Von Miller teases return to Denver

Chicago Bears v Denver Broncos
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Von Miller is slated to become a free agent next week. And he’s hinting that he may sign a new deal with his old team, the Broncos.

In posts on Twitter and Instagram, Miller implied that Denver is his next destination.

“I kinda want that old thing back,” Miller wrote on Twitter, adding “5280” to reference the mile-high elevation of the Broncos’ stadium in Denver.

On his Instagram stories, Miller posted a picture of himself in a Broncos uniform with a question about whether he should wear No. 58 or No. 40, and then posted another picture captioned, “I wonder if they will give me my old locker back.”

Of course, Miller has been known for cryptic social media posts and has also put up posts hinting he may remain with the Rams. So Broncos fans shouldn’t be getting their hopes up. Even as Miller is well aware that Broncos fans will be getting their hopes up when they see his posts.

8 responses to “Von Miller teases return to Denver

  1. One thing about the Rams is that you know Snead will do whatever he can to get his guy. If that’s not enough then so be it. Thanks for a great playoff run, Von! Go make that money!

  2. I only want Von (and it will be 58 in Denver, thank you) back if the Broncos address the QB situation first. Otherwise, what good does it do?

  3. He’s got the inside line on AARod’s next team and wants to be part of that I think.

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