Report: Aaron Rodgers is “truly torn” on where to play in 2022

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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The clock is ticking. But Aaron Rodgers is not yet deciding.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Packers quarterback is “truly torn” on where he’d like to play in 2022. He’s currently “going back and forth” on what he wants.

Twenty-two days ago, Rodgers said he’d take a couple of weeks, and that a decision would come “pretty quick.”

The current options seems to be Green Bay or Not Green Bay. Before a firm and clear destination can crystallize for Rodgers, he has to know which teams are, and aren’t, available — and whether the Packers would agree to trade him to one of those teams.

Thus, let’s not rule out the very real possibility that Rodgers knows damn well that he’s staying, but that he’s currently trying to milk the situation for as much attention as he possibly can get. Seriously, Green Bay or Not Green Bay isn’t a real choice. Get back to us, Ian or Schefty or whoever, when it’s Green Bay vs. Denver or Green Bay vs. Tennessee or Green Bay vs. Miami or Green Bay vs. Indianapolis or Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh or Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay or or Green Bay vs. San Francisco or Green Bay vs. Any Specific NFL City Other Than Not Green Bay.

Until there’s another team that is ready, willing, and able to trade for Rodgers, there’s nothing about which to be “truly torn.”

66 responses to “Report: Aaron Rodgers is “truly torn” on where to play in 2022

  1. Who cares where he wants to play? They’re going to lose to a lesser team in the playoffs just like all the teams this choker QB’s for. I just hope he stays in the NFC so he can choke against the Rams

  2. When do Packers fans get tired of this “I’m too good for you” mentality?

  3. I’m so sick of this rodgering…go away, Aaron. Green Bay doesn’t want you anymore. They’re waiting for you to leave so the administration doesn’t get the blame.

  4. Prima Dona isn’t happy that he’s not the center of attention with the Combine goong on. From NFL fans everywhere: PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!!!

  5. The Packers should send him Packing. They won’t win the Super Bowl with him.. they lost to the 49ers who had Jimmy G playing QB .. who is literally the worse playoff QB ever.

  6. I can’t wait for this guy to retire and crawl under some rock! This yearly drama is tiring.

  7. Rodgers is going nowhere. Bisaccia is now there to fix the Special Teams for an easy Super Bowl title next year.

  8. the Drama Diva back at it again !!! how long will he drag this out before saying he is staying in GB ??

  9. Am I missing something? Isnt he under contract?

    I also believe that even if he somehow DOES go somewhere else…He aint getting another SB EVER…if he was on Rams this past year I dont think they would have won the SB…he would have come up light along the way

  10. Man, they must not have any confidence in Jordan Love, and apparently, Rodgers is well aware of that.

  11. He’s torn on where to play? Aren’t his options either Green Bay or nobody? Unless the Packers are willing to trade him (and trade him to a team he’s willing to go to), he doesn’t wield much power other than refusing a long-term contract but he’d get tagged anyways… So he’s back to retire or play where the Packers want him to.

  12. I hope his decision making ability or lack of it doesn’t carry into the next postseason.

  13. Aaron Rodgers has become the Phil Mickelson of the NFL.
    people have finally seen the real Aaron exposed.

  14. If he really is torn about playing for the team he’s spent the last 17 years with he isn’t any longer committed to GB. Time to move on…

  15. Jeez Aaron quit acting like a prima donna and make up your mind! I could have put in a more scatological analogy involving a toilet but I’ll keep it clean lol!

  16. If they did they would be stupid to trade him to someone in their own conference!

  17. If he was staying with the Packers, a deal would already have been announced. He’s going to Denver, an agreement has been in place for months.

  18. Good player, great drama queen. We’ll all be better when this emotionally needy child is gone from the league.

  19. Rodgers is not “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. It’s not “Time for him to fly”. He may be a “Free Bird” but he is flying the coop.

  20. When Rodgers retires, he’s going to try to go out with a Jeter or Kobe retirement tour, as opposed to the Duncan or Fitzgerald quiet exits. Man, he loves his attention.

  21. I’m more then fine he moves on as a 55 year Packers fan i have no illusions this gut will win another Lombardi it’s time we cut bait and get what we can in a trade this being kind here most unlikeable guy and rebuild from strength versus weakness .

  22. Make no mistake – Aaron Rodgers is exactly where he wants to be right now – at the center of attention for all to see and for as long as humanly possible.

