Lane Johnson: If Carson Wentz doesn’t stay with Colts, he’ll land with a great team

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With quarterback Carson Wentz looking like he’s on his way out of Indianapolis, one of his former teammates is coming to his defense.

During an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this week, Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said that another fresh start could be a positive for Wentz.

“I think he’s going to — if he doesn’t stay with the Colts — he’s going to land with a great team,” Johnson said, via Mike Kaye of “I heard you talking about Pittsburgh. I think he’d be a good pickup for them, just having the defense they have.”

The Steelers, of course, are looking for a new quarterback after Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement. But there’s no guarantee that Wentz would be the best option for the club.

Wentz helped lead the Colts to nine wins in 2021. But he had a disastrous performance in Indianapolis’ season finale, with the club falling to the Jaguars 26-11 to miss the postseason. Wentz completed 62.4 percent of his passes for 3,563 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 2021.

Johnson noted that quarterback is the most scrutinized position, though he added that comes with the territory of being the face of a franchise. And criticism will come when a team misses the playoffs like the Colts did.

But Johnson seems to be looking forward to seeing his former teammate get another crack at being an effective quarterback.

“I think he’ll get a shot somewhere,” Johnson said. “I think this will be a point to where he can prove all the doubters wrong.”

21 responses to “Lane Johnson: If Carson Wentz doesn’t stay with Colts, he’ll land with a great team

  1. “I think this will be a point to where he can prove all the doubters wrong.”

    His play down the stretch proved all the doubters right.

  2. He’d be ok as a starter if he was making a lot less.
    But he will be unhappy.
    Wentz is better than a backup but not a good starter.
    I am guessing he takes a one year low starter salary deal.
    Something like 12MM with lots of incentives.

    As a backup – he’s make a lot less.

  3. Sorry but he’s not smart enough to play QB. He couldn’t pass the stupid test last season. Say what you will about the COVID vax, but the rules were the rules. Get COVID and be unvaxed and miss more time than the vaxed guys would. He chose to miss time, missed a key game and his team missed the playoffs. Dumb dumb dumb.

  4. I just don’t understand why so many people are against getting vacinated when it is for your own good. I guess they want to die early.

  5. How come “fresh start” is the recurring theme here? The Colts were his “fresh start” and that is looking like it’s over

  6. If he does land on a great team he will drag them down to his level of mediocrity by seasons end. The fact that Lane Johnson is the only teammate past or present that supports Wentz just shows how truly disliked Wentz is by his teammates .

  7. Is Wentz really any worse than Dak? I’m being serious… And I’m a Dak fan, for the most part… They both seem to play well when things are easy, but neither of them can carry a bad team vs a good defense.

  8. “If Carson Wentz doesn’t stay with Colts, he’ll land with a great team.”

    Which begs the question: What exactly are the top three (great) teams in the CFL?

  9. I highly doubt the Steelers have any interest in Wentz. Is he really a significant upgrade over Mason?

  10. There’s no “proving doubters wrong.” They’re already correct based on facts and evidence. Like, tons of it.

  11. If a great team signs Wentz, it wont be long before it is known as a used-to-be great team. Indy letting Wentz go for cents should be a warning to all that he is fragile, broken beyond repair. XFL material.

  12. I remember thinking when he came out of North Dakota he had a lot of the Big Ben intangibles. Then he had his hissy fit with HC Pederson and now appears on his way out of HC Reich’s embrace. That is not Ben. Ask Cowher or Tomlin about coaching Ben.

  13. Used to be a big Wentz fan. But he was never the same mentally or physically after the knee. Foles winning it all and the limitations on his body in recovery made him push too hard. He had always relied on his physical gifts, and couldn’t adjust to his post-injury capabilities. He now makes terrible decisions and absolutely can’t handle criticism. His days as a starter are likely over

  14. Who would be an upgrade ? Jimmy G ?
    Winston ? Mariota ? Yes the team stunk the last game but also beat some tough teams trying to stay with the Titans.
    He will be back.

  15. Many valid Wentz comments here, even some tough ones have some truth to them. I was really pulling for Wentz, as an Eagles fan, we owe a bit of thanks for a great season which led to the Super Bowl Win. He was MVP caliber all season long. Today, he is at least a decent starter, and/or a great backup. money aside, I’d like to seem him be in the NFL and clean up his play/reputation. I just don’t see where he is ‘unfixable’ – unless of course he doesn’t take coaching well anymore. I thought our QB coaches were too easy on him after the SB win. JMHO.
    To those folks comparing him to Dak … I don’t like the Cowboys, but I’ll say Dak has worked hard and shown improvement over time. If Wentz had done the same, there would be no articles like this about him on PFT … He would be the QB of the Philadelphia Eagles. JMHO.

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