Report: Amazon, Fox will call Tom Brady about analyst gig

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The world is Tom Brady’s oyster. Multiple networks are interested in shucking his skills in a broadcast booth.

Among the many useful nuggets to emerge from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post this week regarding the lottery-prize merry-go-round in the presentation of NFL games on TV is this — both Fox and Amazon will call Brady about significant vacancies they’re each currently trying to fill.

Fox needs a No. 1 analyst after Troy Aikman jumped to ESPN. Amazon needs a Thursday night analyst, after being spurned by Aikman.

There’s no reason to think Brady would want to do it. But the phone call is cheap. Much cheaper than it would be to actually hire Brady.

He has become much more willing to speak in recent years, even if his primary platform for talking is inherently friendly and non-confrontational, since he owns the Let’s Go! podcast. Taking a high-profile TV job would keep him firmly in the public eye, and the total time commitment would allow him to handle other business interests that could position him, someday, to buy a team of his own.

Then there’s the question of whether he’d be good at it. Most would assume he would be. It was also once assumed that his boyhood idol, Joe Montana, would be, too. Joe Montana had a very short career at NBC; he didn’t like it, and he wasn’t as good as many thought he would be. (He probably didn’t like it, because he wasn’t good.) It’s possible that too much was expected of Montana, given his on-field exploits.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Brady may not be done playing. Plenty of people think he’ll be back, with a team other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That would make him less inclined, obviously, to take a network job in 2022.

68 responses to “Report: Amazon, Fox will call Tom Brady about analyst gig

  1. Oh goody gumdrops does he love seeing his name in the news daily!

    How is the Giselle moat coming around the ugly mansion in Miami, Tom?

  2. Brady would be terrible at broadcasting.

    Just like his record is in Super Bowls without a great defense, a great coach, great kicker or the other team messing up.

  3. That call should go over as well as those “We’re calling you about your extended car warranty” calls I all the time…

  4. Please name someone other than yourself who thinks Brady will return to play in the NFL.

  5. Like those scouts decades ago who said he would not be a good QB, I don’t think he’d be very good as a color commentator. His off-field personality seems too laid back, too “quiet”. Too much like Montana.

  6. I can’t see Brady even entertaining this idea,but you never know. I just think that he would rather still be playing,in the right situation.

  7. I guess good for all his Brands to stay on TV, but otherwise why go back to a regular gig that’s outside of his own control.

  8. Brady is always so guarded in his comments I can’t imagine him dropping his veil and becoming an insightful commentator. Not only that, I can’t imagine the networks can afford his services.

  9. Hopefully someday Brady will be POTUS.
    America is in desperate need of a leader
    and who better than TB12?

  10. Great, more Tom Brady.(sigh) I was deeply thankful when he retired and his name wouldn’t be in every sports writing in the universe.

  11. Why? I am as big a TB12 honk as there is but he would likely be a “Gosh oh golly, gee whiz all of the guys are giving their best effort out there……….” cliches.

    There is only one Aikman.

  12. Always been a Brady fan – as a player. But he just doesn’t have the charisma of Peyton or Romo. His SNL performance was forgettable, and it’s still painful to watch that dancing exhibition at Carnival. Tom will always be great for branding and for image building, but I don’t think the booth is his calling.

  13. What evidence is there that he would be a good analyst? I must have missed it…

    What “evidence “ is there that any former player who has become an analyst would make or not make a good analyst?

  14. We’ve already endured 21 years of Brady. We’ve had more than our fill. Please no more. And as if there already wasn’t enough of a reason to not watch Amazon.

  15. He’s certainly proven he can read and exploit defenses and move an offense efficiently. I would like to hear his take.

  16. Apparently, there will be no escape from Tom-please-buy-my-elistist-1%er-sharksfin-miracle-cure-Brady

    Thanks God for the NHL

  17. We’re sorry Jeff, the product you ordered – Tom Brady – is out of stock. Other customers who ordered this were interested in: Jimmy Garropolo

  18. touchback6 says:
    February 25, 2022 at 8:36 am
    Oh goody gumdrops does he love seeing his name in the news daily!


    It would be good to get his take on BB’s defense melting down and yielding 7 TDs in 7 possessions…. He would have good insight as he has seen plenty of those meltdowns over the years

  19. Why not Gisele? After a dropped ball “That quarterback can’t throw the ball and catch it”

  20. I have to echo the first commenter. What on earth gives anyone the idea that he will be any good at this? How many Drew Brees’s and Jason Wittens do we need to see before we realize that just because you’re a great athlete you will be a great commentator?

    Everyone knew early on that Tony Romo would be good because of his personality and the way he interacted with the media. His future was obvious years before he retired. Has anyone ever said “boy that Tom Brady has a great personality and is magic in front of a microphone”? If they did, I never heard it.

  21. Does Amazon actually listen to the Lets Go podcast? Or his commercials?

    Brady comes across as wooden and bland in his corporate-speak mode. If that is what he serves up, I do not want taste as it is flavor-less. I want the fiery, competitive Brady, who yells at opponents. Yeaaahhh!

  22. Let’s see: Whiny voice + phony disposition. Uh….I just located the “Mute” button on my remote, for the first time.

  23. As a New England fan I can tell you Brady was always insightful with the media. He would never take such a gig without doing his homework. The guy gave us two decades of outstanding football so all of you fans in the other 31 cities can throw stones at him and suck lemons. Meanwhile we’ll just enjoy are 6 Lombardis with more to come.

  24. “I want it to happen just to see him fail miserably at it.”

    It would be interesting to see him yell at the producers and demand a flag.

