Troy Aikman hopes working relationship with Joe Buck continues at ESPN


Troy Aikman is leaving Fox for ESPN. The question that remains is: Will Joe Buck follow?

The play-by-play analyst has one year left on his contract with Fox.

Aikman said Monday he hopes their working relationship continues.

“We have a great friendship. We really do,” Aikman told Mike Leslie of WFAA. “We’ve been through a lot. We’ve been through a lot in our profession, but we’ve also been through a lot in our personal lives. We’ve kind of paralleled a lot of things in our personal lives as well, and we’ve helped each other get through a lot of that. I know that that’s not as norm. I think a lot of partners get along, but to be as good a friends as what we are. . . . I mean he truly is one of my best friends.

“There’s probably more that could be said, and I think maybe it will in the right time. But there’s been some disappointment on how maybe that was taken for granted by some. He’s been a fantastic partner. In my opinion, he’s the best in the business, and yeah, I’d love nothing more than to continue to work with him.”

Buck is making $11 million per year at Fox, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, and the network is expected to allow Buck to listen to ESPN.

He joined the network when it first got an NFL package in 1994, and he became the top play-by-play announcer after the 2001 season when Pat Summerall retired.

22 responses to “Troy Aikman hopes working relationship with Joe Buck continues at ESPN

  1. If someone always referred to me as “Hall of Famer” I would want to keep him around too

  2. It would be an amazing gift to all NFL fans, especially those that are fans of NFC teams, if Buck decides to exclusively stick with baseball.

  3. Pat Summerall and Al Michaels are the best play by play guys I witnessed imho.

  4. So I guess the cowboys will g be e on every MNF then since over the years it seems he only calls Dallas games. Thanks ESPN for freeing up my Monday nights now

  5. It doesn’t matter who is calling the games. ESPN has a poor line-up of
    games on MNF every season.

  6. Nothing wrong with Aikman but he is not the 2nd coming of John Madden. No real sense of humor and very rarely says anything with a hint of controversy to it. Not worth 5 mil per year

  7. buck also does baseball, so to get him ESPN will have to offer him baseball too

  8. Get it done…best announcing team IMO.

    “I’m Joe Buck. That’s the Hall of Famer Troy Aikman.”

  9. Nobody in America other than these 2 want this “working” relationship to continue

  10. It blows my mind that any of these networks waste millions of $$ on these broadcasters/analysts. They are completely irrelevant to people watching the games. At this point, the best you can hope for is that people don’t turn off the game because some blow hard, attention starved, on-air “talent”?, is ruining the game for the viewers.

  11. BUck is good at baseball and football play-by-play. Only Al Michaels is better, unless of course you like golf and the final four, in which case Jim Nanz is your guy.

  12. Great tandem and hope Buck joins so they could stay together. Next to Michaels/Collinsworth, they’re the 2nd best team on TV.

    I’d enjoy watching Aikman and Buck on MNF… but honestly, after watching with the Peyton and Eli version… as long as the Mannings are doing their thing on ESPN2, I’ll NEVER go back to the over-hyped main show.

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