If Washington called every single team in search of a quarterback, it was smart

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The Washington Commanders have done plenty of things in recent years that make the team an appropriate target of scrutiny, criticism, and ridicule. The news that the Commanders have called every other NFL team in search of a quarterback should not be one of those things.

Sparked apparently by a paywalled story in the Kansas City Star that collected random tweets, plenty have been dragging the Commanders for calling the Chiefs about Patrick Mahomes. When considering the context, the criticism is badly misplaced.

Although Commanders G.M. Martin Mayhew said Wednesday that they called all teams that may have a quarterback available, John Keim of ESPN.com reported on Tuesday that the Commanders called every team.

So this wasn’t a case of Washington thinking there was a specific reason to call the Chiefs about Mahomes. It was a conscious decision to leave no stone unturned. Not one. Per Keim, Washington called everyone. Which means that the Chiefs got a call about Mahomes, the Bills got a call about Josh Allen, the Chargers got a call about Justin Herbert, and so on.

Big deal. It’s a phone call. It doesn’t even cost anything to make those calls, not like it used to when “long-distance” communications rang up dollars and cents faster than a fuel pump.

It was smart for the Commanders to make the calls. Especially since, as Mayhew mentioned on Wednesday, they didn’t get a fair shot at Matthew Stafford before he was traded from the Lions to the Rams. This year, the Commanders decided there will be no doubt or ambiguity. They won’t miss out on a guy who may be available, and they’ll ensure that by calling everyone.

Yes, the desperation could force them to give up plenty for a new quarterback. But if they get the right quarterback, who cares?

As coach Ron Rivera said Tuesday regarding the cost of securing a veteran franchise quarterback, “Does anybody really care what was traded for Matthew Stafford last year?”

No, they don’t. All that matters is the result. Washington is trying to get to that same result, by getting a great quarterback. Even if the Chiefs, Bills, Chargers, or anyone else laughed and hung up, there’s no cost in trying. There’s no fault in trying. Anyone who would criticize the Commanders for making those calls simply doesn’t understand how things really work.

61 responses to “If Washington called every single team in search of a quarterback, it was smart

  1. Doing something smart doesn’t make you smart. Neither the organization or coach has ever been associated with “smart”

  2. Yet, the Packers say they haven’t received any calls about Rodgers… So… who’s lying?

  3. Cle trade Mayfield For at a least 1st and 3rd and some players they can use right now
    or a future 1st and current 2nd/3rd and player for mayfield please we dont want baker anymore will take our chances and wait out for the 2023 draft

  4. Also interesting, the same day Gutenkunst says he’s gotten zero calls about Arodge, the Commanders are saying they called everyone. Hmmmm.

  5. Had the Rams not won the Superbowl, plenty of people would be questioning the move.

    Fact of the matter is Rivera doesnt have the team remotely on the level that McVay had the Rams prior to acquiring Stafford. And while the Rams team building has worked so far, history has shown its not a sustainable model. For as good as their scouts are at some point theyre going to start missing on those later picks, and they’ll have to pay the piper.

  6. So they also called the Giants to ask about Daniel Jones? That deserves ridicule

  7. There’s several teams without a viable starting QB on the roster. Why would they bother calling those teams?

  8. We probably called the Bills about the availability of Mitch Trubisky. Just because we called every team doesn’t mean we called about their starter.

  9. would be interesting to see what (if anything) was specifically offered for mahomes herbert and allen vs cam carr and jimmy g?

  10. Part of me really wants to see the Commanders trade a bunch of picks to get Cousins.

    The irony would be rich.

  11. Calling every team also wreaks of desperation. Teams talk and I am sure that word got around like wildfire. Washington will be fleeced if they are too public with their plans.

  12. So they called Pittsburgh trying to get Haskins back? Maybe pry Rudolph away?
    Every team…….

  13. singularitynow says:
    March 3, 2022 at 10:17 am
    Every team? I bet they didn’t call the Steelers.

    Willing to bet WFT would start Rudolph over Heineke

  14. I said it before and I will say it again. Cam Newton with be the Commanders QB in week 1.

  15. Panthers will trade you Darnold for some Gatorade and old John Riggins jersey

  16. Calling each team doesn’t give away anything regarding who U might be targeting. It also gives them & every team a chance to see/hint who else might be on the availability list. I’m talking to all, about everything & everyone, initially. It’s only after that that I narrow my focus to vector in on my targeted assets. The target(s) should be set by now & we will see shortly what’s what.

  17. Some Raider fans (those in the minority) are calling for Mariota to be the starter.. perhaps he can be had for a mid round pick.

  18. They didn’t say they called “every single team” they said they called every team who may have a quarterback available. Big difference.

