Seahawks agree to trade Russell Wilson to Broncos

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
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Last week at the NFL Scouting Combine, head coach Pete Carroll said the Seahawks had “no intention” of trading Russell Wilson.

Intentions, however, sometimes change. And so they have in this case.

According to multiple reports, the Seahawks have agreed to send Wilson to the Broncos.

Though the exact terms of the deal are not known, Seattle will receive multiple first-round picks plus additional picks and players, according to NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero.

Multiple reports also indicate that Drew Lock will head to the Seahawks as part of the trade.

Though the news comes just after reports emerged that Aaron Rodgers would return to Green Bay, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos trade for Wilson does not have anything to do with the Packers’ QB. Denver G.M. George Paton initiated trade talks for Wilson at least two weeks ago. But even if Paton had engaged the Seahawks, there’s likely a reason why this deal did not come until after Rodgers’ decision.

Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract, which means he had to approve the deal.

The trade cannot become official until the new league year begins on March 16. But the Broncos have tacitly acknowledged the deal with a tweet of a gif from the 2000 film Cast Away.

98 responses to “Seahawks agree to trade Russell Wilson to Broncos

  1. WHATTTT????!!!!! My emotions are a rollercoaster right now.

    From depressed to lose out on Rodgers to high on life that we got the better option all along due to age. I just never thought Wilson was realistic. STUNNED!!!

  2. Seahawks trade 2 first round picks for Jamal Adams including this year’s…and now it seems they’re blowing it up.

    Ok then.

  3. All that back & fourth over the past year, I was expecting a much better team. Not sure what pending approval means to Russell Wilson, but I might ask the Seahawks to show me what other teams made offers.

  4. Good move dumping an asset in the downslope. Hasn’t looked the same in the last 3-4 seasons. Almost no mobility and holds onto the ball too long.

  5. Well.. that wasn’t expected. As a Raiders fan the AFCW is now Wilson, Carr, Herbert and Mahomes. Divisional games are going to be spicy.

  6. Incredible. Seahawks going through a massive rebuild will be lucky to win three games next year.

  7. The Denver Broncos have YET another QB….the ghost of John Elway strikes again.

  8. Hope he plays better than last year. Career looks to be on the decline.

  9. Good. Let’s get some first round picks and a younger, taller QB. russell’s price tag is too high for someone whose best days may be over.

  10. The END of the greatest one year dynasty the league has ever seen.

    Followed closely by the KC Chiefs…

  11. George Paton was the assistant GM in Minnesota when they made the original Kirk Cousins mistake. Speaks volumes as to what he thinks about Kirk, since he was willing to give up significantly more for Wilson.

  12. Can’t wait for Seattle’s “brain trust” to squander whatever “bounty” they’ve acquired……

  13. That is a good place for Russell but I doubt they will ever win the division with Wilson.

  14. And just like that Denver became a dark horse contender. They have a decent O-line, solid weapons at WR/TE/RB, and an above average to borderline elite D. Seattle is in full rebuild mode and Denver getting ready to make a run. Next season is gonna be fun.

  15. The new league here hasn’t even started and The unofficial tampering date isn’t even here yet tampering tampering tampering

  16. Goodbye – Pete – dont believe the hype that he doesnt want a rebuild – Johnny Sch will be looking for a new coach after the big flop.

  17. Great move for broncos (and that’s without seeing the details of the trade).

  18. As a Niners fan I am ecstatic… It is interesting how the only detail of the trade so far is that Drew Lock is going to Seattle…

  19. The AFC was a bloodbath before this move. Add a healthy Lamar to Wilson and AFC playoffs are going to even more amazing.

  20. Shorty isn’t going to be able to overcome Mahomes and Herbert in that division. Broncos got fleeced.

  21. All of a sudden Denver fans act like they just got Tom Brady and will win the superbowl. Wilson is on a down slope, he will not take Denver to the superbowl.

  22. Bad news Broncos fans. Rams feasted on Wilson’s declining skills, amd his wish to play hero ball. You are getting a short an on the downside of his career

  23. Russell is a Badger. We know he’ll do great in Denver!

    On Wisconsin!


  24. Anyone notice last year that Wilson was less adept at avoiding a pass rush; where he previously used to escape and extend a play. Looks to me like he lost a step, which doesn’t bode well for the future, unless he goes on the avocado ice cream diet

  25. Seattle may have made out like bandits….I need to see what the return is.

    They werent going anywhere with Wilson anymore.

