Packers taking “chance to look at a lot of guys” at kicker

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers’ season ended in the divisional round of the playoffs thanks in large part to a miserable performance by their special teams units that included the 49ers blocking a Mason Crosby field goal attempt.

Crosby had a rough season leading into that playoff game. He was 25-of-34 on field goals during the season, which marked his most misses since the 2012 season and raised questions about whether the team would make a change at kicker. That speculation continued when the Packers signed Dominik Eberle this week to go with JJ Molson as other options.

During a Wednesday press conference, Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst said the team hasn’t made any decisions about their kicker for next season while stopping short of ruling out a change.

“Obviously, Mason had to adjust to a lot of the things that were happening with our special teams unit and the snappers and the new punter and holder,” Gutekunst said, via Bill Huber of “With those moving parts, he had to adjust and I thought he did a really nice job toward the end of the year. We’re in that offseason period where we get a chance to look at a lot of guys. . . . Mason, where our football team is, having a championship kind of kicker, a guy who can compete at that level is important. There will always be competition and everybody’s got to hold their own. We’ve got to make kicks but, at the same time, there was a lot of moving parts there.”

Crosby has rebounded from poor performances in the past, but a commitment to putting the best special teams units on the field means the Packers have to be open to other options to improve the production for the 2022 season.

14 responses to “Packers taking “chance to look at a lot of guys” at kicker

  1. Love Mason but him not being able to kick kickoffs into the end zone was what stifled the special teams.

  2. Give mason another shot.

    Kickers can rebound from a terrible season. Look at Boswell. Was amazing in 2016/2017 then God awful in 2018. Since then he’s probably been the second best kicker in league behind the goat.

  3. The Packers don’t have to change anything or make any improvements or cut anybody and they will still be good enough to dominate the NFCN, again. But good enough is not good enough, unless you’re the Minnesota Vikings.

  4. The kicking performance in the Bengals-Packers game this year was one for the ages. Sooooo many missed kicks on both kickers. However, McPherson recovered and got better as the year progressed. Crosby still had some questionable games. It’s time the Packers moved on from Crosby.

  5. Can’t figure Mason out. Loved Ryan, but I remember when he came and I was so happy he had a big leg so we could finally more reliably get touchbacks again. Looks like it’s inevitable for semi-mortal humans. Dunno. The man was proven, save for that weird 5-miss Detroit game, that he can be clutch and on some bad field in some bad weather for a long time. I don’t put last season on him, but the moving parts. The contract, OTOH… Hey–If I’m Gutey and the ducks line-up, I take a kid to get an extended camp-look. Your scouts already know the re-treads, and you need camp legs anyway, but Finally having proven ST coaching is Huge.

  6. They also need a better long snapper. It’s surprising more college linemen who will never be good enough to make it to the NFL any other way don’t really get into practicing as long snappers.

  7. Zimmer of the Vikes cut a kicker after two games for missing field goals. The Packer Org has always struggled with loyalty when they should have focused on the job being done or not done and corrected it. Crosby was awful this year and should have been replaced but they kept him and it cost them a playoff game.

  8. I like Crosby. I think his issues stem from the ls and holder and also from poor st coaching.

  9. Young strong legs with a mind that is super confidence ,BECOME average legs with a mind of doubt overnight with kickers. Crosby is set to be a journeyman kicker next year after the Packers cut him.

  10. I like kickers that make field goals.

    Crosby is basically the least accurate kicker of his era. In an era where kickers are more accurate than ever before.

  11. The contract makes it likely the Packers move on, especially with how his leg strength has been declining.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they can hit the jackpot again, though. It’s remarkable when you stop to think about it–over the 30 years that the Packers had Favre and Rodgers at QB, they’ve had three kickers–Chris Jacke, Ryan Longwell, and Mason Crosby–and all three of them were top-10 for most of their time in Green Bay.

    Top-of-the-line kickers aren’t quite as rare as top-of-the-line QBs, but putting together that kind of streak is still not easy to do.

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