  19. Don’t see why people are knocking this. It is about relationships with people up top in front offices. Just because they reached out to other clubs in similar situations doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to build rapport for future negotiations and moreover, simply trying to get a beat on the pulse of said teams intentions. There is nothing wrong with this approach and shows preemptive will to truly improve the team moving forward.

  20. You guys joke but Goff or Wentz would probably be the best overall QB we’ve had in decades except for 2012 version of RG3

  21. It does accomplish one thing. If one team decides they want to move on, they know where to find a motivated buyer.

  22. This is smart? The point is to upgrade at QB right? So unless you think you have the worst starting QB in the league, this is actually a waste of time to call every team.

  23. HOF HC the late Bill Walsh used to call other teams about the availability of players in certain positions to gain intel about their draft/trade plans. Knowing who else is and isn’t in the market for a new QB tells Rivera the real demand for a free agent, trade bait or draft QB.

  24. Very smart. Could be turmoil behind the scenes on a seemingly untouchable QB and could work out a deal that keeps other teams out of the bidding war and saves the other team the embarassment of QB drama news. Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield are 2 of these types of guys that SHOULD be available.

  25. Actually many of the commenters here have been lashing out at the Rams saying they will be done for in 3 years (not remembering this has been going on since 2016).

  26. Please leave someone else baggage to them draft a Prospect and let Hineke Play till he is ready. User the draft picks it would cost you to get help on the o Line.

  27. It also isn’t bad to have that topic be an ice breaker for building relationships with the other GMs. Even at that level, you’re more likely to have ongoing conversations, some of which will evolve into deals, if both sides are already comfortable with each other.

  28. ghjjf says:
    March 3, 2022 at 10:35 am

    There’s several teams without a viable starting QB on the roster. Why would they bother calling those teams?


    Since those are probably bad teams with good draft picks, they may have been inquiring about what they could get for Heinicke. It’s not necessarily about signing a QB directly.

  29. I’m sure the Steelers offered them Haskins for a first and two third round picks.

  30. davidfchandler says:
    March 3, 2022 at 10:40 am

    We probably called the Bills about the availability of Mitch Trubisky. Just because we called every team doesn’t mean we called about their starter.

    Well, Trubisky is an unrestricted free agent so I don’t think that was their target.

  31. Just because they called doesnt mean they inquired about that teams starting qb…

  32. It’s amazing how everyone thinks their QB is worthless until someone says trade. Baker, Jimmy G, Wentz not of them are goi g to bring more than a conditional 2.

  33. If Tepper didn’t want to be crowned Snyder 2.0 he’d give them Darnold for no compensation but you have to take PJ Walker too.

  34. The WFT should go after Jameis Winston. After getting LASIK surgery, his interceptions dropped dramatically. Plus the Saints are way over the cap limit. Winston is the only QB that makes sense for Washington to sign. All the others are either too old or too bad. Whether he will want to sign for an owner who may be forced to sell is another matter.

  35. Not every call has to be about a team’s starting QB. Might not even be a QB on the roster.

    Maybe it’s about moving up in the draft to pick a QB. Moving down if they think they can get a guy they like later. Asking what they’re hearing through the grapevine in terms of QB availability.

    Maybe the call with the Chiefs was just a casual chat. “Hey, Andy, I know you’re not drafting a QB but what do you think of these prospects? … It would be nice to get Carr out of your division — what are you hearing it’ll take to make that happen?”

    Lots of amazing things can happen when the communication is open.

  36. And yet, we are all still left to wonder how the McVay/Stafford hot tub party last off season was not tampering…

  37. It’s smart that Washington called every team about their QBs, because what’s the harm in asking? But it’s a big deal that the Dolphins called the Saints about Sean Payton?

  38. What, ol’ Riverboat’s QB plan didn’t work out again? He shouldn’t have any input in player acquisition because he’s wretched at it. He’s terrible at player development and management. He’s squandered a lot of talent during his HC career and he’ll alienate whatever QB they pick up.

  39. Washington is only saying this, maybe even going through the motions of doing this in order to get attention from potential ticket buyers. They are hemorrhaging their fanbase. It’s sad. I am an Eagles Fan, and knew the Washington franchise was a once proud, hard-working, savvy organization. That was so very long ago. none of the Commander problems can be solved without an ownership change and gutting the organization and starting over. I remember having great respect for Joe Gibbs, Bobby Beathard and the players in their golden age (1980 -1992). Now, i would just hate to be a kid in Washington D.C. wanting to root for the home team, and having this organization to rely upon. Very sad. This cannot be resolved with 31 half-hearted phone calls. For the good of the league, Ownership change is in order. I’ll take 2 Jerry Jones in my division, if we could get rid on one Dan Snyder.

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