  23. GM’s need to do there job better to trade any player a year to soon then a year to late and be an astute talent evaluator a few years ago Baker Mayfield was the # 1 pick i said Josh Allen was the clear cut # 1 QB and predicted Bret Favre was destined to be great coming out of S. Mississippi
    as examples this is not rocket science were talking about .
    This year is a down year but my deep sleeper in #2 is Desmond Ridder a Matt Ryan type but the difference is this kid is an excellent athlete running his 40 time in the 4.5 range.
    It’s high time Rich Eisen is replaced i’m sooooo tired of his 375 + Michigan comments every combine .

  24. If I was George Paton, I would hope that A. Rodgers chooses to stay in Green Bay. The new coaching staff is the youngest in the league and are not ready to win a Super Bowl 11 months from now. They may not be in year two either so why put all your eggs in the A. Rodgers basket? Paton has proved he can draft and this draft is deep. Nothing about this idea makes sense to me.

  25. I highly recommend the Arrogant Aaron play in the CFL next season. That way none of us will have to deal with his pathetic passive/aggressive mind games ever again!

  26. How would Ian know he’s “Truly Torn”… Really! More whispered back-channel information from everybody’s favorite mouth-piece who will help spread so called facts for access… Rodgers loves attention and being a beautiful mystery who never speaks directly but use behind the scenes mystery sources to spread his mayhem… It’s just so boring and pathetic…

  27. If Rodgers ‘truly’ has love for, and considers himself a Packer, why would he be torn? Being the team’s leader, his attitude has got to be demoraIizing to the team and a betrayal to the fans. One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch, so if I was Packer management I’d trade him.

  28. Not enough people talking about Aaron, so in the middle of the combine, he needs to hear his name on sports news again.

  29. Supposedly this diva/drama queen was suppose to announce his decision this past Tuesday. Just make a decision and go with it. His best bet is to stay in Green Bay where he will more than likely be a #1 seed.

  30. He’s too calculated and cares too much about what others think and his legacy. And because if that he’s going to stay in GB because he knows that will come with no public backlash whatsoever. And frankly they’re still a very good team in a very mediocre division. Even if he doesn’t win another SB he knows he is one of the best QBs ever to strap them up and a first ballot HOF…all HE really cares about anyhow.

  31. Rodgers sure does like to play the theme from Jeopardy during the off season!

  32. Why do you let this guy do this? Just trade him already, get some good draft picks, and move on with it. You’re going to have to do it soon anyway, might as well do it on your terms, not his

  33. He is under contract to the Packers for 2022 so if he wants a trade the Packers will determine where he goes.

  34. Translation: When the Packer give me everything I demand, then I’ll stay.

  35. It must be truly agonizing for him to go through this. It almost seems unfair that he has to endure this burden. Too bad there isn’t some sort of contract that could be used in the NFL where a player agrees to play for a certain time period and be paid to do so. Poor fella. I hope he survives this.

  36. Honestly I’m not sure if I am more bothered by the media pedaling this failed story from last year again (because it shows what they think of the average fan’s intelligence) or the comments on the board (because they prove what the media thinks).

    GB has already proven that as far as they are concerned it is for them or NO ONE. Rodgers has already proven that he is too smart to leave that kind of money behind IF he still feels like playing football.

    So the only decision Rodgers has to make is does he want to be in GB playing next year or watching the NFL in civies from somewhere other than the sidelines.

  37. Just go! Go anywhere. Brady would have won the last 2 Super Bowls with the Packers talent. Rodgers is only about him and his stats!

  38. Drama Queen……. Said he would have a quick decision and here he is dragging his feet in the mud again. If I was the Packers, I’d tell him this is the deadline we need to know by, they have to move forward with their plans

  39. This guy will do anything to keep people talking about him. A true Diva to the definition.

  40. What Rodgers wants is attention and his butt kissed. Matt LaFleur and the packers are happy to oblige. They have no self respect

  41. Did you ever have to make up your mind? Say yes to one and leave the other behind. It’s not often easy, it’s not often kind. Did you ever have to make up your mind.

  42. We all know the saying, “Same s**t, different day.”

    He will always be a ‘me first’ guy. Always.

    Next ….

  43. Aaron Rodgers has done more to damage his reputation, in recent years, than anyone I can remember. He has proven to be a majot diva, and if I were Green Bay I’d tell him to hit the road and reap a major haul in trade.

  44. For the love of Pete I am sick of this guy. The Packers should just give him a kick in the rear end and get him out. He is not worth the headache any longer.

  45. What is it with The last two Green Bay QBs. Bret couldn’t make up him mind retire or not. Now Diva Rogers is the same way. Green Bay should just ship him out for the biggest offer and start over with another QB. I’m sick and tired of hearing about Diva players every year who can’t make up their minds. You make Millions of dollars a year. Play Football or just Retire make up you Mind!!!!

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