Lamar Jackson believes bias against Black quarterback still exists

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When it comes to embracing Black head coaches, the NFL needs to make plenty of progress. When it comes to embracing Black quarterbacks, the NFL has made plenty of progress. But one of the highest-profile Black quarterbacks think there’s more progress to be made.

On The Shop, which has migrated from HBO to YouTube for its fifth season, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson discussed the lingering bias against Black quarterbacks.

“It’s dying off, but it’s still there,” LeBron James said.

“It’s still there,” Jackson said. “That’s why I need that championship. That’s why I need that championship.”

A championship wouldn’t necessarily iron out the broader mindset that potentially lingers, in some minds. As to Jackson, it would be the ultimate vindication for the clumsy effort to nudge him to receiver when he was entering the league four years ago. That’s precisely how the subject came up during the show.

But then there’s Kyler Murray, who last month found himself on the wrong end of a character assassination, with ESPN pushing a report that he’s self-centered, immature, finger-pointer. As if no other great quarterbacks, white or Black, display such traits — especially when things don’t go their way.

The GOAT when it comes to temper tantrums is, literally, the GOAT. Although it doesn’t happen very often because of his greatness, Tom Brady doesn’t hesitate to dress down teammates, yell at coaches, destroy tablets, scream at officials, and/or ghost Nick Foles.

Self-centered, immature, finger-pointer.

Still, the football world has changed dramatically when it comes to leveling the playing field for Black quarterbacks. And it’s not just a development for the NFL. The pigeonholing often began (and maybe still begins) at lower levels of the sports, with some youth coaches pushing the best white athletes to quarterback and the best Black athletes to running back, receiver, and defensive back. So with more Black players developing as quarterbacks and more Black quarterbacks playing and thriving in college, the NFL had no choice but to accept that the biases and stereotypes had changed.

37 responses to “Lamar Jackson believes bias against Black quarterback still exists

  1. The Murray story was made up out of thin air, majority of local Phoenix media believed it was a hit job and a non sensical report as Murray’s reputation with team and in that building is the polar opposite of what was reporter who’s not even around the team on a weekly basis.

  2. Not arguing the headline but it is lack of QB ability that has started his rapid descent.

  3. Big difference between Brady and Murray and it isn’t the color of their skin but the number of rings they carry around. Brady would be casted in a differnt light too if he didn’t win 300 Super Bowls.

  4. The Murray hit job came from the trash organization called the Cardinals. Enough said. It’s kind of silly to me that there are actual people who still like players based on if they’re a certain color and bend reality around whether they’re good or not based on that. Like you had some people talking about Sam Darnold was the best QB in Carolina history through three games because they always hated Newton for one main reason, and no, it wasn’t because he ran. Steve young ran a lot too, and I never saw people hate the guy.

  5. “Self-centered, immature, finger-pointer.”

    So, in other words, like almost every journalist working today?
    The irony that came with the quoted sentence is ineffable…

  6. Go watch the 2019 ravens chiefs game and just listen to the commentary. Lamar and mahomes are both making the same wild throws that no other qb in the nfl can make . when mahomes throws it back across his body 40yds downfield it’s excellent and all skill but when Lamar makes the same throw it’s dangerous and lucky it wasn’t a pick 6.

  7. that may be true BUT Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray do not help the cause being extremely poor at QB attributes!

  8. Is Jackson making that claim because he struggles to hit open receivers downfield or for other reasons?

  9. This is lame and utter nonsense. Ravens must of come in with an offer less than Josh Allen’s contract to prompt this baloney.

  10. Bias against? Last I checked we have 7th round prospects going in round 1 “because of their running ability and elusiveness” while Sports Journalists are fitting them for Hall of Fame jackets before they even take a snap.

    As for the Brady comparison, grasping for straws doesn’t come close to an apt statement. Tom Brady has been pure class his entire career, Murray has been an egocentric crybaby.

  11. The bias media allows people like Lamar Jackson to make inflammatory statements without giving examples or names.

  12. It’s actually a bias FOR black QBs. Everybody wanted this guy to succeed so badly they were putting him in the HOF his rookie season while completing ignoring the fact that he can’t hit a moving SUV. Put it this way– Imagine if Aaron Rodgers did that poorly in a skills competition.

  13. Lamar you’re just not good enough for the nfl. A QB requires smarts, not just athleticism. You have to be able to read a defense, audible when you’re supposed too, don’t rely on coaches, throw the ball away instead of trying to run or take a sack… countless things that make the QBs special and you ain’t it

  14. Let’s go on LeBron James the show and complain about how horribly oppressed we are. Leaves studio, jumps in Rolls-Royce, and drives home to multi million dollar mansion.…

  15. This guy is a former MVP. Sure, he’s not the best passer but he does a lot more than just drop back and throw. One thing you can’t question is his heart.

