Packers free up cap space with David Bakhtiari restructure

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The Packers are over the 2022 salary cap, something that needs to change before the start of the league year on March 16. Today they’ve made a significant move in the right direction.

Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari‘s deal has been restructured, according to Field Yates of ESPN.

It’s a simple restructure that converts $11.58 million of Bakhtiari’s 2022 salary into a signing bonus, which means the $11.58 million cap hit will be spread out over the rest of Bakhtiari’s contract instead of hitting the whole 2022 cap.

The Packers are trying to kick the can down the road in an attempt to keep a roster together that can content for a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers in 2022. That, of course, requires Rodgers to return, which is not guaranteed. And the Packers also want to find a way to afford to keep Davante Adams, who is slated to become a free agent. They have plenty more they need to do to get under the 2022 cap, but Bakhtiari’s contract is an important step.

45 responses to “Packers free up cap space with David Bakhtiari restructure

  1. This method worked for the Bucs and Rams the past 2 years. The goal is the superbowl, right?

    The increased cap due to covid restrictions being lifted also tremendously helps restructures this year.

  2. This was expected. Packers brass are burying the future of this team. Two years from now the bill will come due and the Pack will be wishing they were only 50 mil over.

  3. As a fiscal conservative,… I’m not a fan of kicking the can down the road,… but if it gets GB another Super Bowl I guess it’s worth it.
    Only because Rodgers is near the end. The Packers will go into a complete rebuild in 2 or 3 years. The salary cap won’t be such a big deal then.

  4. Get us through this season … and after that the new television contracts kick in – which should provide plenty of additional cash. Might as well make a Super Bowl run while you’ve got the players to do it – this window doesn’t stay open forever.

  5. We’re going to kick the can down the road for Rodgers and Rodgers is going to leave anyways. We aren’t going to be competitive for a very long time.

  6. This is simply the cost of doing business in the NFL post pandemic.
    A few more adjustments, extensions and renegotiations and the Packers will be compliant by the start of the new league year.
    These are First World problems in Green Bay.

    It could be a lot worse, can you just imagine having cap issues on your crappy little 8-9 team. 🤣

  7. I am greatest player the team has ever had, and ever will. No one comes close, not Starr, not Favre, no one. Packer management knows it and so do the fans. Bow before me and bring forth your offerings while you bend to my every demand.

  8. 50Stars says:
    February 26, 2022 at 11:59 am
    This method worked for the Bucs and Rams the past 2 years. The goal is the superbowl, right?

    The increased cap due to covid restrictions being lifted also tremendously helps restructures this year.

    3117Rate This


    It all depends. The Bucs and Rams are finished. They’re not juggernauts.

    If Goodell cheats for the Packers in 2022, then you’re correct.

  9. Packers now projected to be $43M over the cap by Overthecap website. This freed up $11M.

  10. If Rodgers comes back, then kicking the can down the road makes sense, cause the Pack will have a chance to make the playoffs. If he’s not coming back, mortgaging the future for what will be an average at best team makes no sense.

  11. The bigger money will come when the cuts start. One of the Smith “brothers” is almost surely gone. Crosby quite possibly will be gone. Lancaster will probably be gone. A couple of WRs not named Adams will be gone. Russ Ball will find a way to keep most of the players LaFleur tells him that they need.

  12. They have to keep the roster together so that Rodgers can play small and lose in ehe first round next year

  13. It is the smart move. But the NFL needs to get rid of “voidbale years” and “incentives” that count against the next season’s cap. Get to a HARD CAP and stick with it. Even letting teams be over the Cap in future years should probably go away as well.

  14. I’m also fiscally conservative. All this kicking the can down the road crap worries me if it brings a prolong period of mediocrity. If Rodgers couldn’t get to Superbowl the last 10 years (especially the last two years), what makes this upcoming year more likely to get there with lesser players?

  15. Why do Packers fans think that keeping Arod is in any way like what the Rams did?

    The Rams mortgaged the future to bring new pieces in. The Packers are trying to keep the band together that fails in the playoffs every year. Rebuilding would be smarter.

