Possible replacements for Troy Aikman at Fox include Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, John Lynch


With Troy Aikman leaving Fox for ESPN, Fox will need a new No. 1 analyst. (It also may need a new No. 1 play-by-play announcer, if Joe Buck finagles a one-year-early exit for ESPN, too.)

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post has a list of potential candidates to replace Aikman. They include an internal candidate — current No. 2 Fox analyst Greg Olsen — and several folks who currently don’t work for Fox.

Marchand lists Rams coach Sean McVay, former Saints coach Sean Payton, former Saints quarterback (and current NBC analyst) Drew Brees, and former Fox broadcast (and current 49ers G.M.) John Lynch as potential Aikman replacements.

Lynch, coincidentally, was asked several week ago about the possibility that he’d return to TV.

“From time to time, opportunities are presented,” Lynch said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “I can tell you and everyone that my commitment right now is to this organization. We’re just coming off a season. My commitment is to the 49ers, the York family, to Kyle [Shanahan].”

The key words are “right now.” As in “right now, no one is offering me three times what I’m currently making with the 49ers to call games on TV again.”

Whoever it is, Fox will be paying someone big money. And before anyone grumbles about that, look at the money the sport is currently generating. Look at the money the networks are currently making; each is owned by a publicly-traded company, and all have strong-to-quite-strong-to-very-freaking-powerful balance sheets. Most importantly, look at the way the networks have positioned themselves to maximize those profits through the explosion of legalized betting — not to mention the way that gambling companies are positioning themselves to become networks.

Bottom line? The rising tide of legalized gambling money is indeed lifting all boats. And as the captain of a dinghy that’s floating in the shallow end of the harbor, you’ll see no complaints about that here.

14 responses to “Possible replacements for Troy Aikman at Fox include Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, John Lynch

  1. Fox broadcasts have been terrible for a long time. Botched names of players. graphics with inaccurate stats, and worst of all the commentators are horrid. The fact that Joe Buck and Troy are the biggest draws tells you all you need to know

  2. Please not Brees. He’s terrible. The fact he’s even possibly a candidate means the person entertaining this should be fired from their job.

  3. I know that I have never watched a game because of who the broadcast crew was. Hard for me to hear what they are saying anyway, with all the crowd noise.

  4. I am a huge Ram fan and don’t want to loose McVay , that being said he is annoying to listed too, so not sure why his name keeps coming up

  5. John Lynch became my favorite professional sport’s executive when he left FOX, and I’d like for him to continue receiving that honor.

  6. Oh man, it’s gonna be tough finding someone to say “he does a good job” in drawl to Joe Buck next year.

  7. Please let Buck go with Aikman. Our drinking game is that every time Buck says “hall of famer Troy Aikman” we take a drink. Never made pass 1/2 time yet.

  8. Brees is painfully boring. NFL broadcasting would be dramatically improved – and it’s generally pretty terrible right now, if the networks focused less on star players/coaches and more on interesting/informed/entertaining individuals, whether they had a great career or not. Also very disconcerting to see the networks lure top active players and coaches into the booth.

  9. Greg Olsen talks too much. I tune in to WATCH the game, not LISTEN to commentators. What’s that saying – silence is golden?

    The worst is MNF. ESPN has 3 guys talking about the game and with the amount of blabbing going on I would not be surprised if they are paid by the word.

  10. I don’t get the appeal of Aikman at all. He’s not terrible or annoying, he’s just kind of… there.

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