Saints’ quarterback situation remains uncertain

New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens
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When Dennis Allen was introduced early this month as the Saints’ next head coach, he said the quarterback situation was something he had to get figured out. With free agency approaching, that remains the case.

The Saints opened last season with Jameis Winston as their starting quarterback and went 5-2 in the games he started. But when Winston was lost for the season with a torn ACL, they turned to Taysom Hill for five starts (going 4-1), Trevor Siemian for four starts (going 0-4) and Ian Book for one start (an ugly loss).

Winston is set to become a free agent, and Jim Trotter reported on NFL Network that the Saints have either already started talking contract with Winston or will start negotiating with him soon.

It’s unclear whether Winston will be healthy enough to play in Week One, and the Saints may figure that if Winston won’t be ready to go, it would make more sense to stick with Hill. The Saints may also look to a trade, the draft or free agency for a quarterback, although there aren’t any rookies in this year’s draft class who figure to be Day One starters, and the Saints’ cap situation may preclude an expensive veteran.

Add it all up, and the reality is that Allen has a big job ahead of him, figuring out who his quarterback will be in his first year as the Saints’ head coach.

28 responses to “Saints’ quarterback situation remains uncertain

  1. The Giants have been linked to Trubisky because of his connection to the coaching staff but Winston and Mariota are better options.

  2. whostolemyxanax says:
    February 26, 2022 at 6:07 pm
    This is why Sean Payton left more than anything else.


    Uhh, no. Payton did pretty well this year, and arguably it was his best coaching job. He and Jameis were both genuinely excited about their new partnership, and were off to a really good start at 5-2 despite lots of injuries, relocation, and no number one receiver.

    After 16 years of very long hours (no matter how well you are paid and how successful you are, the hours take a toll), and being in reality the focal point of the franchise, the man had to be tired. Plus, while New Orleans has a great culture, it has an enormous amount of crime, and the infrastructure gets worse every year. I’m sure his spouse was not thrilled with this combination of very long hours, crime and deteriorating infrastucture. While he still lives there, he and his wife recently moved from a neighborhood to a condo with 24/7 security. Plus, he’s a bright guy who wants to try different things before he retires. The man has more than earned the right to do something else, and Saints fans will never begrudge this

  3. May have looked ugly at times,but Hill gets wins. He seemed to progressively improve with regular starts until finger injury hampered his throwing. Give him 1 season as starter to prove himself,preferably with an improved recieving group.

  4. Saints QB SITUATION!!!??? LMAO what qb? What coach? Will they have a RUNNING BACK? Whole ball club is in a situation. I feel sorry for the Saints defense

  5. it’s not gold…’s yellow says:
    February 26, 2022 at 7:21 pm

    Thank you for your insight, Mrs Payton.


    Well played, sir (or, ma’am)!

  6. The below average media reporters always say Derek Carr is up for trade, so there’s that imaginary scenario.

  7. They should have bought more of Winston during his buy-low phase. If they were going into this season with two contracted QBs who combined for a 9-3 record last year, things would be looking pretty great right now.

    When I look at the league landscape, I see Pittsburgh as the best fit for Winston. If they aren’t pursuing him like mad, I have to believe they are either tanking or drafting a QB high.

  8. Monumental mistake not rebuilding.

    All the signs of a rebuild and they just ignore it.

    1. Legendary QB retires.
    2. Great coach retires.
    3. A lot of free agents departing.
    4. A massive cap deficit.

    Seriously, Saints could’ve gotten quite a bit of draft capital if they started unloading talent.

    Especially after Kamara’s pending legal issues where jail time is possible and a suspension is even more possible.

  9. No matter how much the Saints go downhill, their fans will always have those moments of complaining that the refs and the league were out to get them. Good times.

  10. So they’ll keep the starter or go with the backup or a guy they sign, trade for, or draft. Got it.

  11. Only 42 million left to cut, not including what it takes to sign the draft picks or resign anybody to get under the cap. Great idea guaranteeing money to a disgruntled WR who hasn’t played since 2020. I’m sure that will work out.

  12. This is really no problem at all. When more than half the league doesn’t have a carry your team qb and half of them want out to play elsewhere why is this a problem.

    Heck the mvp is allergic to playoff football the saints are really in fine shape. The the league is a mess anyway. Just look at the division they are in heck the only qb is Matt Ryan that don’t scare anyone

  13. All 4 of the QB’s mentioned are nothing but below average starters to below average backups suffer
    another year when you have a very strong group of QB’s in the draft lead by Young and Stroud .

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