Larry Fitzgerald’s father calls Kyler Murray “spoiled”

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A few anonymous sources out of Arizona have been quoted criticizing quarterback Kyler Murray this offseason. Now someone is putting his name on some criticism of Murray: Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the father of Murray’s former Cardinals teammate, future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald Sr., a longtime sports writer who frequently offers opinions on the news of the day in sports, replied on Twitter to a tweet criticizing Murray with some criticism of his own.

He’s spoiled,” Fitzgerald Sr. wrote, “brings his Oklahoma offense to the NFL team has to catch up great talent.He’s never been humbled keep working.”

Fitzgerald Sr. is only offering his own opinion and not speaking for his son, although it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s basing his opinion on things his son has told him. Fitzgerald Sr. may have heard some of the same things that led Chris Mortensen of ESPN to report on Super Bowl Sunday that there are people in Arizona who see Murray as “self-centered, immature and finger pointer.”

Publicly, the Cardinals have insisted they believe in Murray and are committed to him as their franchise quarterback. For his part, Murray has done what a fictional Cardinal once did and said through his agent that he’ll believe the team is committed to him when they show him the money.

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  1. I said this months ago. Kyler is a crybaby that thinks he is never at fault when something goes wrong and they lose. Dude literally makes the wrong read or throws the ball up for grabs and when it’s intercepted, he goes back to the sideline pouting and being a hot head towards his teammates. Classless is an understatement for this guy. Tom Brady Jr.

  2. Kyler thinks he is elite, but the last half of last season showed who he and the team really were. He needs to buckle down, talk less, lead more, and earn a contract. Otherwise, leave for baseball.

  3. If Arizona pays Murray $40 mill a year, they deserve what’s coming. He’s a crybaby, too short, doesn’t deliver, and blames everyone for his shortcomings all for the low price of $40 million dollars.

  4. If they pay this twerp as a top QB they will regret it. He does not have the backbone and work ethic to become what he can be.

  5. Mr Fitzgerald is correct.
    The Cards last 7 games proved they need
    a real QB and not a circus act.

  6. Kyler Murray had almost zero adversity from an athletic standpoint prior to the NFL. His teams won a ridiculous amount of games and he has always been the center of attention. It is easy to see how he could be “spoiled” and maybe a little bit athletically immature. I think he can grow into being a better pro if he has any self awareness.

  7. He’s too small to play QB in the NFL…he’s just a glorified RB. This experiment the Arizona Cardinals is coming to end and they will need to hit HC/QB RESET at the end of the 2022.

  8. I watch every Cardinals game and regardless of what people on this forum think or say, Kyler is extremely talented. And a runner and thrower. But he definitely has major issues with body language and leadership.

  9. Poor Kyler, should have never listened to the talking heads who are just like me (a talking head). He does his best Garo Yepremian move(for the youngsters, see the film clip where the former dolphin kicker throws the ball up in the air, hoping he won’t get tackled)where Kyler throws to ball up in the air hoping no one will tackle him in the end zone. He was pouting before the game was over. Cardinals got what they deserved. He should have been a running back but his ego took over. Would seem to be just one of many Heisman trophy winners who aren’t doing much other than making Nissan commercials.

  10. You can’t win with that guy. It’s obvious he’s not a leader. More interested in stats, money and fame than winning.

  11. Murray’s last interception thrown from his own end zone says it all….couldn’t run so he threw it up for grabs, something we would expect from a high school QB…let him go to baseball and make errors there where are no linebackers or pass rushers

  12. I dont know Kyler Murray, so I cant say for certain, but from a fan perspective, I agree, he seems spoiled.

  13. Murray will be outstanding for years to come. I would be happy if the Bucs traded for him and he is worth the money

  14. a trade to a qb hungry team would net a pretty good take (overypay)
    thats what id do

  15. The last half of the season was an epic fold proving that the Cardinals
    Were clearly not ready to be a playoff team.Part of that was poor player execution but most of it looked like confused coaching.
    The whole system is in need of an overhaul.

  16. I’d unload that kid NOW and reload. Would not hitch my franchise or career to that petulant child.

  17. This post should have been titled “Larry Fitzgerald joins Arizona front office in VP position”.

  18. What we don’t know with “running” QBs is how long will they last, there’s no real history, data…pocket QBs in today’s NFL, with today’s rules, can easily last until their late 30’s. The only running QB that’s in their 30’s today is Russell Wilson in his early 30’s (33?) and Russ isn’t necessarily a “running” QB; from day 1 he’s been smart about it and been more of a scrambler. So how long will these “running” QBs last? If it’s me, I don’t go beyond their first non-rookie contract. As for Murray…does this guy give me confidence he’s going to take my team to the “promised land”…0.00%.

