New uniforms for Cardinals are “on the radar”

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The Cardinals last changed their uniforms in 2005, opting for a then-trendy piping-and-side-panels look. They could be closing in on ditching their outdated duds.

In a wide-ranging radio appearance that addressed more important questions regarding key players like Kyler Murray and Chandler Jones and head coach Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill suggested that a uniform alteration could be coming.

“We look at all these things,” Bidwill told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, via Jeremy Cluff of the Arizona Republic. “You probably know, these things, there’s a timeline for them. It takes time. It’s something among the array of things we look at around the team, it’s on the radar screen, so, appreciate the question. . . . We’re going to honor tradition at the same time. Again, It’s part of the array of things we look at. It’s on the radar screen.”

Uniform changes must be approved at least a year in advance. The Cardinals can implement a revised look for the 2023 season.

The franchise always has been hamstrung by a nickname that doesn’t really cry out “football.” The white helmet with the profile of a mildly-perturbed bird is iconic because it has endured for so long.

27 responses to “New uniforms for Cardinals are “on the radar”

  1. Will the uniform be one of the best in the NFL but abruptly disappear toward the end of the season? Because that would be embarrassing…

  2. They could go the baseball jersey route. Or just make small changes. Or maybe just be bold colored for most of the season and let them fade away.

  3. This is a fantastic way to distract from the fact that your “franchise qb” is both a disappointment and he isn’t fond of the franchise. I see you Bidwell.

  4. During the interview, Bidwell used the phrase “It’s on the radar” at least three or four times. When something is a priority, most people would use a phrase like “we’re targeting that” which is the exact phrase they should be using regarding Kingsbury’s habitual tanking at the end of every season.

    If new uniforms and tanking Kingsbury are issues which are simply “on the radar,” know in advance that most items on a radar screen eventually disappear.

  5. Loved the version with Pat Tillman. This current version is simply awful so any change would be welcome. Very USFL.

  6. blizzardwarning says:
    February 26, 2022 at 10:23 pm
    Just fix the laundry like the Bengals did. No need to change the helmets.

    That’s why they lost to the Rams, who changed it all. Helmets and laundry.

  7. Cardinals logo is fantastic. It’d be nice to see them revert to classic uniforms but you know Nike’s going to destroy them.

  8. With the Chicago Cardinals relocated, like many midwest retirees, in the desert, they should change their name to the Roadrunners, a bird found in such climes.

    Beep! Beep!

  9. Considering there aren’t any actual Northern Cardinal birds in AZ, it does make sense.

    Maybe they should make the Field Mouse their team symbol. Kyler can be the mascot if the whole QB thing doesn’t work out.

  10. Logo and helmet are fine, but the uniforms are actually one of the worst in the league. Brown back the classics.

  11. Cardinals uniforms are fine. They need to focus on getting to the playoffs more often and having more success there instead.

  12. You try to modernize this name and you end up with something ridiculous like the St Louis Battlehawks.

  13. “Losing teams change their uniforms”

    Yeah… just like the Rams and Bengals did this past season.

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