    It might be one of those rare win-win trades, but I doubt it….its 2022, not 2019.

    Not knowing the details, Id say Seattle looks like the winner.

    Even with a rejuvenated Wilson, the Broncos still have to deal with Mahomes and Herbert (and Carr)….and now they likely have very few prime draft picks for a couple of years.

  26. Russel was a good quarterback but he’s entering that “whining” phase where he is demanding more and more each year. In the beginning he was hungry and willing to do anything. Now he asks for something new each year, the Seahawks give it to him each time, and it still doesn’t produce the results he wants. He will be a good quarterback but it’s also possible he will go the same way as Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman who were superstars until their head got too big.

  27. Oh well, I guess my team (Washington) made another low ball offer last week.

    Not sure Russell is worth the required compensation anyway. Just mad we were not smart enough to cash in on Kirk Cousins. Thanks Bruce Allen, you idiot.

  28. As a lifelong Seahawks fan through thick and thin, this is a massive mistake. Congrats to Broncos faithful. You’re getting a terrific QB who will give his all to your team. As for my Hawks, keep a lookout for John and Pete to trade away these 1’s to go find talent in later rounds. It’s how John operates. We typically trade out of round 1 and when we don’t, we end up Rasha-injury Penny, or Russell Okun-injured-high-ankles… So, we get Drew Lock and probably a bunch of mid-to late rounders. Heck, while we’re at it, why not bring back Ken Norton Jr as DC and why not bring back Jim Mora for one season. UGH.. Frustrated to say the least. Maybe we can get Matt Flynn at QB…

  29. Josh McDaniels picked wrong. 6 games against Wilson/Mahomes/Herbert. Yikes!

  30. “George Paton was the assistant GM in Minnesota when they made the original Kirk Cousins mistake. Speaks volumes as to what he thinks about Kirk, since he was willing to give up significantly more for Wilson.”

    Or maybe it speaks volumes about whether he’s any good at evaluating a QB’s value period.

  31. Now Pete has a couple of first round picks that he can use to acquire a safety.

  32. This only levels the playing field (slightly) at the QB position. They still need to find a way to replace Miller’s presence on the defense. I don’t think Russ knows what he’s stepping into. The AFC West isn’t the same as the NFC West. Raiders and Chargers are no pushovers and, we’ll…have fun going to Arrowhead once a year!

  33. Someone tell the tampering guy that Russ isn’t a free agent so the two teams are allowed to negotiate a trade. Might want to also tell him teams are able to negotiate with their own impending free agents, too..just in case any of them resign with their teams before free agency begins.

  34. flash1224 says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:02 pm
    The END of the greatest one year dynasty the league has ever seen.

    Followed closely by the KC Chiefs…

    ’85 Bears still have that claim all sewn up for those of you old enough to remember…

  35. jjfootball says:
    March 8, 2022 at 1:57 pm
    How in the world is that not tampering?

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Tampering requires one team to contact a player under contract with another team (including pending free agents), without the player’s current team’s consent. Trades are not tampering because the teams are openly talking about trading a player(s). Restricted free agents can also negotiate with teams once free agency has started, as they are on a right of first refusal contract with their current team that guarantees the current team their choice of the negotiated contract or tendered draft picks. Likewise the Transition Tag allows a player to freely negotiate with other teams with the understanding the team will receive 2 1st round draft picks (or other compensation). In Rodgers case the Packers allowed him to negotiate with other teams and they matched the contract he liked most. Also allowed because the current team knows and endorses the talks. All teams tamper, they start at the combine via agents, which is why we’re seeing the sudden movements of big names. Tampering is usually not called out unless the current player team is completely blindsided or has an axe to grind with the new team.

  36. Seahawks grabbed two top-42 picks, a first and second next year, a solid DL, an option at QB, at least for the immediate future, and a borderline elite tight end.

    The Broncos acquired an aging QB who has done nothing but frustrate Seahawks fans for years.

    I’d say Seattle won this trade, considering this is not enough to push Denver ahead of Kansas City. Denver will be much better, certainly, but a wild card appearance doesn’t look likely.

    Seattle, on the other hand, are full-on rebuilding.

  37. We haven’t even had this years draft but the Seahawks are on the clock with the first pick in the 2023 draft

  38. “I don’t think Russ knows what he’s stepping into. The AFC West isn’t the same as the NFC West”

    Since 3 NFC West teams made the playoffs and two of them made the NFC title game, I’m sure he’s quite aware of what he’s stepping into.

