Michael Bidwill: We’ve had good conversations nonstop with Kyler Murray

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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A report on Thursday night indicated that the Cardinals and quarterback Kyler Murray were on good terms despite some signs that the relationship wasn’t in a great place earlier this month and that was the same message that team owner Michael Bidwill sent on Friday.

The chief reason why questions about the relationship cropped up was Murray’s decision to scrub his social media of mentions of the Cardinals. Bidwill was on Arizona Sports 98.7 and said that outside reaction to Murray’s move were very different from ones inside the organization because of the discussions they’ve had with the quarterback.

“I spoke to him last night,” Bidwill said. “We’ve had good conversations nonstop. … I think there was a lot of interpretation around [the social media scrubbing] that’s inconsistent with the conversations.”

Bidwill went on to say that he believes Murray is “going to get a lot better this year” and is “certainly” part of the team’s long-term plan while noting that any long-term deal is likelier later in the offseason because of the need to take care of other issues in free agency and the draft.

13 responses to “Michael Bidwill: We’ve had good conversations nonstop with Kyler Murray

  1. This is what I would like to see:

    1 – don’t extend him in 2022

    2 – he has a good 2022 and demands even more

    3 – he gets paid, and is average during the season and below average if they make the playoff

    Will they make the playoffs this year?

  2. Seriously what has he done?? They have went out and got toys for him and this is how he repays them. Time to move on, once a player thinks they are bigger than the team it is time.

  3. I remember when his dad tucked tail and absconded to AZ when the good people of St Louis refused to give his private business money for nothing.

  4. Trade the kid while he still has value. Once he’s permitted to QB the team another season, all will be lost. He is incapable of moving the franchise forward, everyone but his agent is aware of this, even him.

  5. “He’s incapable of moving the franchise forward”. He already has. What QB is out there that’s better for the Cardinals to get right now? This is coming from a Cardinals fan who remembers the TERRIBLE years outside of Warner and a couple years with Palmer.

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