  19. Did we need Larry’s dad to tell us what we can see? His statement is on point. Kyler is spoiled and immature. This type of behavior plagues talented people who have been put on a pedestal from a young age. The last part of his tweet summed it up. Kyler needs to be humbled, and he needs to keep working. But, since he plays a premium position, I am sure the Cardinals will do the opposite and give him 40 million. As a Steelers fan, I know firsthand that nothing validates bad behavior more than rewarding it with a big contract as a Steelers fan.

  20. Nice Jerry Maquire reference, a movie loaded with awesome quotes and exaggerated and stereotypical character personas. Yet I’ll still watch it.

  21. So glad this knucklehead is in our Division. Please sign him to a long term contract (Don’t worry, this train wreck of a FO certainly will). He’ll always be good, but with that ethic, never great.

  22. Murray is putting his immaturity on display, yet again, and Fitz Sr isn’t wrong in his opinion. Murray has gotten this far because of his talent. He’s very good, but he’s not great. He might be eventually, but he needs to have the right attitude because a franchise qb is a different role. Look at the greats and you see how they made everyone around him better. I don’t think anyone sees that in Murray, so far. Murray could have went about his money grab completely differently and perhaps he wouldn’t have come off as a spoiled brat blaming everyone else for failures. Yes, the NFL has a business side and and he’s free to try and get the best deal for him that he can. The deal he wants is likely compared to other qb’s who have a better resume’.

  23. Arizona wasted the last years of Fitz’s career. They should have just released him so he could go to a real contender. #FreeFitz

  24. Kyler isn’t spoiled, he Mr Misunderstood (shout out to Eric Church) . Kyler just wants to Win and get paid like Dak!

  25. Cardinals are in a bad spot here. I think a QB needs to be a leader and it sure sounds like Kyler isn’t one. His talent will hold them hostage.

  26. I have no idea if he’s spoiled or not but judging from his body language he never presented a look on the field to espouse leadership nor sportsmanship, you know, the intangible stuff. His athleticism is undeniable, however.

  27. Plays his worst game in the biggest game thus far in his NFL career. How does he follow up? He wants to get paid.

  28. As a Rams fan, I hope they commit to him long term. He’s tiny, fragile, and not a leader. He’s two wins a year indefinitely

  29. Got nothing against him , but small running qbs just don’t last in the NFL. The Cards giving him an extension prob isn’t a great idea. His last game against the Rams made Johnny Manziel look good

  30. As a Ram fan I’ll tell you what I don’t want… a Hopkins/Watson reunion in the desert!

  31. golions1 says:
    March 2, 2022 at 8:05 am

    If you want him to play better, PAY him like you want him to play better.


    Not how it works for winners. Smart teams pay guys for proving they can do it and for being reliable and trustworthy – see Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, Wilson, Allen, etc.

    When you get guys who think they’re good enough to be paid top rate without having actually proven anything yet – see Prescott, Cousins, Watson – you get headaches and no progress. Paying someone in the hopes they’ll be something they haven’t been yet pretty much never works.

  32. No wonder why Larry Fitzgerald was such a classy player and role model. Just look at his father. Class runs in the family.

  33. You know, if they only paid him to do the scouting combine, he would be more humbled and not think about doing something like this…

  34. he should just go to baseball. If he’s as good at baseball as people say he is he’ll make more money, have a longer career and be a lot healthier when he retires

  35. His own on-field, during the game actions tells me who he is:

    Makes a play that results in a touchdown, he then sits down on the field and strikes a “yoga in meditation” pose. Really?! Talk about self-centered, look-at-me behavior. What childish, immature look!

    What serious, upper-echelon NFL quarterback would behave like that? I cannot recall any current or past elite-level quarterback posing up in the middle of a game. (Come to think about it, I cannot recall any quarterback ever posing up in that manner.)

    What true team leader in any position would behave like that?

  36. golions1 says:
    March 2, 2022 at 8:05 am
    If you want him to play better, PAY him like you want him to play better.
    Brilliant! I’m going to use this at my next performance review.

  37. inozwetrust says:
    March 2, 2022 at 12:09 pm
    he should just go to baseball. If he’s as good at baseball as people say he is he’ll make more money, have a longer career and be a lot healthier when he retires

    He would play maybe 36 innings and ask for a new contract. Its just who he is lol

  38. Sr. raised Jr. Fitzgerald and you can’t raise a better man than that and therefore I listen to what he’s got to say.

  39. Other than “immature”, “spoiled” might be the best way to describe Murray.

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