  39. This trade virtually assures that no team in the AFC West will earn the top seed/bye. Bills and Ravens fans smiling today.

  40. jjfootball says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:08 pm
    The new league here hasn’t even started and The unofficial tampering date isn’t even here yet tampering tampering tampering

    It’s a trade with no FA’s involved so it’s not “tampering” it just can’t become official until the 16th. The Stafford trade to the Rams was made and announced the week before the Super Bowl last year. It just didn’t become “official” until March.

  41. Scott Timmins says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:03 pm
    The Chiefs will STILL win the AFC West.
    Broncos are comin for your teams head and we’re about to take it clean OFF!

  42. Horrible. Seahawks got absolutely fleeced. This is a worse deal than the Chicago offer they turned down last year.

  43. andyreidsmustache says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:26 pm

    The AFC West isn’t the same as the NFC West.


    Two teams from the NFC West played in the NFC championship. One of them won the Super Bowl. The 3rd team made the playoffs. Only Wilson’s Seahawks kept the Division from being strong throughout. The Seahawks had the toughest division schedule of anyone in the NFL last season.

  44. The AFC West will beat on each other. Bills with home field advantage and clear path to SB the next few years!

  45. Can we officially declare that the Seahawk dynasty we had to endure hearing about for a couple of years is over?

  46. Wilson is a special talent, he hid many of the coaching/drafting issues that have plagued the Seahawks. I don’t think is a good move for Seattle. They should have kept him, drafted a young, high-round QB, and then stocked up on linemen. The NFC West has some killer d-lines.

  47. At 70 years old, Pete Carroll must have been REALLY sick of Wilson to make this deal. It’s no secret Wilson’s ego precedes him and he tried to wrestle control of the offense away from Carroll and his coordinators. Wilson got at least 3 offensive coordinators fired in the last five or so years. Good luck in Denver with a rookie head coach! If Wilson didn’t respect Carroll, how will he respect Hackett???

  48. Good deal this year for the Broncos for just $11mil in 2022 depending on which Wilson the Broncos are actually getting, but come 2023 he’s going to cost them a lot more!

  49. Broncos are still 3rd or 4th in the division. Waste of assets to lose to mahomes and Herbert. Same with wilson, 3rd or 4th qb in the division. He shouldn’t waive his no trade and force his way to a more open division

  50. Wow Seattle with Drew Lock will be menacing. Cant hardly wait to see that team take the field. NOT

  51. nite2al says:
    March 8, 2022 at 4:23 pm
    Now the Broncos just need receivers. LOL


    The Ravens still need a QB

  52. mhouser1922 says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:47 pm
    This trade virtually assures that no team in the AFC West will earn the top seed/bye. Bills and Ravens fans smiling today


    Ravens? Did they find a QB?

  53. Hawks should have accepted Bears offer last year of 3 first round picks. They could have Justin Fields and 2 draft picks.

  54. Oddly enough. The 12th man also was traded away with this transaction… cya fairweathers… shawn alexander was right about u guys

  55. So glad the Colts didn’t go after Wilson aka the Carlton Banks of the NFL.

  56. Seattle is smart. Wilson is past his prime and is starting to break down. This has the potential to be a Dallas Cowboys/Herschel Walker type situation. Well done, Seattle.

  57. Hey Broncos fans. I heard the same negative talk when the Rams traded for Matthew Stafford last year. It turned out pretty well for us.

  58. thurmanmerman99 says:
    March 8, 2022 at 5:16 pm
    So glad the Colts didn’t go after Wilson aka the Carlton Banks of the NFL.

    Yeah…..hang your hopes on Carson Wentz!!

  59. So for those that think Denver gave up too much. Two firsts and two seconds and three players. One is really good, 1 is pretty good, and one rides the pine.

    Denver has been missing a franchise quarterback for 7 years.

    Last time they had a franchise quarterback they won the SB.

    That’s 7 firsts and 7 seconds.

    I think it’s worth the risk, don’t you?

  60. I think everyone is forgetting that next year Wilson will want $50m+ like Rogers. Look at the past SB winners QB salaries and tell me if Seattle made a bad move? Denver gives up a boat-load AND now they get to pay $50m+ next year isn’t going to feel good when their current FA start to come up for contracts.

  61. Denver will greatly regret this. Wilson is not worth anything near what they surrendered to get him.

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