Calvin Ridley admits he bet $1,500 on football

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Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley was due to make $11 million in 2022. He’ll lose all of it (or at least wait a minimum of a year to earn it) over $1,500.

The NFL has suspended Ridley for at least a year for betting on football.

On Twitter, Ridley acknowledged that he bet $1,500. He made the admission to prove that, as he put it, he doesn’t have a gambling problem.

He may not think he has a gambling problem, but he currently has a major problem from his gambling. The rules don’t allow players to gamble responsibly. The rules prohibit it altogether.

And, yes, it’s odd. It’s unfair. It’s a double standard. The league is currently making millions from its seven gambling partnerships, pushing to consumers something its players cannot consume.

But those are the rules. Even if it’s no different than the league having an official steroids sponsor. Or an official marijuana sponsor. We’ll profit from persuading people to make these purchases, but don’t you think about letting the advertising work on you personally.

As mentioned earlier, it appears Ridley was foolish enough to make the bets on his own phone. How aggressive will the league be to find evidence of gambling that falls beyond the most simple, clear, and open-and-shut cases they find.

42 responses to “Calvin Ridley admits he bet $1,500 on football

  1. He could have easily given $1500 to a family friend to make the bet for him

  2. If the NFL doesn’t catch the players gambling, than someone else will and that wouldn’t be so good for the NFL

  3. Don’t destroy your phone, Calvin, whatever you do. There was already a prominent player who destroyed his phone along with any evidence of deflating footballs…

  4. They put a team in Vegas for heavens sake…Hypocrisy, thy name is NFL.

  5. Either this guy is a complete idiot or he’s lying. Risk an entire season’s paycheck over 1500 bucks? Yeah ok.

  6. I mean, the League makes a TON of money off vice and has been for years. Just because the League is destroying it’s paying customers doesn’t mean the players have to destroy themselves. Don’t get high on your own supply.

  7. I agree that the NFL is highly hypocritical as an entity, but in what world is ok to have players betting on games? Opens up too many additional windows for collusion and corruption.

  8. I wonder what team he bet on. Was it his team to win or to loose? Was it a game he had no part in? As sports betting gets closer to legal nationwide, expect a lot of this kind of thing.

  9. This isn’t a new rule. Players not being aloud to bet has been a rule for many years and the players know it. The fact that betting is becoming more accepted around the country doesn’t change that fact.

  10. I wonder if this had anything to do with him taking games off last season cuz he was dealing with personal issues?

  11. Risking $11 million for the sake of placing a $1,500 bet is pretty much the definition of “having a problem”.

  12. Calvin ridley suspended 1 year. Pete rose banned for life. If he didn’t bet against the team he played for who cares… unless the fix is in…

  13. So he’s losing $11 million? If he’s confessing, he’d be better off saying it was a lot more and that he has a gambling problem. Losing that kind of money for ‘just $1,500’ is stupid.

  14. not widely reported but he
    self reported himself.
    that should mean something when actual length of suspension is decided

  15. It was probably much more than that if the suspension is for the whole season. He’s already been exposed lying about something like this isn’t going to do him any good. Also, I doubt he’ll be the only player caught gambling either.

  16. I don’t believe $1,500 for two seconds. He knows it was more and I promise you the NFL may have known it was much more then that to impose that kind of penalty to him. But the NFL is the least transparent organization in sports next to the NCAA so who is surprised?

  17. When you suffer major consequences as a result of gambling, you have a gambling problem!

  18. Get a trusted friend.

    Give him cash to put on a debit card.


    Pete Rose and all the other yadas, have zero bearing on 2022 Calvin Ridley.

  19. Maybe he’s just tired of playing football. Probably been doing it everyday since he was 10yrs old. He’s already rich. Why fight it if he wants an out. He can blame the NFL for its double standards.

  20. If you have to tell everyone that you don’t have a problem, then you probably have a problem…

  21. An industry worried about gambling damaging it’s reputation getting a huge chuck of it’s revenue from sports gambling. An NFL player betting on NFL games. A guy gambling on his own sport while in a deep enough mental health crisis that he’s missing work. So many good decision, what could go wrong?

    Breast is pink, prostate is blue, and support our troops is camo. So what color shoes and baseball caps do they wear for gambling addiction awareness week?

  22. But it’s OK for NFL players to partake in fantasy football, which is also gambling (unless you’re not playing for cash).

  23. Wow. How many receivers from Bama have now gone up in flames the past six months????

  24. I’m not sure I get how this is unfair. Stock trading is generally legal for the general public. But insider trading isn’t (except for maybe Congress). Insiders, or those potentially having access to non-public information even if they can’t personally impact the results or have personal knowledge can’t trade and generally have to go so far as to have their stock trades approved. If someone in the company knows something, they can’t trade. Their brokerage and, sometimes, bank accounts are regularly monitored for potential suspicious activity. That often includes close relatives. I know. Before I retired, I was one of those that had to have every trade cleared and had my accounts monitored.

    Football players are the ultimate insiders when it comes to betting on football. If they have a burning need to bet, maybe let them do the equivalent of 10b 5 plans, setting up bets long in advance, before they know the odds/spreads, and, given the nature of football, maybe only on teams where they can’t influence the result.

    Yes, I appreciate that insider trading is against the law while betting on your team isn’t……YET. The NFL is trying to police themselves before Congress does so with a much heavier hand. All their accounts monitored – professional athletes would love that.

  25. I thought there was a snitching rule but you snitched on yourself???

    Look in the mirror today Calvin and say damn I could have handled this differently,,,

  26. Nice 11 million, er $1500 dollar bet, at some autograph signing session in a Dayton strip maul, Pete Rose is laughing

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