texans should have a bright future!

  36. Say what you want about Kirk Cousins, you’ll never have to worry about the kind of stuff swirling around Watson.

  37. It would take a really delusional owner to want to trade for Watson. Does the NFL have any of those?

  38. Of course there are. As long as there’s no criminal indictment, plenty of teams would love to have him. He’s a top 5 level QB and he’s only 25. There may be a handful of QB needy teams that will turn up their noses over moral reservations, but I’ll bet they’re in the minority.

  39. “He’s a top 5 level QB!” That’s a stretch. Considering salary, draft picks lost in a trade, baggage, and obvious character issues, I can think of at least 15 QBs I would rather have on my team than this guy.

  40. Just settle the cases….. Watson took some really bad advice from someone. He could have avoided all of this circus.

    There are two problems, first he has to clear the criminal charges, Then he has to settle the 22 civil suits. The problem is four of the women have said they will not settle and want to go to court. He has no control over that. Yes, he did have bad advise.

  41. Any particular reason the NFL with its billions hasn’t concluded its investigation yet? I mean geez, if it’s just another unwritten, undocumented, and unsubstantiated report from a highly paid female lawyer representing the NFL – what is the hold-up????

  42. The comments suggest Watson is guilty. Yet throughout his college he was know as an exemplary student athlete of high character. I’ll acknowledge that people can change. Watson didn’t have honorable intentions but last time I checked, he wasn’t accused of rape. These comments assume that Watson is guilty but prior to his legal troubles he was known as a good as a good human being of high character. He didn’t settle because he claims to be innocent. Are the attorneys of high moral character or do they see an opportunity to to get a cut themselves? Let’s hear the evidence before we convict Watson.

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