Report: Panthers have gotten calls about trading Christian McCaffrey

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer said in January that the team had “no intentions right now” of trading running back Christian McCaffrey, but that he’d take all calls and listed to what other teams might offer.

Fitterer has reportedly been getting those calls. Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reports that the Panthers have gotten more than one call from teams seeing if the Panthers would part with the 2017 first-round pick.

Per the report, the Panthers would require a first-round pick and “another piece of compensation” in order for any deal to move forward.

McCaffrey has missed 23 games over the last two seasons because of ankle, hamstring, and shoulder injuries. He signed a contract extension through 2025 ahead of the 2020 season and is set to make $8.4 million this year with a cap hit of over $14.3 million.

31 responses to “Report: Panthers have gotten calls about trading Christian McCaffrey

  1. Too injury prone to be worth much IMO. Love him when he’s healthy which is almost never.

  2. Why not at least consider the possibility? McCaffrey is a great athlete, but he’s off the field more than he’s on it. 23 missed games is a lot.

  3. Why any team would invest a first rounder plus whatever else for a guy with his mileage is beyond me.
    Super Bowls aren’t won the backs of RB’s anymore.

  4. Demanding a 1st round pick, and more for a guy that missed 23 games in last 2 seasons! Wow delusional

  5. Trade for him and Saquon and might have one or the other for half the season.

  6. Saquon is worth as much as McCaffrey. I wouldn’t make that deal unless they threw in Ed. His pops was better than all of them.

  7. With salaries of 13, 17, 17, and 14 million I doubt anyone is interested in parting with picks for that. The panthers foolishly painted themselves into a corner with that deal. Why pay an elite rb that money when you don’t have any other pieces on offense? The time to read CM would’ve been at the last year of his rookie deal.

  8. Untradable on that contract. Too much money for an RB in general and WAY too much money for one who is always hurt. Panthers got caught in a Catch 22: For that kind of money they really needed him involved in every facet of the game but do that and he’s constantly hurt. But limit where you use him and he’s crazily overpaid to be a slot receiver and occasional runner.

  9. SF or KC would be crazy destinations for him. But just so tough to invest in this guy with his injury history…

  10. Rivera ran the offense based off him getting 35 touches per game. Came off the field for one, two plays per game max. He’s a workhorse who’s injuries the last two seasons probably gave his body much needed rest. He’ll be a good pick up for a team as long as they aren’t trying to get him on the cheap.

  11. His best days are behind him. Sad, but true. Please don’t do it Bills.

  12. Doesn’t make a difference if he gets out of Carolina, he is hurt all the time and has become a non-productive NFL player

  13. PhinsJunkie says:

    The Dolphins should do it.


    Then do what, get rid of a young healthy Mike Gesicki?

  14. A great player, he would make a great addition to many teams trying to get over the post season “hump.” Unfortunately, the panthers would require the brinks truck to ever let him go

  15. Great talent but the injuries are a concern. He pretty much was the offense for a few seasons and they ran him into the ground. I don’t know that he’s worth that kind of money, but on a restrucrted contract and a decent back up to spell him more often he could be very valuable to a team. A high risk/high reward type of situation. I don’t see anyone giving up a 1st, but a second and later rounds picks and or player might make sense.

  16. If he does get traded, the new team should consider carefully how they use him. He so injury prone (like James Conner, for example) it shows he’s not built to be an every down back. If he’s more of a role player or splits time with another RB it might allow him to be on the field more often than he’s been, especially the last two seasons.

  17. That is what happens when you try to load too much muscle onto a slight frame. He’s a little Danny Woodhead-style scatback with He-Man’s guns, no wonder he is always hurt.

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