Sight of Evan McPherson on bench during Super Bowl halftime remains “sore subject” with Bengals

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Evan McPherson didn’t do much wrong in 2021. The Bengals rookie kicker made 28 of 33 field goals and 46 of 48 extra points in the regular season.

He tied Adam Vinatieri for most field goals made (14) in a single postseason, going 14-of-14 with back-to-back, game-winning field goals to send the Bengals to the Super Bowl.

But the Bengals weren’t exactly thrilled that cameras caught McPherson sitting on the team’s bench watching the halftime show instead of in the locker room with his teammates.

“That’s a sore subject,” special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons said, via Jay Morrison of “That’s a real sore subject.”

Long snapper Clark Harris also stayed on the field to catch the performances by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem and others. Harris, though, was smart enough to hide from the cameras.

The Bengals might not get over the result of Super Bowl LVI, but it’s a safe bet they’ll quickly forgive McPherson for his halftime transgression. His 42 combined field goals in 2021 set the team record, bettering the mark of 34 by Mike Nugent in 2011.

McPherson had five walk-off game-winners, including the two in the playoffs, and his 12 field goals from 50-plus yards beat the team’s previous single-season record of three and already has set the franchise’s career mark.

51 responses to “Sight of Evan McPherson on bench during Super Bowl halftime remains “sore subject” with Bengals

  1. Wow they’re in the Superbowl, the ultimate game! Focus on the game! You never know when you can come back next time.

  2. McPherson thinks he’s so cool. Go celebrate a missed kick like you did against GB you clown.

  3. The Bengals should be more concerned about their bone head coaching decisions than somebody watching the halftime show.

  4. The Bungles were fortunate to even make it that far. They’ll come back to earth next season. I’ll bet they don’t finish .500. Not in that division

  5. Unfortunately this decision makes it look like he’s bigger than the team…..not a good thing for a rookie to do at any game especially the Super Bowl. I wonder if he did this for everyone to see?

  6. Worst super bowl half show ever….maybe they should go back in time and get the college marching band…..nobody watched them.

  7. I honestly don’t see a problem with it I mean he’s a kicker. It’s not like he’s involved in strategizing or making half time adjustments

  8. He’s a KICKER that says he always stay out on the field during halftime(which a lot of kickers do or come out early to continue practicing their kicks). Halftime is meant for a break in between halfs and to make adjustments, what kind of adjustment do a kicker need to have to be in the locker room?

  9. If you think it’s easy kicking field goals in clutch situations, maybe you haven’t done it. A lot of guys have strong legs, but you have to be really focused mentally to be consistent like McPherson is. Whatever he’s doing is working. And I realize a kicker doesn’t really need to be in the locker room. And it might actually help you relax to watch the half time. So, on the practical side, it’s fine. But then there’s the emotional side. So yes. McPherson looked like a kid who should be with his mother. Like someone who was supposed to be watching him, took their eye off him for a minute. It didn’t look very NFL professional. Oh, and I never kicked a field goal, either.

  10. Lol, this here “ok, boomer” goes straight out to the folks claiming this year’s halftime show was a dud. Nope!

  11. Okay, okay, it wasn’t Prince playing Purple Rain in the rain but Dre at the piano was cool. Overall though, the stage setup design made for a really…stagnant…set of performances.

  12. the kid didn’t cost his team anything
    but what about that bonehead Hargreaves running into the end zone
    he should have been CUT on the spot
    self centered look at me IDIOT!!!!

  13. manderson4150 says:
    March 3, 2022 at 8:07 pm
    Unfortunately this decision makes it look like he’s bigger than the team…..not a good thing for a rookie to do at any game especially the Super Bowl. I wonder if he did this for everyone to see?
    He is just young guy startstruck, maybe going for it on 4th down not in great field position early, not double teaming Kupp after he burned you twice, yeah that’s on the kicker:)

  14. First off .. please cut him. My team would love to have him. Second off .. it was a dumb young kid move, but let’s move on. He will learn. It’s not like he was taking selfies WHILE THE GAME WAS STILL GOING ON (Dwayne Haskins)… So… He not THAT dumb.

  15. Big deal, kickers are loners on most teams and don’t need to strategize at half time. Just make the kicks when you’re called upon.

  16. Pair him with Gronk and Joe Cool then get the literal hell out of the way. Any fans pretending to be mad at Money Mac for the halftime show can pound sand. He is a Stud!! If Bengals coaches are wasting time and energy towards Mac, channel that energy designing red zone plays so you don’t have to rely on him so often.

