Have the Packers truly received no calls about Aaron Rodgers?

Washington Football Team v Green Bay Packers
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Twice in recent days, Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst has made a comment about quarterback Aaron Rodgers that, given the players’ supersensitive nature, could potentially complicate ongoing efforts to lure him back to Green Bay. Last week, Gutekunst said he didn’t promise to trade Rodgers in 2022. This week, Gutekunst said he has received no trade calls for Rodgers.

On the surface, the latter claim makes sense. Unless and until Rodgers tells the Packers he wants out, there’s no reason for any interested teams to make a call.

That said, some teams may be searching sufficiently aggressively to make the call, even if Rodgers has yet to make the announcement. Indeed, Washington G.M. Martin Mayhew said Wednesday that they’ve called every team with a quarterback who may be available.

Surely, that includes the Packers. Especially after last year, when Washington admittedly missed the boat on Matthew Stafford, who became the subject of an inside-job trade from the Lions to the Rams. Any team looking to significantly upgrade at the position should be calling the Packers about Rodgers.

Regardless of whether calls are coming (and at least one call surely has come, from Washington), what’s gained by publicly saying no one has called? An executive with another team wondered aloud earlier today why Gutekunst keeps “poking” Rodgers.

Whether Gutekunst is doing it consciously, it’s happening. And when it comes to dealing with Rodgers, the situation can be as sensitive as defusing a time bomb. Recently, Gutekunst has been playing hopscotch in a minefield.

At a time when it seems as if Rodgers is warming to the idea of staying in Green Bay, comments like these could prevent the plane from landing. Whether it’s happening deliberately or not (and I’m not saying it is), all it takes is one remark to stick in Rodgers’s craw, and months of progress can evaporate faster than a thin puddle of tequila on a hot day.

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  1. A lot of media outlets are making a big deal out of this. He laughed like it was tongue in cheek.

  2. I guess i am confused. Why would guteys comment about no calls irritate Rodgers?

  3. Geez, seeing Washington “called EVERY team with a quarterback who may be available”, is it possible they figured Green Bay didn’t have one available? Just a thought.

  4. Rodgers is 39, has a history or injuries and could retire in a huff at any moment. It is difficult to assess what to give up for a player who might only play a year for his new team. Peyton Manning was a free agent, as was Tom Brady. The Broncos and Bucs didn’t have to trade for those great quarterbacks, and thus, didn’t have to determine what to give up. Rodgers is a great player, for certain, but does a team give up multiple first round draft picks for a contribution of one or two seasons? Maybe a single #1 pick, but not much more. And he’s worth more to the Packers than that.

  5. Maybe teams are smarter than “the taking heads”… they don’t want to give up a bunch of #1’s and money for the circus that comes with having a problem child QB like Rodgers… who is not a big game winner

  6. Maybe teams are smarter than people think… and they don’t want to give up a bunch of #1’s and 45+ million a year for the circus that comes with having a self-centered QB like Rodgers, who loves playing word games and the attention it bring him… and who has proven he is not a big game winner. He’s far more trouble than he’s worth…

  7. The “chiseled-in-stone” constant is; No one player is more important than the team. The time to move on from Rodgers is now. It’s better to risk doing it sooner than later. Besides, Rodgers is a liar. His true colors are known. Send him packing.

  8. Maybe Gute took the temp of the room and knows that Packer Nation isn’t all that thrilled with Rodgers these days and if there was a time to move on it is now.

  9. I’m not surprised. Two reasons for me. 1. He really sucked in the playoff game. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but trying to pass against that defense. 2. He will be 39 soon and would costs a team a lot of top future picks and they probably are thinking, for two years and flopping in the playoffs. No thanks.

  10. 50Stars says:
    It can be seen as a backhanded way of telling Rogers that he isn’t as hot as he thinks he is.
    DC could use him, but lord I hope they don’t give away the future to make the trade.

  11. oh man that would be sweet to see the Packers sign the ultimate choker to the biggest contract in league history. Sign him to 70mil per year, he deserves it!!!

  12. Could be that Washington knows Rodgers isn’t available, since he’s got a year left on his contract.

  13. You know they all talk at the combine with each other all week long, deals are made everyday just not official,

  14. Other than the NFC East there isn’t a weaker division in football. He should stay.

  15. “Other than the NFC East there isn’t a weaker division in football. He should stay.”

    Since the Packers swept the AFCN and NFCW last season, I think it’s safe to say that Rodgers and GB would do well anywhere.

  16. These GM’s are playing NFL No Limit Hold em’ Poker.
    Do you really think Brian Gutekunst is going to show his hand ?? I think Not.
    The real question is,… Is he Bluffing ??
    Gutey can’t do anything until he see’s the Flop. That’s if Rodgers wants to play or retire. I don’t think he’s going to retire. So what will the turn card be ? A new deal for Rodgers in GB ?? Or he wants to move on ?? I think we’ll know inside of the next 10 days.

  17. Liar, liar pants on fire — Gutey’s watched too many Zimmer pressers when he’s asked about injuries.

  18. Rodgers is 39, has a history or injuries and could retire in a huff at any moment.

    11 of 14 seasons, he didn’t miss a game due to injury.

    1 of those 3 seasons he missed a single game with a concussion.

    Thats not a significant injury history.

  19. No offers prove my point the teams see how he folds in the playoffs year after year.

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