Kyler Murray returns Cardinals images to Instagram, as latest olive branch

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The questions regarding Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s future with the team first emerged four weeks ago, when he removed all references to the Cardinals from his social-media accounts. After some periodic awkwardness, a few Cardinals images recently have returned to his Instagram page.

So what does that mean?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, not much. It was the latest olive branch that Murray has extended at a time when the relationship is frayed. He has made several such efforts since the situation got a little out of hand last month.

In return, it’s unclear what the Cardinals have done. He clearly wants his long-term contract now. Albert Breer of recently reported that Murray wants his contract situation resolved before the draft. The urgency comes from the fact that, if the Cardinals won’t be giving him what he wants, he’ll be looking for a trade to a new team before teams lock in their plans for 2022.

This can all be avoided if the Cardinals simply pay Murray. As Burkhardt tweeted on Tuesday after news surfaced of the trade that will send Russell Wilson from Seattle to Denver, “Again, you either have a franchise QB, or you don’t. And if you don’t, none of the other pieces matter much in the end.”

The Cardinals have a franchise quarterback. He wants to be paid franchise-quarterback money. Will the Cardinals do it?

This contract tug-of-war will be a test of whether the Cardinals are current. The team has a history of being extremely careful with money. More than a decade ago, they reportedly deducted the cost of a FedEx envelope from safety Robert Griffith’s signing bonus. According to Griffith, the Cardinals also locked the Gatorade fridge on Tuesdays, when the players were off.

The organization has paid out plenty of major contracts since then. But this is the biggest test. A true franchise quarterback, eligible for a second contract and anxious to be given a contract that reflects not only where the current market is but where it’s going.

The most fair approach would be to give Murray a fixed percentage of the cap, each and every year of the deal. That would protect him against the contract becoming obsolete. If the Cardinals won’t do that (and no team ever has), the Cardinals may simply need to give Murray a market-value deal, realizing that the passage of time will make the deal more palatable, given the ongoing increases in the cap.

And they definitely shouldn’t deduct the cost of the FedEx envelope from his signing bonus.

51 responses to “Kyler Murray returns Cardinals images to Instagram, as latest olive branch

  1. Too many question marks, the Cards should absolutely not pay him this year. If he doesn’t like it then trade him, the market has now been set. Kingsbury went 2 – 1 Colt McCoy, he’s not the issue.

    Cards fan

  2. ugg.. I hope every player starts doing this every year, I guess I would just refrain from team associated items on all social media but the reality is it also serves as marketing for the player. Just trying to think of another job (with out a three letter title and that is not a recruiter) that it is basically an expectation you use your personal social media to promote your employer.

  3. They are not letting a franchise quarterback walk out the door. Unless of course, the deal is more than what the Seahawks received for Russell Wilson PLUS a FedEx envelope.

  4. so does posting images on Instagram have the same umph as a couple being facebook official?

  5. The fair thing is to let Murray develop for another year and show that he deserves that Mahomes money, instead of just assuming and hoping he wont end up as another baker mayfield, Carson Wentz, RG3. He has elite running ability, but he hasn’t shown he’s the future especially given how he played in the playoffs. He hasnt thrown for 4k yards in a season. He hasnt yet shown that he’ll be a josh allen or deshaun watson player (talent wise at least)

  6. I remember the days that in order to be a franchise QB you actually had to prove it rather than just have a couple of good games. Franchise QBs win in crunch time. They lift up the rest of the roster instead being relient on a stacked roster. THe moment Hopkins went down Murray was ordinary. He is not a franchise QB. He will be a journeyman QB.

  7. Whichever way this goes… the Cardinals are going to come out losing. It’s in their DNA.

  8. The fact he even did this shows how childish and immature he is. Grow up and become a leader.

  9. He knows the Broncos and Green Bay are off the table. He has no desire to go to the Panthers or WFT so he will sit tight.

  10. Just another sign that Murray is not terribly mature. We see it during games with his facial and body language. We’ve heard it from the locker room. We’ve heard it from the Arizona Press. And now we are seeing it ourselves.

  11. Cardinals fan here. He’s a very exciting, and at times dynamic player. Fun to watch…

    However, unless he grows up FAST, I don’t seem him on a NFL roster in 3 years, let alone competing for a title. I’d like the Cardinals to draft a QB in the first round.

  12. How/why is Murray a Franchise Quarterback? What has he won? What has his team won? Sorry, I’m just not seeing this.

  13. Amazing…

    Hr removes the social media stuff and the internet and commenter is ABLAZe with theories, stories, tales from “sources”, and everything else…

    He puts it back on…

    And the sound of crickets is so deafening… everyone has to go get their noise canceling headphones…

  14. “Uh, hey, so can we just forget about that stupid stuff my agent thought would be a good idea? Reset button, right?”

    I doubt we’ll ever know for sure who was more responsible for the negotiating tactics Kyler and his agent chose to employ. But it made neither of them look good.

  15. Kyler, we need you to have at least 15 pieces of flair. A lot of players have over 30 pieces of flair. You want to express yourself don’t you?

