Tom Telesco: With a QB on a rookie deal and cap space, we can attack differently this year

NFL Combine
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With one of the game’s most exciting young quarterbacks, the Chargers were a disappointment in finishing the season at 9-8 to miss the playoffs.

But Los Angeles’ championship window should be open. Justin Herbert isn’t even eligible for a contract extension until after the 2022 season. And the Chargers have upwards of $56 million in cap space to spend.

With that in mind, General Manager Tom Telesco said on Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine that he plans to use those resources to put the team in the best position possible for a championship.

“We try to be aggressive every year, just depends on what our resources are and what our circumstances are for at that point,” Telesco said, via Gilbert Manzano of the Southern California News Group. “You just have to attack in different ways. This year, we can attack a little bit differently because we do have a lot of cap space and we do have a quarterback on a rookie deal. But you know, the goal every year is the same. The goal is to challenge and to compete for a championship.

“But your circumstances change as far as cap space, as far as where your roster is, where your quarterback is, do you have a quarterback? Do you not? It’s just different, but doesn’t change our goal to go into a championship.”

The Chargers have gone 69-76 with a pair of postseason appearances in Telesco’s nine seasons as G.M.

6 responses to “Tom Telesco: With a QB on a rookie deal and cap space, we can attack differently this year

  1. Trying to stay relevant in LA after their big brother just won the superbowl

  2. Huge Rams fan here. Herbert is an unbelievable talent. Probably the best qb in the afc. Smarter then Mahomes and Josh Allen, with better physical tools than both. Joe Burrow(Joey Glass) looks like the JV quarterback compared to this guy. Chargers are going to dominate the afc west for years

  3. Herbert reminds of Stafford in Detroit, talented, puts up a lot of stats, but can’t seem to win in big moments.

  4. Can’t win in big moments? What a silly, silly, silly take. You must have missed the 4th quarter Week 18 vs. Raiders. You should just call him Captain Clutch.

    Bobby Mitchell above is spot on.

  5. Did he WIN in the 4th qtr in Week 18 vs the Raiders? No. And Bobby Mitchell missed by a mile.

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