On Sean Payton, Dolphins called assistant G.M. Jeff Ireland, who said “don’t bother”

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Monday’s news that the Dolphins planned to pursue a package deal of Sean Payton and Tom Brady included a report, based on Dolphins sources, that Miami had actually called the Saints to seek permission to speak to Payton about becoming coach of the team, and that the Saints declined.

Per multiple league sources, the call wasn’t made to Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis or to team owner Gayle Benson. The Dolphins called Saints assistant G.M. Jeff Ireland, who previously served as the Miami General Manager. According to a Dolphins source, Ireland said he spoke to Loomis, and Ireland told the Dolphins, “Don’t bother.”

So why wouldn’t the Saints accept value for a coach who has left New Orleans and won’t return? It’s still not clear. The Dolphins, we’re told, developed the impression that the Saints weren’t comfortable with the optics of Payton leaving New Orleans and heading straight for Miami.

It’s unknown whether the Saints realized that the Dolphins intended to pursue Brady to play quarterback. (As explained Monday, Dolphins sources say only that the team has had internal discussions about Brady becoming a minority owner.) Regardless, Miami inquired about Payton, New Orleans (through Ireland) said no, and the Dolphins eventually hired Mike McDaniel to coach the team.

Whether the Saints say “yes” or “no” if/when a team calls in 2023 remains to be seen. At some point, however, New Orleans should welcome the opportunity to secure compensation for Payton, given that Payton has closed that chapter of his life and moved on.

14 responses to “On Sean Payton, Dolphins called assistant G.M. Jeff Ireland, who said “don’t bother”

  1. Maybe in the Saints eyes Payton abandoned them and they don’t want to see him succeed elsewhere.

  2. “Don’t bother” might have meant “he would never coach the Dolphins, not even for all the money in the world.”

  3. Anyone who thinks there’s nothing but gratitude and appreciation between Sean Payton and the Saints organization and the people of New Orleans doesn’t know much.

  4. Ross is in a PR crisis so he cooks up a “plan” to get 2 retired greats that are both still under contract.
    Haha, OK!

  5. Why should the Saints let him go? Just because he’s your buddy? He quit. The Saints are under no obligation to let him coach as long as he’s under contract to then.

  6. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, your daily Miami Dolphins embarrassment!

  7. Again, not about Peyton even considering going elsewhere. Folks seem to want to twist it into that, or going to dallas. All desires of others,not Peyton.

  8. Maybe because this upcoming draft is one of the weaker ones in recent history. That would be one reason.

  9. First rule of business. Keep personal feelings out of EVERY decision. Second rule of business. If offered something of ANY value for a comadity that you will never use..Take it. Sean Payton will never benifit them again, so if offered any draft picks or players for him Why not get something for nothing.

  10. Sean Payton gave us Saints fans something we thought we’d never see… a Championship!!! But for Sean Payton to start this fire in NOLA and moving onto another team is a spit in the Saints players, staff and fans faces. Moving onto TV makes it so ppl can’t say he ran away from a fire he started.

  11. The Saints probably know the only place Payton will coach again is Dallas and they’ll either make Dallas pay a hefty price or they’ll have to wait 3 yrs which knowing Jerry they won’t be able to do.

  12. @ face504:

    You should be grateful that Payton kept the Saints relevant almost the whole time he was there and if the NFL hadn’t had other plans (to try and make LA Rams relevant) then the Saints would possibly have a 2nd SB in the trophy case because of Payton.

  13. “Don’t bother”, because he is one of the greatest coaches of all time with multiple Super Bowl Rings. He really doesn’t want any more.

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