Sean Payton meeting with Amazon again this week

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Fox isn’t the only network taking a close look at former Saints coach Sean Payton. Amazon is in play, too.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Payton will be meeting with Amazon this week regarding potential employment with the company that will commence broadcasting Thursday Night Football this year.

It’s the second meeting for Amazon and Payton, and it happens as Amazon looks for a Plan B to Troy Aikman, who opted to join ESPN instead.

Payton is being considered by Fox both for studio work and for game broadcasts. He has no specific preference between the two. The jobs, however, are very different.

Broadcasting games currently pays better. Much better, for some. And if Payton were to become the No. 1 analyst at Fox or the lone Amazon color commentator, he’d possibly make as much or more than his coaching salary, which is believed to have been at or above $15 million per year.

There’s another factor to be considered when choosing between Fox and Amazon. As an over-the-air broadcast network, Fox has a much greater footprint. For Amazon, no one knows how many people will be tuning in for the games, which will be televised via a local broadcast affiliate in the markets of the teams that are playing, but that otherwise will be available only via streaming on Amazon Prime.

One of the hesitations when it comes to Payton is the possibility that he’ll return to coaching in a year or two. That’s hardly automatic. If the money is right, he may realize that life is a lot easier as a broadcaster than as a head coach who is obsessed with every detail of the game and, in turn, spends way too much time working.

4 responses to “Sean Payton meeting with Amazon again this week

  1. I saw Sean Payton interviewed this past offseason and it was during some charity golf event, and he was decked out in all white, smiling ear-to-ear in the sunshine, obviously a few of “whatever” in to his day. Seems like dude is primed to enjoy the easy life and make $$$ while doing it.

  2. Big gamble.. taking an unproven guy into the booth.

    Whatever network has Drew Brees is touting him as a key analyst. If you listen to him, he is Captain Obvious and comes out with one trite expression after another.

    We had it good with Buck/Aikman and Michaels/Collinsworth.

  3. He should try to negotiate 15% off all sale items at Whole Foods…..the “Payton Rate”

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