Steve Keim not concerned about Kyler Murray holding out without a new deal

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s contract status was moved firmly into the spotlight on Monday when his agent Erik Burkhardt released a statement calling on the team to let their actions speak louder than their words when it came to extending Murray’s contract this offseason.

With three seasons in the books, Murray is eligible for an extension for the first time and Monday’s statement said that they’ve made a proposal to the Cardinals about a deal. On Tuesday, Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said that he has not spoken to Murray’s camp since the statement came out.

“I have not talked to them in a few days, but there’s always been current dialogue,” Keim said. “The one thing I’ll say in regard to the statement, I know everyone’s seen that, I think it’s an agent doing his job.”

Keim was also asked if he had any concern about negative repercussions like a holdout from Murray if a new deal does not come together before the team returns to work. He also said he’d be keeping any further conversations about Murray’s future confidential, but this offseason has shown that there’s more than one way for information to come to light.

7 responses to “Steve Keim not concerned about Kyler Murray holding out without a new deal

  1. I don’t have a strong opinion about Murray either way, but the diva demands and sideshow are concerning to me if I’m the GM.

  2. He’s not that good. Letting him walk wouldn’t be the end of the world

  3. Pay the man!

    It worked out well for the teams that did that with Jarrad Goof and Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins, didn’t it?

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