  16. They humbled him by threatening to send him to my Washington whatever our team’s name is!

    After reminding him of the 25 years of despotic, incompetent ownership, they showed him a video of Snyder wearing that stupid “Commanders” jacket with all the wrong championship dates on the back and Murray fell to his knees in apology and begging not to be shipped to Washington!

  17. I disagree. In the last 25 years, no team has won a SB with a QB that just got his 2nd contract- or got his 2nd contract up to 3 years ago. Mahomes was on his rookie-deal. If you want to get paid, you have the burden of proof to be worth it. There is a reason, a rookie-deal is 4 years + option-year. So, Mr. Murray: You have 2 more years to prove your value. Go to work.

  18. Media has blown this situation way out of proportion. Murray will get his contract, I mean these things typically don’t get done until summer once squads are done with free agency & the draft which takes up all of a front offices time over the spring. AZ should want to do a deal now because it only will get more expensive the longer they wait & more success Murray has, and Murray has said he will do a team friendly deal if they do it now after his 3rd year. Murray still has two years left on his deal and they could tag him though to though it makes sense to do it now n save cap space long term getting him to do a team friendly deal.

    Murray is one of the best young elite QBs in the NFL & has been one of the best QBs in the NFL since he came into the NFL despite becoming being drafted to what was at the time the worst roster in the NFL in 2019 without much talent around him & Murray has not only gotten better every year playing at an elite MVP caliber level the last two but has drastically improved the offense. since coming into the NFL as a rookie was a Pro Bowl alternate winning ROY n 2019 and has made the Pro Bowl roster each of the last two years. Murray has stayed ranking as a Top 5 QB in the QB index ranking as high as 2 n no lower than 7th last season. Murray ranked 2nd in completion percentage @69.2% despite throwing downfield a ton ranking 4th in YD/AVG per pass @7.9 YD/AVG, Murray ranked 2nd in deep pass completion percentage on passes 20+ YDs downfield or more n has ranked in the top 3 every year of his NFL career, ranked top 5 im Big Time Throws, ranked 7th with a QB Passer Rating if 100.6.
    Murray has set multiple records already passing for 60+TDs/20+ rushing TDs faster than any QB n NFL History in 41 games, 4th fastest QB in NFL History to 10,000YDs, last year he became just the 2nd QB in NFL history to pass for 10K+ YDs (11480), throw for 60+ TDs (70), rush for at least 1500YDs+ (1786YDs) rushing for 20TDs in his first 3YRs in the NFL only one other QB has done it. And through the first 5 games last year Murray joined Peyton Manning n Drew Brees as the 3rd QB ever to complete 75% of his passes throwing for 1500+YDs through the first 5 games w/2nd highest completion percentage thru 12 weeks n league history of 72.7% behind only Drew Brees. That’s just a few of the records he has set thus far not including the litany of franchise records he’s broke breaking several of Warners/Palmers records.

    At just 24 Kyler Murray has the skills/talent to be one of the best QBs in the NFL for years to come but AZ needs to make it a priority to get more help around him as he had ZERO help due to injuries at the end of last season. AZ needs to draft a true #1WR to pair with one of the best WRs in the NFL in DHOP drafting a vertical threat like Jameson Williams or Chris Olave which would greatly upgrade that offense. AZ needs to stack that offense with as much talent as possible around KM.

  19. But is he really a true franchise QB ? That is the question.
    He isn’t worth the top tier money that Rogers, Allen and Mahomes gets.

  20. I think someone needs to figure out a “fair market value” for a QB who hasn’t won anything of note and doesn’t seem particularly close to doing so.

    Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, Brees, they all got their huge paydays after winning a Super Bowl. Guys like Murray, Prescott, Cousins, Wentz, Watson – “well, he sort of *looks* the part sometimes, maybe if we pay him an enormous pile of money he’ll get better.”

    We’ve seen how that goes…

  21. maturity is not his suit. Drama queen is. They will never win the Super Bowl with Murray at QB.

  22. His talent is wasted there. Just let him go so he can pick a better team. #FreeKyler

  23. That’s a little unfair Florio considering ten years ago Bill Bidwill controlled the team and now Michael Bidwill does who has shown he will spend major money. Murray is a franchise QB on the field but if reports are true about his leadership skills and behavior, the Cards have every right to be patient.

  24. I believe prima Donna would be an understatement for Kyler… this is like scrubbing your account of your ex gf then getting back together… I get my popcorn

  25. Is this what evolution looks like? Using social media to hold your employer hostage? We thought we’d have flying cars and instead we have social media influencers.

  26. Some great comments above. Cards should say to Murray play or sit. Only bargaining he’s using is whinging while his agent talks gibberish and do the two of them think that’ll bring a bigger paycheque? Call his bluff….please…

  27. Who cares. His ego and selfishness far outweigh is abilities. Lil whining crybaby .

  28. He might wanna try his hand at baseball just about right now

    It’s gon get rough on him

  29. Gee i dont think this will help his negotiating powers with the Cards. Please grow up son, you dont deserve big money yet/ Go win some games and then we can talk. Total and utter colllapse last season.

  30. If this is the way he behaves before he gets paid…..imagine after he gets the big contract!

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