  16. So, the plan is to restructure the contract of your oft injured lineman, in the hopes to possibly sign your two best players that got you zero td’s and a first round playoff loss. Interesting strategy. Oh, and those comparing this last ditch effort to the Bucs and Rams? The obviously difference would be those two teams won.

  17. Well, it’s much more appealing than trying to desperately keep a middling, overpaid QB and team that finished dismally 6 games back with absolutely no postseason prospects.
    I know, I know…..they were about 23 plays from being actual contenders and all that. 😃

  18. ariani1985 says:
    February 26, 2022 at 4:36 pm
    How can a team with no elite talent be in cap hell like the packers?


    The same could be said about the Vikings

  19. It’s funny how people on here are completely ignorant to the fact that every single NFL team does this. Every one of them, regardless if they’re “over the cap” or not. Restructuring is merely a tool used to manipulate the salary cap, and nothing more.

  20. Also a conservative I think this is just dumb and dumber. Would be different if we had a dynasty but we don’t. We have king rodgers that can’t get it done. Trade him.

  21. Sure, mortgaging the future is going to put GB in the cesspool in a year or two. But look at the bright side, this year Jordan Love has protection on his blind side.

  22. All the criticism of Rodgers is valid. But if any 2 of 3 players were themselves (Jenkins, Tonyan, or Bahk) Green Bay would have been able to tack on the needed field goals to move on.

    The 2010 Packers overcame so many injuries to barely survive over the Steelers. Thank god. The injuries on the OL were glaringly evident both last year and the other last year.

  23. All the dumb sniping back and forth from the usual suspects saying the same things based on the organization they once chose as their favorite.

    Except for stellar, that guy is open-minded.

  24. 50Stars says:
    February 26, 2022 at 11:59 am
    This method worked for the Bucs and Rams the past 2 years. The goal is the superbowl, right?

    The increased cap due to covid restrictions being lifted also tremendously helps restructures this year.


    The big differences are that….

    1..No one wants to go to Green Bay.
    2. Rodgers makes a lot more money than TB or MS did.
    3. They don’t have the cap space.
    4. They don’t have the pass rushers TB and LA do/did.
    5. Adams is leaving. Or playing for peanuts.

  25. I’d take Brian Gutekunst and Russ Ball over any other NFL duo. Green Bay kicking the can plays into a larger strategy where the new NFL TV contracts with Amazon and others getting into the game will alllow all teams, not just GB, play this game at this moment in time. That is the reality on the ground.

    That said, the NFL seems to be becoming more and more like the NBA, where you have stars and a bunch of tall guys on the end of the bench who most look forward to trying to show off during pre-game warm-ups who will be out of the league in a few years. I think teams like Detroit, Philly, Cincy and others with lots of current draft capital and early stage QB contracts will turn the league on its head. No longer will good past-their-prime free agents be able to say “I’m going to KC to play with Mahomes” while commanding top dollar while teams give up draft picks. The days of needing to have “the man” to compete may no longer be the only way of the future. Teams who draft and develop consistently and have a good/lucky GM and a Cap expert will prevail. So I like GB’s chances in the future.

    Now I’d like to see GB move on from Rodgers and get the draft capital to draft some studs they can develop and let the contracts of good players work in their favor. They have good talent at key positions and that’s a good starting point in which to surround your young, future QB.

  26. The Packers have always done a good job of unloading expensive lineman at just the right time. Those players moved on to other teams and with few exceptions flamed out or soon became injured and ineffective for their new teams. Dodging bullets.

    They may have missed the mark on this one. There is something wrong with Bakhtiari’s recovery. Something’s not right. He may have become a very expensive mistake if he can’t get his mojo back, and it’s not looking good.

  27. He may have become a very expensive mistake if he can’t get his mojo back, and it’s not looking good.


    30 year olds don’t heak like /as fast as 25 year olds. Had Green Bay known Jenkins could play high level Left Tackle before the extension and immediate injury Green Bay would be in much better cap position. Oh well…

  28. The Packers GM is not doing the team any favors down the road we’ll be in cap hell for his reckless spending.

  29. What a let-down it will be when the Packers do all this stuff to keep rodgers and he chokes in the playoffs again.

  30. When is Bakhtiari ever on the field?

    He missed 10 games in 8 seasons prior to this injury.

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