Robert Griffin III confirms Surviving Washington has been scrapped

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Yes, Robert Griffin III’s Surviving Washington book project has not.

In a statement issued by his broadcasting agent, Mark Lepselter, Giffin confirmed that he won’t be publishing a tell-all regarding his time with the franchise currently known as Commanders.

“Through the process of thinking about writing a book, I’ve learned that this an issue bigger than one person,” Griffin said. “I want to give space to and elevate those who have already come forward, while encouraging those who have not yet to feel empowered to speak. This is a matter that very qualified people are continuing to manage with sensitivity and seriousness, and ultimately, I learned that this book was not the proper forum for this. In time and through a more meaningful method, I hope to address my first-hand experience.”

Lepselter confirmed to PFT that the book project is indeed dead. I asked Lepselter whether direct or indirect pressure was applied by the Commanders, by owner Daniel Snyder, by the NFL, and/or by ESPN.

“Simply put,” Lepselter said, “that is just not the case. Unequivocally, the answer is no.”

Griffin’s statement indicates that, eventually, he’ll speak his truth about his time with the team. However, it won’t happen within the front and back cover of a book.

39 responses to “Robert Griffin III confirms Surviving Washington has been scrapped

  1. Also this… not many people care about Robert Griffith III’s ‘first hand experience’.

  2. Dan Snyder paid him money to not write a book. All denials are because a Non-Disclosure Agreement was signed.

  3. What RG3 and his agent is really saying is the tell all book wouldn’t make enough money to cover the lawsuits that would follow.

  4. Appears RGIII has realized trashing an NFL team that paid him millions for several years of not much could ruin his fledgeling broadcasting career.

  5. Whatever dysfunction was going on with the rest of the team, RGIII certainly was no angel. There was more talk about fashion, trademarks, and branding than there was about winning football games. He spent more time talking about his personal logo/brand than looking at the playbook.

    Maybe if he’d listened to his coach instead of running to Snyder every time he had an issue he’d still be in Washington.

  6. Snyder got to him. Probably offered him 7 figures not to publish along with a threat of litigation if he proceeded, along with a promise to air whatever skeletons might be in RG3’s closet.

  7. Wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$ he garnered from Snyder. Probably his plan all along.

  8. Yeah It was scrapped ..RGIII is all set to become Michael Strahan successor on television.

  9. I’m guessing his experiences were far less than he implied, and he was advised that he would look like a horse’s rear if he tried to play a victim card.

  10. Snyder wither paid Griffin or threatened Griffen. It’s obvious at this point that Snyder runs a samll criminal enterprise.

  11. We already know that Snyder’s a horrible human being and owner. No book is necessary! However, this effort removed all doubt about the insufferable narcissist RGME is!

  12. He’s the poster-boy for running quarterbacks that can’t make it in the pro game.

  13. If we assume that RGIII is being honest in his statement…

    It makes sense that right now he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of his negative experience in Washington, when there are multiple women making accusations of sexual assault against the organization (a bigger deal). The women’s accusations are heavier than his, and yet he would be the one with the microphone redirecting the focus of the “Washington” topic.

  14. You can make way more money telling a story via advertising on a podcast than by writing a book these days.

  15. “Surviving Washington”… hmmm, one little problem with that tile. Griffin’s career did NOT SURVIVE WASHINGTON!

  16. As a Washington fan, I’d be more interested in a book called “RG3: The False Messiah”

  17. I’d be interested in hearing his side of it, but I’m thinking more like a couple of tweets than a whole book….

  18. Shanahan didn’t want Griffin. Snyder forced his hand. Kyle figured out a way to get production out of rg3 year one, but Rob let his ego get in the way, and played hurt. Teams figured him out in the off-season, and he became a career back up. There’s the book.

  19. Sounds like pleading the 5th to me, with a side of, “please, nobody else go there either, for my sake”.

  20. Those who are saying Snyder paid him to not write this book apparently are unaware that no one cares what RG ME says or thinks. Who would pay money to buy a book written by this diva? And why would someone like Snyder give a rat’s behind what this loser has to say, especially knowing no one would spend any money to buy a book written by this washout. RG III can say whatever he wants and it wouldn’t hurt Snyder since no one would be listening or reading it anyway, so no, he didn’t have to “pay off” this clown. For what??? He has no credibility. He’s still just a big self-centered diva crybaby who had one good year and that was that.

  21. Yeah this guy was a giant QB bust – one of the first run-first, pass-second wind-up toys who have never done jack in the playoffs. Soon Kyler Murray & Lamar Jax will be looking for post-career attention, also.

  22. LoL Bob Griffin… he didn’t mind cashing their checks or begging them to re-sign him just a few months ago.

  23. Never understood this guy. I, for one, remember and appreciate the one magical season he gave us. He basically could have had lunch bought for him in the DC area for the rest of his life based on that season alone. Instead he trashes the organization.

    Why not have class like Cousins who said he had fond memories of the DC area and fans, where he got engaged, etc.

    It’s hard to respect RG3 with below the belt jabs like this.

  24. He did not travel with the team, he did not stay in the same hotel as the team, he had one good season.

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