Josh McDaniels: Raiders have no time for rebuilding

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New Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels is putting high expectations on himself for his first year in Las Vegas.

McDaniels said he has every expectation that the Raiders team he inherited can win in 2022, building off the playoff team he inherited.

“I don’t think in today’s NFL there’s really any time to do rebuilding anyway,” McDaniels said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “This certainly isn’t that type of situation for us.”

The Raiders made the playoffs with a 10-7 record last season, but they really weren’t as good as that 10-7 record suggests. They were outscored over the course of the season, scoring 374 points while allowing 439, which is more typical for a 7-10 team than a 10-7 team. They closed the season with four consecutive close wins over non-playoff teams to sneak into the postseason.

Which means McDaniels may not be inheriting a team that’s ready to win right away. But he’s setting the expectation that they ought to be better in 2022 than they were in 2021.

33 responses to “Josh McDaniels: Raiders have no time for rebuilding

  1. Fix the pass defense,
    Get better play out of the offensive line and get Derek Carr a number one receiver in the draft and they are well on their way

  2. That statement about the Raiders closing out last season with four wins against “non-playoff teams” is very misleading. Most people were picking the Colts and Chargers to make the playoffs over the Raiders at the time. Even the Browns were still fighting for playoff spot. Those teams weren’t exactly scrubs.

  3. McDaniels in the past has come off as aloof to his teams except for the QB. Let’s see if that’s changed. If not and the team respects him great,they’ll make the playoffs…if not watch out

  4. 80 of those points were scored by the Chiefs. They did have to beat the Colts who at one point was every ones team to go far in the playoffs until they faded.

  5. How many other playoff teams lost their HC in the middle of the season and their second year 1st round pick to tragedy? The Colts and Chargers would’ve both been playoff teams if they had beaten the Raiders, so it’s not like they beat up on the Texans or Jags to get into the playoffs.

  6. The team had a ton of low percentage turmoil and injuries. And the ending to the season was full of heart, they gave the super bowl champs hell in their stadium.

  7. If the D improves, which I’m convinced it will, it’s better than the 7-10 team you’re suggesting and will be around 10-7 again. Add in McDaniels offenses have consistently been very good in the red zone, especially compared to Gruden’s recent tenure. This team is undervalued. Remember they beat the greatest QB of all time in a do or die game. 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I think the Raiders would be crazy to let Carr walk or to trade him. Look at the carousel of head coaches and OC’s the guy has had in his career. Establish some stability and bring him a #1 receiver. Coupled with Waller their offense could explode.

  9. Raiders beat the Colts, Browns and Chargers over the past four weeks to help them become non-playoff teams. Colts and Chargers for sure would have been in the playoffs with a win against the Raiders.

  10. its a tough division, and with the playoff berth, they’ll play tougher teams outside the division.
    dont think the chargers will be gifting any more wins

  11. I would rather had the coach they started last season with or the one they finished the season with, but we are stuck with McDaniels, so let’s get going

  12. They gutted the offensive line and lost their number one wide receiver tendency beaver 10 and 7 is low for them they could have taken the division if they were healthy

  13. Something to keep in mind about McDaniels. His stint in Denver was basically ruined by Jay Cutler manufacturing his way off of the Broncos. Cutler, as everyone now knows, turned out to be a mediocre quarterback (and lousy team leader) who basically destroyed the careers of every coach he ever played for in the NFL.

    My belief is that McDaniels learned from that and from his time in Denver. He also has learned from the mistakes his fellow New England coordinators made when trying to transition to HC jobs with other teams.

    I think, given just a bit of time, and just a bit of luck, he’ll be quite successful.

  14. Actually, the Raiders were better than 10-7. They lost their coach mid-season, and by the time they were able to get back on track, they had lost 5 of 6 games right in the middle of the season, but then finished strongly by winning their last 4 games. They were probably more like a 12-5 team.

  15. They’ll have plenty of time to rebuild after McDaniels runs the team into the ground like he did in Denver. Then he’ll run back to mommy and the Raiders will be in a much bigger mess than they were already in. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the Raiders hired that guy. They’ll learn the hard way.

  16. He has no choice but to win now. If they don’t win 11 or 12 games, everyone points to 2021 and says Rich should’ve kept his job and players won’t be completely bought in on McDaniels. He chose a tough spot to be in and 2022 will be a test of who he is, and who he can be as a head coach in this second opportunity.

  17. 4 straight wins against non playoff teams? Foh, they were playoff teams until THAT loss to the raiders. Colts would of been in, chargers would of been in. Your diminishing the accomplishment with your downplay of the situation. They were listed as playoff teams at the start of those games!

  18. Surge makes a nice point. Those non-playoff teams the Raiders down the stretch were non-playoff teams because the Raiders beat them. That said, being outscored by that much is telling. Getting outscored by 3.5 per game won’t often result in a winning record let alone 10 wins.

  19. drafting the likes of alex leatherwood in the first round can be called a lot of things…
    rebuilding wouldn’t be the first thing to come to mind.

  20. Two years ago, Cleveland made the playoffs after being outscored in the regular season, yet a whole bunch of people spent the off-season pretending they were Super Bowl contenders, lol.

  21. The Carr-McDaniels combination is going to be Awesome! I see them easily winning the west.

  22. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 6, 2022 at 5:19 pm
    Mac Jones > Derek Carr


    As a Jets fan, why do you never weigh in on any comparisons about players on your team….The Jets?

  23. Let’s get one thing straight. Most of those 4 teams we beat weren’t playoff teams BECAUSE WE SENT THEM HOME with those losses. Particularly the Chargers, we put them away when everything was on the line.

    Couple more things. I think by the end of the season we had something like 12 players on IR. And our #1 WR in prison. And our HC targeted and fired by the league. And yet, playoffs. Yeah, this team is ready to win a LOT more than we did this past season. I think a great coaching staff is going to really light this team up. So get the popcorn ready.

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