Kliff Kingsbury, Steve Keim agree to contract extensions

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray wants a contract extension, but the team has chosen to move forward on other fronts before turning to Murray.

The team announced that head coach Kliff Kingsbury and General Manager Steve Keim have both agreed to extensions with the team. Both men are now under contract through the 2027 season.

Kingsbury was hired in 2019 and he has gone 24-24-1 over his first three seasons. The 2021 season ended with Arizona’s first playoff berth since 2015, but they lost to the Rams on the road in the wild card round. The Cardinals missed out on a chance to host a playoff game by going 1-4 in the final weeks of the season, including a Week 18 loss to Seattle that gave the Rams the NFC West title.

Keim has been in the G.M. job since 2013 and he’s been in the Cardinals organization since 1999.

“The leadership of both Steve and Kliff have been key factors in the team’s turnaround over the last three seasons,” Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill said in a statement. “We are all looking forward to continuing that progress and recognize these two individuals will be a big part of achieving our long-term goals as an organization.”

It’s not clear what impact the extensions might have on talks with Murray about a new deal, but sticking with the current braintrust doesn’t signal a desire to shake things up in Arizona. Kingsbury’s agent Erik Burkhardt also represents the quarterback, which might be a promising sign for how conversations between the two sides will play out.

24 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury, Steve Keim agree to contract extensions

  1. The Cardinals are going to enjoy very successful months of September and October for years to come.

  2. “nptoaster says:
    March 2, 2022 at 11:29 am
    The Cardinals are going to enjoy very successful months of September and October for years to come”
    As a longtime Cardinals season ticket holder, I fear this is true.

  3. The GM and coach has a record of 24-24-1 with no playoff wins together and gets a 5 year extension.. AWESOME

  4. Surprising. I had read they had a meeting after the season and almost fired Kliff Kingsbury. Interesting to give him an extension instead.

  5. Why reward either of these 2 guys? Total incompetence from both GM and coach. Hows the record the past few years??

  6. The real question is how long will ownership tolerate failure in december and January… I bet my bottom dollar Kliff is gone before black Monday 2025

  7. Interesting. There was so much media speculation that Kingsbury was on the hot seat. And perhaps he should have been, but ownership seems to feel differently.

  8. Overpaying for a few flashes in a pan and mostly mediocrity. Yikes. Is that the new standard for Arizona?

  9. I believe only 1 of 24 of their draft picks that have been selected to the Pro Bowl. Without the top pick to select Murray and the fire sale which enabled the pick up of Hopkins, is the dynamic duo (Kingsbury and Keim) even .500 ?

  10. Kingsbury is the Kirk Cousins of NFL coaches. Good stats on paper, but can’t win when it counts, and is getting filthy rich in the process.

  11. Has there ever been a coach who fails up like this guy in the history of sport?

  12. But oddly if they flame out again next year we all know someone is 100% getting fired.

  13. 24 and 24 is a turnaround? Ownership must see somthing the average fan doesn’t while watching on Sundays.

  14. As a lifelong Rams fan, now i know how the rest of the division felt when we extended Jeff Fisher: pure joy.

  15. I don’t think the Cardinals have been THAT bad. They are moving in the right direction and just happen to be in a tough division. Look at GB. The NFL rewards regular season success. Only one team can win a Super Bowl.

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