  17. Note to salty boomers still mad about a stupid halftime show: This article is about EVAN MCPHERSON.

  18. What a joke of a story. He’s a kicker. What halftime adjustments does he need to make?

  19. He’s a kicker!!! I can’t imagine there was any time wasted during the halftime devoted to the kicking game.

  20. What’s the big deal? He does not need to hear game strategy change in game plan for second half. He is told when to go kick the ball and he does it. Watch the show and enjoy it. You deserve it.

  21. He is a kicker, not a coach or a tired player. He got the best seat in the house. If the Bengals gain 15 more yards, he ties the game. Instead, they let the same player stop them on two consecutive plays and its over …

  22. The league has been trying to take kickers out of the game for years. What’s he supposed to do in the locker room, be a team player? Some of the younger players grew up on the halftime show performers. Sorry The Rat Pack, Patsy Cline and Elvis never respond to the NFL’s request to perform.

  23. All the crusty boomers in here still crying about the halftime show. He’s a kicker, what could any locker room pep-talk have done for him? Had they won the Bengals would have been posting about how cool it was on social media.

  24. Here’s an idea…why not bring the players on the field to watch the halftime show? Then let them start halftime after that.

  25. He’s just the kicker, not a captain. They practice without him most of the time. Hardly part of the game plan unless they were going to onside coming out of the half.

  26. Unfortunately for him the spotlight will be bright when (not if) he loses a game winning or tieing kick.

  27. What a silly thing to be upset about. He did his job all season. If there’s one thing you can count it is for an NFL coach to lack perspective.

  28. Right. Kickers need halftime strategy talks. Because what they do is so complicated.

  29. Had Cincy won, we’d be celebrating the guy for having some fun (as much as any halftime show other than Prince really has been) and admitted that he’s the rookie kicker and mobody is looking for him to lead or coach up at halftime. But they lost, so every inconsequential nit will get picked in hindsight. smh

  30. I’m sure he missed some key coaching adjustments like “Kick the ball through the endzone on kickoffs” or “kick the ball through the uprights”

  31. Whether their kicker had a good year or not, they both should be cut. Way to form great team chemistry. The special teams coach should have at least went out there and embarrassed the both of them then made them go to the locker room.

  32. They didn’t know about it until cameras caught McPherson on the bench.

    You’d think if they were really as focused on the game as they say they wish he was, they would know their kicker wasn’t in the locker room before the show ever began.

  33. rxv5854 says:
    March 3, 2022 at 10:12 pm
    What a joke of a story. He’s a kicker. What halftime adjustments does he need to make?
    To this comment and similar ones above, I can only conclude that these people never played a team sport. You ALWAYS stay with your teammates, ALWAYS, especially for the biggest game they will ever play in.

  34. BTW, he had a very good year, no doubt. But he isn’t the second coming. He isn’t even the best kicker in his division – not even close.

  35. 1. Well you actually should be haunted by the fact that a coach on your team thought Apple could cover Kupp.

    2. As the special teams coordinator maybe it should’ve been your job to let your guys know that it’s mandatory to be in the locker room during halftime or at least round up your guys. (own it…)

    3. Did he miss any kicks?

  36. Yeah, I have to agree with some of the posters here, who don’t believe it is the end of the world the dude was watching the show instead of being in the locker room; it is not like he was needing to watch game film and make an offensive or defensive adjustment. Before anyone freaks out and comes unglued at my comment, I do recognize as a good teammate he should have been in the locker room, and he should be reminded of that and told to not do it again, but to make the comment “it leaves a very bad taste in our mouths” from the special teams coach seems a bit overblown and over reactive, and does no good except to now make it known instead of handling it in-house. I have always been told it is a good day as long as it does not involve going to jail, going to the hospital, or going to the funeral home, so in the grand scheme of things, let’s give the kid a break. OK Boomer…

  37. This is really something pointless to get upset about. And to the mindless authoritarians who would cut the kicker and long snapper – that’s just ridiculous. That is totally illogical.

    Even if he’d missed a crucial kick, getting upset about this would be silly. But he didn’t miss any kicks. So why is it an issue? Either his coach knew he was out there and didn’t care, OR…how was the team unaware that he wasn’t in the locker room?

    I’m sure the team has to say it’s a big deal just to try to shut it all down. It doesn’t make this kid look bad, it makes the team look bad. And Cincy will find out how difficult it is to get back to a SB – just ask Mahomes.

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