Bengals intend to support “real deal” Joe Burrow

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Bengals have a franchise quarterback, already one of the best in the league. With that luxury comes a responsibility, and the Bengals seem to realize it.

He’s the real deal,” Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin said Tuesday regarding Joe Burrow, via Ben Baby of “Our job, like I said when we drafted him, is to support him in the best way we can. This league is about quarterbacks. And when you have one, you’ve gotta support him the best way you can.”

Amen to that. And supporting Burrow means not only putting better players around him (specifically offensive lineman) but also persuading those players to play for the Bengals. The allure of playing with Burrow, strong as it may be, will go only so far. The Bengals at some point will have to change the way they do business, starting with fully guaranteeing payments beyond the first year of a veteran contract.

“I know what the narrative is,” coach Zac Taylor told reporters, via “I get it. We don’t want our quarterback to be sacked or hit like he was. At the same time the other side of it is those guys did a lot of great things for us.”

He’s right, but they didn’t do enough to win the Super Bowl, in large part because the offensive line couldn’t keep the Rams’ defensive line from creating havoc in key moments of the game. So while the line wasn’t a sufficiently significant liability to keep the team from winning the AFC, it definitely was a reason (if not the reason) the Bengals failed to bring home their first Lombardi Trophy ever.

7 responses to “Bengals intend to support “real deal” Joe Burrow

  1. Real deal Burrow came up pretty short vs. the world champion loss Angeles Rams. I’d take Justin Herbert over Joey Glass every day of the week and twice on Sunday. He’s bigger, stronger, faster, more durable has a better arm, and throws a better a ball. When all is said and Done Herbert is going to have a better career

  2. be honest..the Bengals only got to the Super Bowl on two very bad officiating calls, one of which should’ve got the head referee fired—the whole world heard that quick whistle that made the Tennessee players stop in the end zone;

    the Bengals still have no pass rush, no running game save for their franchise quarterback, one cornerback, one wide receiver and no offensive line whatsoever;

    all the players know the owner is a nickel-nurser so nobody wants to come there;

    better open that checquebook before Burrow gets hurt out of the league and the Bengals sink back down to the level of the browns;

  3. “The Bengals at some point will have to change the way they do business”

    Translation ol’ tight wad Brown best let loose on the purse strings or Burrow’s carrer will be over before it starts!!!

  4. If you all genuinely think that then there’s something wrong because I agree of OL
    sucks but the Bengals are coming back, it’s just a renewal season to get our team back up so wait till we get that 2022 SuperBowl dub.

  5. Mike Brown change the way he does business? That’s a laugh. The only thing he’s good at is continually asking the taxpayers to support the team he runs so poorly. He’s a cheapskate and always has been. Any move he makes always has money in mind first. If Burrow is smart he’ll leave as soon as he can. Mike Brown doesn’t care if Burrow gets his legs broken because of the poor offensive line. He doesn’t care about winning either. He only cares about money.

  6. The first two comments just show that with success comes haters. Burrow posted better stats than Herbert this year and led his team to the SB while Herbert’s missed the playoffs altogether. And what 2 calls are we talking about? One against the Raiders was a TD if the refs don’t screw up and blow the whistle. Had the Raiders won thanks to that, the worse team would’ve won thanks to a ref screw up, let’s be real here. What’s the second bad call??

  7. They are doing business differently than before. I think they realized they have a window of opportunity and really went after some key FAs the last couple of years and I expect that they will this year as well. A couple of top OL FAs and the maturation of their 2021 OL draft picks and they have a real shot at returning to the SB next year.
    I’m excited to see what Burrow can do with a couple more seconds to throw.

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