  25. Here’s a name to consider: Aaron Rodgers. He’s possibly thinking about retiring, he’s already media savvy and knows football.

    Just sayin’.

  26. Nobody wants to hear him on TV let the man retire in peace already. Not happening, just like him coming back.

  27. Yeah Aaron Rodgers would be WAY better b/c he doesn’t whine, and he proved he can handle the mike w/ his Jeopardy tryouts. For those who believe Savior Tom has a divine right to be on TV to analyze/call games because “you are enjoying the Lombardis he brought us”, you are decidedly wrong.

  28. Brady’s got too much going on, don’t worry everybody. They’ll make the call but Brady will turn it down. He’s holding out for the Commissioner’s job anyways. Now the question is who the second call will be to, Snoop Dogg?

  29. Sorry guys but Gisele is not letting him out of her sight anytime soon. They have a lot of catching up to do.

  30. “.. Now if that ball had just a little less air pressure in it the WR would have caught it…”

  31. He might be good as one of those halftime or pregrame analysts who only comment on a few things, but calling a 3 hr game is another animal entirely. He might be good at and he might not. We hav zero evidence either way.

  32. They would be better off going after Gronk. Brady will become the third wheel on the Manning brother’s MNF broadcast.

  33. There’s my line, right there.

    I have been a Brady fan for decades but I’ll be the first to state that Brady talking extemporaneously behind a mic is the absolute worst.

  34. Do you know who I would want to hear as an analyst? Belichick. I am guessing (A) a lot of his commentary would be fascinating, and (B) we would see a very different, and entertaining, persona.

  35. ibillwt says:
    February 25, 2022 at 2:50 pm
    The greatest football player and team sport player in history should leave it at that.——————–

    So at 44 just sit on his throne in his TV room and get old and keep out of the public eye so he doesn’t disappoint the fans… or should he be allowed to do something else with his life?

  36. It would be good to get his take on BB’s defense melting down and yielding 7 TDs in 7 possessions…. He would have good insight as he has seen plenty of those meltdowns over the years.


    I would love to hear his take on BB’s ROUTINE collapses in last 2 minutes of big games (8 out of 14 seasons Pats in AFCCG or SB):

    2002 SB against Rams (Brady saved him); 2004 SB against Panthers (Brady saved him); 2007 AFCCG against Colts; 2008 SB against Giants; 2012 SB against Giants; 2015 SB against Seahawks (Brady’s 28 points and Pete Carrol saved him); 2018 SB against Eagles; 2019 AFCCG against Chiefs (Brady saved him).

  37. crackersnap says:
    February 25, 2022 at 2:14 pm
    There’s my line, right there.

    I have been a Brady fan for decades but I’ll be the first to state that Brady talking extemporaneously behind a mic is the absolute worst.


    I think we could assume he would be well prepared if he wanted to do this.

  38. Listening to Brady’s high pitched wailing voice for 3 straight hours could be used as a torture device in prisons across the world. Play Brady’s voice on a 24 hour continuous loop in prisons will drop the repeat offender rate 100%.

  39. Why would I want to hear from a cheater? No thank you.

    “Weight loss” Get outta here with that garbage. How stupid does Tommy think we are.

  40. Lance Armstrong
    Barry Bonds
    Marion Jones
    Tom Brady

    None of them had to cheat and yet they did anyway. That’s quite the company that Tommy keeps there.

  41. He has already ruined enough Sundays, hasn’t he?


    Even if he doesn’t play a down anymore, he has ruined the SB week in future for lot of people, because they will keep hearing about him for the rest of their lives as long as they watch football, most of them are BeliCHEAP’s believers.

  42. On the opposite end of the spectrum, this would make flash0001 life complete. He would listen to broadcasts every night in bed dreaming of the next Brady broadcast.

  43. If they want a real analyst about football, Belichick or Brady is the man. Those two are great football minds. How can people think he’s not qualified is beyond me.

  44. How can people think he’s not qualified is beyond me.


    Simple, Belichick’s defense collapsed in last 2 minutes in AFCCG and SB in 8 out of 14 seasons Pats played in big games. How is it possible for a coach with great football mind?

    BTW, his defense would have collapsed against Bills in 1991 SB if not because of Parcel’s offense, his defense would have collapsed against Falcons in SB if not because of the 37 minutes Brady played.

    On offense, Belichick obviously is a garbage.

  45. Tom Brady conspired with his equipment guys to deflate footballs. Indisputable and undeniable. The text messages talking about deflation and one guy calling himself the deflator and the fact he destroyed his phone says it all.

    Guy is a complete fraud. A cheater and not even that great of a QB anyway. Benefited every year from great coaching, kicking, defense or the other team messing up.

    Don’t be sad Tommy fans. I was one of you at one time. I too was fooled for years till I wised up and say this guy for what he is. A fraud.

  46. RE LEE says:
    February 26, 2022 at 7:25 am
    If they want a real analyst about football, Belichick or Brady is the man. Those two are great football minds. How can people think he’s not qualified is beyond me.
    No interest in either of them calling a game.

    Bill is a great football mind and I know he is playing a character as coach of the Patriots but there’s no evidence he’d be good at broadcasting or have anything to add to the viewer’s experience. He would be out of his element. It would be like Bill James calling a baseball game. No thanks. A regular show talking about football history and great players and teams- now that is where Bill would shine and I would definitely watch and learn from what he had to say.

    Same with Brady. Other than my distaste for this guy anyway there’s no reason to think he’d be good at it. Doesn’t have 1/10th the charisma of the Manning’s. What would Brady have to say about a defensive scheme that stopped a great drive? No thanks.

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