Like last year, Washington is calling every team that may have a quarterback available

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On Tuesday, Washington coach Ron Rivera made it clear that the team is covering all bases in the search for a new coach. On Wednesday, Washington G.M. Martin Mayhew made it clear that the team is literally doing just that.

“We feel we have canvassed the league effectively,” Mayhew told reporters, via John Kein of “We’ve spoken to every club that has a quarterback who might be available.”

Mayhew said the Commanders did the same thing a year ago.

“If you don’t have a franchise quarterback, you have to have urgency about [finding one] every year,” Mayhew said. “We were very urgent about it last year. I’m not sure that was a fair fight for Matthew [Stafford] last year, I’ll leave it there. We did everything we could to find the right guy.”

It wasn’t a fair fight for Stafford, for a couple of reasons. First, then-new Lions G.M. Brad Holmes had landed the job after working for the Rams. It was an open and easy line of communication. Second, the Rams needed to find a broader deal into which the Jared Goff contract could be tucked, in order to save face as to the God-awful contract they’d given him.

Mayhew isn’t the first to express dismay that the competition for Stafford wasn’t as open as it could have been, or arguably as it should have been. The Lions may have gotten more by holding an open auction for Stafford. Then again, there were teams for which Stafford didn’t want to play. He clearly wanted to play for the Rams, and it obviously worked out.

This year, Washington is actively looking. And it may not necessarily happen via trade.

“This is a quality quarterback class this year,” Mayhew said. “As of right now, I think there may be some separation here at the Combine. We may see some of that happening. But we’re aware of what our options are as far as next year too. We are looking to address it now, if possible. And that’s where our focus is.”

Taylor Heinicke may not be thrilled about that, but he’s had his chance to become the guy Washington needs him to be. He hasn’t. So now they’ll look elsewhere. And they’ll keep looking until they find one.

28 responses to “Like last year, Washington is calling every team that may have a quarterback available

  1. Does that include Kirk? It would be a real tear jerker to see his story come full circle. Washington could have missed the playoffs at 8-9 instead of 7-10 last year with Kirk.

  2. Surprising that Rivera would be searching for a new coach- on the surface that would seem to limit his tenure.

  3. Way to look desperate and artificially jack up the price you pay thus negating the QB in the first place. This from the guy who couldn’t build a winner around Stanford and Calvin Johnson and you wonder why

  4. I’m sure whoever Dannyboy handpicks will fail in incredible dumpster-fire fashion…

  5. Mitchell Trubisky, a young former top pick with athleticism and starting experience, was available literally for the minimum last off-season. It was malpractice for Washington or Denver to pass him up for what they ultimately settled on.

  6. to the person that wrote “get David Mills” and whose gotten more negative than positive votes…you’re going to look very smart in a year or two. Amazing what Mills did on a horrific Texans team; massive offseason distractions, complete roster turnover, head coach whom had never even been a coordinator, no WRs, no TEs, Oline a mess, and best running back was 31 yr old Rex Burkhead. On multiple rankings Mills was top 10 (9th) QB in NFL during last 5 games. Not bad for someone who played just 11 games in college (variety of factors) and thrown into a mess in Houston. He’s going to be good…very very very good. BTW its Davis, not David.

  7. Except the Packers since they are claiming no one wants Rodgers – right?

  8. A quality QB class. I love Riviera but Mayhew is clueless. No wonder they’re looking for a QB. Every. Year.


  9. They’d get Rodgers, but D.C. has a city limit on the amount of narcissism allowed within a single square mile.

  10. This is becoming a joke. Year three decides whether Ron is in or out. My guess is out.

  11. If I knew my club might trade me to Dan Snyder, I’d have my agent immediately get me out of there!

  12. The WFT “brain trust” is just a “trust.” Does anybody doubt we’re going to end up with Carson Wentz or Mitch Trubisky, and blow the #11 pick on another linebacker who can’t play the game?

  13. Maybe if they gave Heineke another year at starter he would improve? Letting the guy know that you think he’s expendable should be great for his confidence, so if the WTF can’t find an upgrade in FA, will they come back to him and say “you were our guy all along”? I know “it’s a tough business” and all that, but how about recognizing that there’s a psychological aspect to this stuff, and you don’t have to be this ham-fisted about it?

    And the talking heads have been saying for months that this isn’t a strong QB class. I don’t claim to be qualified to judge that, but we also all know that there’s no science to this, it’s all speculation and the experts are all just making informed guesses.

  14. Heres a crazy crazy thought: draft one. The Washingtons are so bad every year that its possible to trade up and get one of the better ones in the draft and then coach them up. Just goes to show that just because a team is in a big market, doesnt mean they are actually good.

  15. The Washington Commodes. Continually doing the same thing each year that ends with another season being flushed.

  16. Trying Kirk Cousins again would be like the guy who takes a swig of buttermilk and it’s sour so he puts it back in the refrigerator and figures he’ll try it again later and maybe it will be better next time. Actually it will be WORSE! Pleasssseeeeeee not Cousins again. What has he won for the Vikes? Nothing!!! And he wouldn’t for D.C. again either…. Geesh! Duh!

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