With Troy Aikman choosing ESPN, will Amazon target Sean McVay?

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The unexpected decision of Troy Aikman to choose ESPN over Amazon will create plenty of questions. Here’s a fairly obvious one: Where does Amazon go now?

Al Michaels, who is expected to become the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime, reportedly wanted Aikman as the in-booth partner. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Amazon could now turn to Rams coach Sean McVay.

Previously, Marchand reported that ESPN would be interested in McVay if McVay were to leave the Rams. However, McVay wouldn’t be interested in leaving the Rams for the mere possibility of a network gig. Someone will have to come after him aggressively, and to make him an offer he can’t refuse — and that Rams owner Stan Kroenke won’t match or exceed.

Tony Romo is making $18 million per year for a much more limited workload than the job of NFL head coach. Aikman reportedly will make as much or more from ESPN. If Amazon were to offer something similar, McVay would be foolish to not listen, especially since (at a minimum) it will get Kroenke to dig deeper into this superyacht maintenance budget.

Then there’s this factor, one that can’t be overlooked. There’s no guarantee that McVay will be good as a color commentator. He probably will be, but maybe he’ll be as stunningly bad as Joe Montana and Bill Walsh were. That makes the gamble a huge one for whoever pays McVay without knowing whether, for example, he’s capable of speaking in anything other than the single tone (excited) and single volume (loud) that is on display at his many press conferences.

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  1. As the old adage says, “DANCE WITH THE ONE YOU BROUGHT.”

    McVay’s not going anywhere, and if he tells his boss he has a higher offer to do something else, his boss is more likely to let him go do it than overpay and set the bar at an all time high… or that is exactly what Kroenke will do; it’s worked for him thus far

  2. Would love to see it. The Rams are bad for football. I don’t want the NFL to turn into the NBA.

  3. Usually when Aikman talks, that’s a good time to go get a snack, read a text, or something else very unimportant, but still more important or insightful than whatever he has to say.

  4. Think of all the people who weren’t going to watch a game or were about to change the channel until they realized Troy Aikman was doing the game. It is ZERO. None of these guys are worth anything extra with the possible exception of Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt.

  5. Mike Tomlin is on Amazon’s Watchlist …He’s the top candidate for that job; I would imagine.

  6. “much more limited workload than the job of NFL head coach” those sure are the operative words. Why spent the next few years of your life (argueably the best years of your life when you’re McVay’s age) when you can collect big $$$ while working way fewer hours per week. He’s won one SuperBowl, last I checked there was no incentive to win many more by either the league or the owners.

  7. Aikman is the best color man in the business. Now he will be wasted on the woeful ESPN MNF.
    They need to bring it back to ABC. ESPN has a way of making MNF second rate. The majority of their games are dogs with fleas. Thursday night games are not the greatest matchups but it seems more of a game you look forward to watching. Maybe Monday night is a hangover and your are all football-ed out from Sunday (unless your team is playing) and you don’t pay attention to it and maybe by Thursday we are jonesing for more NFL. I don’t know. But I do hope they get Aikman a good play by play guy, bring it back to ABC & get some better games (which I have read they have tried in the past but Sunday is the NFL’s marquee attraction).

  8. Talk about a waste of money. Why do networks deem it necessary to pay analysts as if people actually tune in to listen to them. They could have no analysts and the ratings would be the same.

  9. According to media reports, Bezos’s new superyacht is worth $500,000,000 and Kroenke’s is only worth $150,000,000. Bye Sean.

  10. I agree with donttrollonme – not sure he has the demeanor or voice for a 3 hour telecast.

    The good news is, Ram fans will only have to listen to Aikman maybe twice a year, instead of four times a year on Fox. Don’t understand the attraction. He’s smooth, I guess, but certainly isn’t many of the things you want in a color commentator: fair, insightful, entertaining, and accurate. I wish we could see Gus Johnson and Greg Olsen together.

  11. Take it easy on Kroenke’s super yacht money. Remember, he paid 5.5 billion to build SoFi, and didn’t ask us in LA to pay for any of it.

  12. I liked the MNF Crew last year. Big fan of Steve Levy and thought Riddick and Griese were sound.

  13. I tune in two minutes before kickoff to watch the game, ignore who’s behind the “mic” as much as I can and leave during half time so I don’t have to listen to anyone’s analysis.

  14. I know it’s the standard thing for fans to hate NFL announcers, but I like Aikman and Romo. I also like Daryl Johnson. Brees so far is OK.

    I guess I don’t really let the announcers get to me if I don’t like them. I remember disliking Dan Dierdorf. But if you don’t like the announcers, just mute them.

  15. Tabasco
    Feb 24, 2022, 7:27 AM PST

    I guess I don’t really let the announcers get to me if I don’t like them. I remember disliking Dan Dierdorf. But if you don’t like the announcers, just mute them.


    I agree, Dierdorf was memorable for all the wrong reason. Though Dan Fouts is the only guy I’ve found so bad I had to mute him. To each his own.

  16. Thanks for reminding that Joe Montana was the worst football TV analyst other than maybe Orenthal James Simpson, who was distinctive in his own unique way.

