Mason Rudolph says he has a different mindset, preparing to start for the Steelers this year

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Mason Rudolph views himself as the Steelers’ starting quarterback in 2022.

Rudolph told Jim Rome that he always prepared as if he might be called upon, but now that Ben Roethlisberger is retired, Rudolph is really approaching this offseason as if he’s the team leader.

“I’m having an entire offseason with a different mindset,” Rudolph said. “The last few years, am I preparing like a starter? Yes, but you know when you get back to camp there’s a Hall of Fame quarterback there who is the starter. So I am excited for the opportunity, having a chance to be the starting quarterback. That’s all you can ask for.”

Of course, the Steelers are not just going to hand Rudolph the starting job. Rudolph says he understands that he has to compete to start in Week One.

“There’s always going to be competition,” Rudolph said. “No matter if we draft somebody or bring somebody else in in, I’m never going to shy away from that and that’s an obvious component. We know they’re going to add to the room. So I am excited to compete and looking forward to the opportunity to play.”

Realistically, the Steelers are probably more likely to bring in another quarterback to start ahead of Rudolph than Rudolph is to earn the job. But he sounds like a man who believes he’s going to be starting for the Steelers when the season starts.

12 responses to “Mason Rudolph says he has a different mindset, preparing to start for the Steelers this year

  1. Mason, you are a nice guy, but have you heard ex-Steelers speaking out loud about you starting? Have you heard your starting tailback, you know the number 1 draft pick last years speak his thoughts? Have you heard Tomlin? Honestly, you seem like a great guy, but this seems to ring hollow to me.

  2. He’s got the right mindset and it would be great if that helps, but it doesn’t change the reality that the Steelers probably need to upgrade. They’ll use him if all other options are exhausted and then continue looking for the long term answer beyond that.

  3. Didn’t Cam and several other players state that they can win with whoever they draft at QB, that sound a lot like most of the team has already discarded Mason as a legitimate starter candidate.

  4. Mason won’t make it out of the preseason… As a professional won’t you have a different mindset knowing that you are one play away from being the starter. Mason is a backup QB that you pray to God that you will never have to play him.

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