  16. The Ravens need one … maybe two more higher quality receivers – that makes all the difference.

  17. Oddly, not many doubted Warren Moon’s ability once he got to the NFL. the difference is he could throw the football. Lamar cannot.

  18. So the extension offer from the Raven’s is not that good, more on the par of ability which being even an above average passer is not one. The Ravens should be one of the teams looking to trade away their QB.

  19. No. Mahomes is a much better QB and he still gets criticized. Funny how I’ve never heard him place the race card. Bringing out the race card is the sign of a desperation. Maybe if he could read the defense and do more than take off two seconds after the ball is snapped.

    Every quarterback gets criticized. If you can’t take the criticism either get better or find a job where you can live off the pass and everyone will worship what you did at Louisville.

  20. Quit playing the victim card and make your case on the field. Being the perpetual victim only holds people down. I have never seen an athlete that performed on the field be “discriminated” against.

  21. His failures in the big games is a why people aren’t all in on him. Remember when Andy Dalton was getting the Bengals to the post season but couldn’t get a win? Jackson is electric during the season and then disappears in the post season. If last years injuries are some that linger then this could be the beginning of the end for him. He just has to learn to be a better passer and decision maker. Not sure how there’s bias against Black QBs. If that was the case then Watson would be kicked out of the league and arrested.

  22. “ ESPN pushing a report that he’s self-centered, immature, finger-pointer. As if no other great quarterbacks, white or Black, display such traits — especially when things don’t go their way.”

    Haven’t all those same things been said about Aaron Rodgers? Rodgers is ten times the QB Murray is. I heard those things said about, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Wentz, Ryan Tannehill when he was in Miami, and many white QBs. If you want people to stop looking at color, stop bringing up color. Fact of the matter, Lamar Jackson’s style of QB play is effective in the regular season, but by the end of the year and in the playoffs, he is so beaten up by running all the time that his production goes way down. So he has to learn to throw from the pocket but it is proven in games he is not accurate enough to do that.

  23. Read a post about Jackson, and you will see tons of commenters deriding him, saying he’s overrated, making personal remarks about him, disparaging his character, etc.

    Read a post about Brady, Rodgers, Murray, Mahomes, Cousins, Prescott, Carr, etc., and you’ll see variations of the same thing, all loaded full of spite and disdain and slander. It’s not about Jackson or his ethnicity.

    Jackson is wealthy and has been given the reins of a pro football franchise for years, with no hesitation from its owners and managers, who drafted him in the first round, and looks set to remain the face of the franchise for years to come, unless their Black backup QB supersedes him.

    It’s time we adjusted perspective. There will always be someone out there who’s biased or racist, but it only matters when it comes to privilege and opportunity, and Jackson has mountains of both.

    QBs get torn down whether they win a ring or not. These guys, whether it’s Jackson or Murray or Rodgers, are all ultra-privileged and need to drop the victim mentalities.

  24. Russell Wilson, Tua, Jalen Hurts, Dak, Murray etc etc should prove that Lamaar is way off base. Im inclined to think Lamaar confused the word “black” with “bad”.

  25. Jordan says:
    March 5, 2022 at 12:48 pm
    Lamar you’re just not good enough for the nfl. A QB requires smarts, not just athleticism. You have to be able to read a defense, audible when you’re supposed too, don’t rely on coaches, throw the ball away instead of trying to run or take a sack… countless things that make the QBs special and you ain’t it
    Wow with all the shortcomings you cited he still wins an NFL MVP award, wins offensive player of the week in week 5 of season and numerous times in previous years. How is this possible if he “ain’t it”? Love you LJ haters 🙂

  26. Some people, especially some QB’s can’t handle criticism. There I fixed the headline.

  27. Even after Doug Williams proved everyone wrong, there were still a lot of people who were saying that an NFL team could not win the Super Bowl with a black quarterback. Those people would usually say, “I’m not a racist, but …”.

    Younger fans usually don’t think like that, but that kind of thinking is still out there.

  28. Of course there’s still bias against black QBs, but it’s much better than it was. We are not very far removed from many decades of the NFL powers-that-be having the collective opinion that “black athletes aren’t smart enough to play QB”. Yes, there have been exceptions in NFL history, but really it was Russell Wilson’s success in Seattle that truly started to change that mindset.

    Think about how recent that was.

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