Amaré Barno runs fastest official 40 for a defensive lineman since 2003

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Amaré Barno is big. And he’s fast.

The six-foot, six-inch, 245-pound defensive lineman ran an official 4.36-second 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine on Saturday.

Per the NFL, it’s the fastest 40 for a defensive lineman since 2003.

Obviously, speed in a straight line is just one piece of a broader puzzle. As someone told me years ago, the only time anyone runs 40 yards in a straight line during a football game is when something very good is happening, or when something very bad is happening. And it never happens without the player in full pads and a helmet.

Still, Barno is fast. That’s always better than the alternative.

7 responses to “Amaré Barno runs fastest official 40 for a defensive lineman since 2003

  1. Well, put him at Tight End and RB occasionally just for fun and he‘d probably destroy the returner as a gunner on the punt coverage team. You always find a spot for a speed guy as a coach.

  2. He’s not a defensive lineman. He’s very, very fast, but he’s not a DL. Thats truly misleading. He’s a quick edge guy who likely will be a day 3 pick.

  3. He is gonna be a situational pass rusher. Maybe not even that he only put up 6.5 sacks

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