Robert Saleh: Improving defense will help Zach Wilson

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The Jets have two of the first 10 picks in this year’s draft, a lot of cap space to use during free agency, and plenty of places on the roster that could use attention this offseason.

Quarterback Zach Wilson might benefit from an upgrade in receiving options and on the offensive line, but head coach Robert Saleh pointed to a different way of helping the 2021 first-round pick out when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

Saleh said, via multiple reporters, that the team has defensive upgrades at the “front of our minds” because it would help avoid putting Wilson in a position of playing from behind or trying to win shootouts on a regular basis. The Jets were 32nd in both points and yards allowed during the 2021 season.

With their draft capital and cap space, the Jets have options about how they can approach fixing the defense ahead of Saleh’s second season and the coach’s comments suggest they’ll be using everything in their power to get it done.

8 responses to “Robert Saleh: Improving defense will help Zach Wilson

  1. Yes, there’s a lot too that, but keeping him from getting murdered with the ball in his hands should receive even higher priority. Draft to the trenches

  2. haha

    Yeah, right. His skills are poor. What he did in college is what he tries to do in the pros, as predicted.

    Tucking and running constantly and playing hero ball and not really grasping the game is not going to cut it. You blew it. You got fixated on his arm and running ability and ignored everything else, because you’re the Jets.

  3. Ya, because your QB stunk because your defense was awful. Are you kidding me??!! Not sure what was worse, your coaching or the QB play

  4. Defense wins championships correct but your QB running for his life isnt gonna win any games either. Draft somebody who can block

  5. Hiring a defensive minded HC when you’re intent on drafting a QB with the second pick in the draft was the first mistake the Jets made . The second mistake was taking Wilson as their pick . The Jets will be looking at starting over at both spots in another year or two .

  6. People say owner woody Johnson is not a smart football guy but I beg to differ. If he is as dumb as people say, how is the Jets always have high first round picks and have never been accused of tanking?

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