  17. gotitan says:
    February 24, 2022 at 9:58 am

    Do people really listen to these announcers? $18M? SMH!

    Well, let’s put in this way, you certainly don’t want viewers to not watch a broadcast because of a certainly person like Booger McFarland, my lord. Vin Scully and Al Michaels are the best. I will tune into a game of no interesr just to listen to those guys.

  18. There are so many professional sports announcers out there. Not all of them need to be former players–even for color. Look around, see who is doing the job in regional games, NCAA games exc.
    I turn on the radio and listen to the local guys instead of national except when it is Al, or Tony. I’ve heard the other locals from NY, PA, exc and some are good enough for a national job. At least as good (no, better) than last year’s MNF crew, and most networks B and C teams.

  19. Who makes these decisions? Does the NFL foresee an issue where TV is luring away some of their best coaches and players into early retirement? The coaching pool is already very thin.

  20. I hope Bezos and Amazon get nothing. I hope they fall flat on their faces. They do some good, but in their position not nearly enough good. As for announcers, since Madden and Summerall I could care less. I listen to my local guys on the radio which is synched with the TV coverage. Problem solved. All athletes, coaches, and announcers are way overpaid. I no longer watch the NBA, MLB, and football is very close to being gone for me as well. Watch the NHL where guys are paid for what they do and they show up every night no matter how bad their team is.

  21. There is nothing at all appealing about Sean McVay’s voice. I can’t imagine listening to it for 3 hours or more. Bad idea…

  22. I enjoyed the ESPN broadcast this past season. Riddick and Griese did a great job and they both had some terrific insight. Too bad they are going to be launched for 18M Aikman. Honestly,the broadcast won’t be any better, and like most fans, it’s FOOTBALL, so I could really give a crap about who is announcing…It’s FOOTBALL !

  23. Out of all the people in the world who know as much & work harder than Aikman or Any of them, they’d choose that?

    This is just flummoxing. All of it. I’ll be fine if they all go away and there’s a lot more space between words.

  24. Minor point – does anyone actually find McVay likeable?

    I’m thinking his insight is primarily limited to, “have a GM who will sign anyone, no matter how unsustainably, to buy your way to a Super Bowl”. In both of his Super Bowl appearances, I didn’t really get a sense that he had much idea what to actually do.

  25. The Maddon/Summerall team made me tune in to whatever.
    Al Michaels makes most games bearaable.

    I absolutely stopped watching MVF with Booger McFarland – just couldn’t take it.

    And for years, I couldn’t watch any game with Dan Dierdorf – the most OBVIOUS stupid words consistently came out of his mouth and I just couldn’t take it. Why in the world they teamed him with Al Michales & Frank Gifford I will never understand. He must have had pictures of someone…

    That’s the extensive list of people that have affected the games I watch in over 50 years of watching football. Everyone else is just neutral.

  26. Aikman is really bland. I watch the game as if he’s not even there. I neither gain nor lose anything insightful in the game. He’s like an audio furniture.

  27. I don’t know anyone who would let the choice of announcers impact their NFL viewing decisions. Perhaps to raise or lower the volume, but nobody is going to watch, or not watch, a game based on the announcers.

  28. The bigger question is does this mean Joe Buck is going away? I don’t watch MLB so let’s make that his full time gig. Is there a kickstart or gofundme that I can donate to make this happen?

  29. Mcvay doesn’t have the voice for announcing and for a whole game it would be too grating. Aikman is ok but if the Mannings are back on that’s where I’m going anyway. Most of these announcers add nothing to the game especially Nantz and Romo. Nantz misses too many details because he doesn’t follow the game and wants to have a conversation with Romo like no one’s listening.

  30. They can *try* whatever they want. He’s coming back for at least another year and probably a few more after that.

  31. The Rams are going to be lousy when the bill comes due. If McVay leaves, he can have others make it look like him leaving is why they are lousy, and not because they mortgaged everything for that Super Bowl win.

  32. McVay doesn’t seem to be conversational to want to listen to very long, but how many people are going to stream Thursday Night football that pay for Amazon Prime, it is a very select market (also limited to those who actually have streaming ability) and numbers will struggle. Don’t see to many paying, that are not already paying, for Prime just to watch a mediocre Thursday night game.

  33. Who on Earth could listen to the motor mouth McVay for three hours?
    I truly fail to understand why he’d be considered a good analyst.

  34. I see McVay continuing to coach and getting a lot more money to do so…. For our listening sanity, I hope he continues to coach. For amusement purposes only I would love to see Kroenke attempt to engage in a wagging contest with Bezos.

  35. I have to laugh about all this complaining about Aikman. Clearly most of the folks on here are not old enough to remember Howard Cosell. Never did one ‘color’ man generate so much vitriol. Bars used to run wildly popular promotions during MNF where the winner would get to through a brick through a television tuned to MNF while Cosell was announcing

  36. Take the number to your boss, tell him you want at least 15 percent more. If he matches it stay. The Rams are a short term successful team and sooner or later, probably the former, he will be on the streets. At that point take the TV gig.

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