Kyler Murray sent contract proposal to Cardinals, asks team to speak with actions, not words

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Kyler Murray has let the Cardinals know exactly what he’s looking for: A new contract.

Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, released a statement saying Murray wants a new deal and has gave the Cardinals “a detailed contract proposal” outlining exactly what he’s looking for. No details of the proposed contract were mentioned in the statement, but suffice to say Murray wants to be paid like an elite franchise quarterback.

“He absolutely wants to be your long term quarterback,” the statement said. “He desperately wants to win the Super Bowl.”

Murray has hinted that he isn’t happy with the Cardinals, and anonymous sources within the Cardinals have hinted to reporters that they’re not completely happy with Murray. But the statement says the best way for both sides to get on the same page is a new contract.

“Actions speak much louder than words in this volatile business,” the statement says. “It is now simply up to the Cardinals to decide if they prioritize their rapidly improving, 24-year-old, already 2x Pro Bowl QB, who led the organization from 3 wins before his arrival to 11-wins and their first playoff appearance in 5 years.”

Murray is heading into the fourth year of his five-year rookie contract in 2022, and the Cardinals will surely exercise the fifth-year option to keep him in 2023. Whether the two sides agree to a deal that extends well beyond that remains to be seen.

28 responses to “Kyler Murray sent contract proposal to Cardinals, asks team to speak with actions, not words

  1. actions speak louder than words? as in, actions like removing all association with team on social media, then SPEAKING about how you want to be there?

    do these guys not notice these things?

  2. Your QB holding you hostage? Sounds like a healthy relationship. Let him go play baseball, then he can ride a bus in the minors and wait 7 more years to become a free agent.

  3. Murray complains but he comes off as an irrational head case. Who asks for a new contract coming off that rams game? I mean seriously, prove yourself next year then be like it’s time to pay me, to do so before you’ve proved yourself comes off as weak. AZ might want to pass on this kid.

  4. Please, please sign this self entitled QB to a huge, long term deal. Then they can be tied to this drama every year for a very long time.

  5. Murry needs to start producing some post-season wins before he starts making demands.

  6. “On January 17, 2022, Murray made his NFL postseason debut in the Wild Card Round, losing to the Los Angeles Rams 34–11. Murray struggled throughout the game, throwing for just 137 yards, two interceptions and zero touchdowns as well as setting a career low in passer rating (40.9)” He wants a raise? LOL.

  7. What a punk. If you have to list your accomplishments then you haven’t accomplished anything… 2 pro bowls and no playoff wins? Could you imagine what they would say about Lamar if he released a statement like this.

  8. Murray is better than any alternative. The Cardinals need to decide if starting over is the right move or go ahead give this dude the keys to the house and pray to god he can get through that gauntlet in the NFC West. I suspect when he’s eating up so much cap space they’ll quickly see that he’s not “that dude” and hopefully they haven’t backloaded his contract so much that they can’t move on from him.

  9. Probably wants to get paid now because he’ll run out of gas by year 5 with the constant scrambling.

  10. A diva this early in career is not great. Seems likely Kyler is going to be a long term problem. Best move for Cardinals is to trade him now while he is still on rookie contract and has his max value.

  11. He played well in the first part of the year. The second half of the season? Not so much. I don’t have anything against Murray but he hasn’t shown enough on the field to warrant a second contract…especially not at the price he’s asking…whatever that is.

  12. For all if you who hate on Lamar Jackson for seemingly no reason, this is the guy you should be talking about…

  13. Without seeing what his ‘demands’ are I won’t shame him. He’s done enough as the #1 overall pick to show promise and is very young. I give him a little break towards the end of the year with Hopkins out and some pretty poor play calling (how do you abandon the run so quickly with Edmunds and Conner pretty hot down the stretch)?

    I suspect the Rams will look like Sea in a another 2 years with all the contract demands, mortgaging future picks, etc.. and AZ will be positioned fairly well. We’ll what happens with Lance and 9ers.

    I wouldn’t go handing out $38-40mil/year but a nice long term contract is probably doable for both sides to remain competitive for the next 5+ years

  14. His passes were more effective in the Rocket Mortgage commercial than in the playoffs. He’s toast. Cut him.

  15. pkrfaninsc says:
    February 28, 2022 at 10:09 am
    For all if you who hate on Lamar Jackson for seemingly no reason, this is the guy you should be talking about…


    What does one have to do with the other. Jackson is still a one dimensional qb who needs to improve his throwing ability before you can talk about him as a top QB.

    Murray is a QB with top skills, who hasn’t won anything of consequence, yet seems to think he is a champion.

    Where I will say that Murray’s ego is unsurpassed – I have never heard that about Jackson. But that doesnt make Jackson a top QB either.

  16. Call his bluff, after these kind of petulant antics would any team want this guy in the dressing room?

  17. I always thought it was unprofessional for an agent to make public proclamations like this — unless they were in response to a statement by the team.

  18. As a Broncos fan who’s been subjected to terrible QB play for the last 7 years, I can empathize with what the Cardinals are faced with. They have a qb that has some talent and know what it’s like without one.

    But man do I wish my career worked this way. Start out hot, complete screw the pooch the second half of the year, ultimately fail to deliver, then be able to demand a monstrous raise, which he’ll probably get. I bust my butt for a full year, deliver a great product, get a great year end review and I’m lucky to see a 3% raise, lol.

  19. Mortgaging the house to keep this young man around is not the answer. The second half of the season collapse indicates Murray is an excersize in futility.

  20. A very little guy who can’t see over the D-line in the pocket and has to use the shotgun or scramble to get a pass off. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, BTW I’m not even a DC.

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