Scott Fitterer: Don’t want to force QB decision, but can’t just sit to the back

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At this point in 2021, the Panthers didn’t have a long-term answer at quarterback.

Things don’t look any different this year. They traded for Sam Darnold, but he failed to provide the upgrade that the team was looking for at the position. He’s under contract for a guaranteed $18.9 million for the 2022 season and Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer said Wednesday that there were “a lot of different factors” to his performance, but “does need to take that next step.”

While Darnold’s contract will keep him in the mix, Fitterer made no secret of the team having eyes on other options who can “take hold of that position and own” it for the near future.

“You don’t ever want to force a quarterback decision,” Fitterer said, via the team’s website. “But we’re going to be aggressive about it and look at every single option out there. You can’t just sit to the back and let things happen. we’re going to explore every option, and if it makes sense, we’re going to do it, and we’re going to be aggressive about it.”

Fitterer also said the team is open to having Cam Newton back, but there was nothing about last season’s performance for either player to create much confidence that they’ll be the right answer in Carolina.

4 responses to “Scott Fitterer: Don’t want to force QB decision, but can’t just sit to the back

  1. Wentz is better than Darnold so why would they even consider giving up their 2nd round pick. That is just ridiculous.

  2. Give Sam Darnold a much better offensive line, a healthy Christian McCaffrey, and receivers who see a football and not a hot potato, and you’ll see an ascending, still young quarterback. And throw in a four-leaf clover to keep him free from injury.

  3. Does anyone realize that Sam Darnold is exactly one year and one day older than Kenny Pickett, who will probably be drafted in the first round in April? He will turn 25 in June, while Pickett will be 24 in June. Give me Darnold any day and that‘s not even supposed to be a knock on Pickett.
    Give Darnold an O-line and three reliable targets plus a healthy RB and he will be fine.
    Remember the Panthers started 3-0 with CMC healthy?

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