Brad Holmes to prospective Lions: It’s going to be a fun ride

Detroit Lions Training Camp
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In their first season with head coach Dan Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes, the Lions went 3-13-1 and wound up earning the second overall pick in this year’s draft.

The close of the season was more encouraging than the start, however. The Lions won three of their final six games and Holmes noted that finish while making an appearance on NFL Network from the Scouting Combine on Tuesday.

Holmes said that those wins showed that the team’s plan to improve is a good one and that the pieces they put in place in 2021 have created a path to better records in the years to come. He also said he’d use those results as a way of pitching prospective Lions on coming to Detroit.

“Dan and I had a plan in place from the get go,” Holmes said, via “We took some lumps early on. But as you said, you started to see that plan really come clear at the end of the season. What we can definitely offer is an outstanding culture. We have a culture of collaboration and communication. We’re all about grit. We have a multi-year plan in place. We have an outstanding head coach. Dan is special. We got great leadership from the top. I tell everybody, ‘If you want to be a part of this, good luck, it’s going to be a fun ride.'”

The Lions suffered a number of close losses and tied the Steelers in their first 11 games last season. Finding the right players to flip a few of those results their way would be a good step toward Holmes and Campbell turning their goals into reality.

7 responses to “Brad Holmes to prospective Lions: It’s going to be a fun ride

  1. Was Danny boy able to successfully persuade combine officials to add kneecap-biting to the list of skills tests?

  2. I really hope that this works out in Detroit. I didn’t know much about Campbell when he was hired, but he changed everything that was wrong with the Lions when Patricia was there as soon as he walked thru the door. The rest of the staff showed that they can do their jobs well and they even made me want to cheer for Jared Goff who played tough even tho they need to replace him. I hope that they can get some players in there to help the team win because I would like to watch that.

  3. 7-9 wins in 2022 would be proof that the plan and player development are working. 10 or more wins and I’ll believe there is something truly special happening here. Lions “fans” and haters will say anything short of playoffs is “same old Lions”…they’d be wrong.

  4. Mr. Holmes, Mr. Campbell: RASHAAD PENNY should be in a discussion for our backfield. And several Offensive Guards to protect Goff. It’s time to stop being predictable. Run out of gas in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. And move forward with the current mindset of winning. Winning is contagious for those having fun at their job. Comradery is contagious. Protection along with execution is the key. Head Coach Campbell your decision making is very productive. Now when it translates to wins, the Detroit Lions will be back on the NFL map.

  5. Will Danny cry again after they lose their first five games next season? I like the under…

  6. I know a bunch of Lion fans are catching hell for supporting Stafford. I’m a Ram fan who has taken interest in Holmes succeeding in building a team. Rams don’t really give me a reason to buy those $15 draft guides any more so I figured I’d follow Detroit on draft day. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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