Seahawks return for Russell Wilson includes pair of first-round picks, Drew Lock, Noah Fant

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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The Seahawks agreed to trade nine-time Pro Bowler Russell Wilson to the Broncos on Tuesday.

Seattle is receiving plenty in return for the star quarterback.

PFT has confirmed via a league source that Denver will send a pair of first-round picks, a pair of second-round picks, and three players to Seattle as part of the deal. Multiple reports indicate that the Broncos will also send a fourth-round pick to the Seahawks and Seattle will send Denver a fifth-round pick.

The three players heading from the Broncos to the Seahawks are quarterback Drew Lock, tight end Noah Fant, and defensive lineman Shelby Harris.

Lock could be a bridge quarterback for the Seahawks, or they could use all the picks they’ve received to target a veteran. A second-round pick in 2019, Lock compiled an 8-13 record in 21 starts for the Broncos. He was 0-3 in 2021, completing 60.4 of his passes in six appearances for 787 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

The 20th overall pick of the 2019 draft, Fant has flashed his potential throughout his three seasons. In 2021, he caught 68 passes for 670 yards with four touchdowns in 16 games.

Harris has been with the Broncos since 2017, appearing in 75 games for the club with 49 starts. In 16 games last year, he recorded 6.0 sacks with seven tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

126 responses to “Seahawks return for Russell Wilson includes pair of first-round picks, Drew Lock, Noah Fant

  1. On paper, it appears the Seahawks got the better of the deal as long as they can draft quality players with those picks. No idea what the cap hit / space looks like after this. That being said, if they swing and miss, or draft players who don’t show up until the final few games of their final year (Rashaad Penny), then it’s going to cost a bunch of jobs in Seattle.

  2. Not a bad return.

    I’m guessing it’s another 4th this year and 3rd next year (or 2024)

  3. I like this deal so much better than going after Rogers. Rogers maybe has 3 good years left but Wilson will be here longer. Only 2 first, 2 seconds and a few players? Sounds like a deal for a franchise QB!

    Now come home Von Miller!

  4. So, they get the picks they gave away in the Adams trade and a TE with nobody to throw him the ball. Don’t worry, 12s. You’ll be getting plenty of good draft picks in the upcoming years for giving the farm away.

  5. Wow!!!! Russell Wilson is great, but that’s a lot to give up for a guy that is starting to decline and will need a new contract within a year or two.

  6. A horrendous trade for the Seahawks that should have their fans vomiting.

    They gave up 80% of that package for Jamal Adams a year ago.

  7. Makes no sense to trade so much for a safety one year then give up your starting QB 2 years later .

  8. I hate the Seahawks with a passion but this was a pretty good deal for them. They are terrible at drafts, but getting that much in return for Wilson, who wasn’t the same last year is a good deal for the Seahawks. Fant and Harris are good players as well. Thank God Wilson is out of the NFC though.

  9. Denver gave up plenty. I think Seattle has to be very pleased to get what they got from Wilson and then after the window was closing to then get a huge haul for him. Very good job of getting the most out of your assets

  10. Full rebuild in Seattle. No chance of winning that division at least for a couple years. Trey Lance just got a gift.

  11. Wow. Denver is crazy.

    Sloppy seconds with Russell Wilson. Yikes! Seattle recovered from the Jamal Adams disaster.

  12. As a Seahawks fan I’m gutted. Sure Russ had a down year last year but he’s everything you want in a franchise QB. If the first round picks are that valuable to you, why trade two of them for a safety that doesn’t improve your team?

  13. Denver better win a lot of games real quick. That’s an expensive trade to just be mediocre.

  14. I’m stunned that Pete is sticking around to rebuild with a new QB. Either there’s another move coming or he’s on the way out.

  15. Broncos w/Wilson will NOT end the way the Bucs w/Brady or the Rams w/Stafford…
    Carr and the Raiders; Herbert and the Chargers; Mahomes and the chiefs will keep that from happening!

  16. Pete is the first guy I would hire to rebuild my franchise 🙂

    Will the legendary 12’s show up this year to watch Drew Lock go 5-12???

  17. A nice pick up, but it will not be easy to dethrone the chiefs, and the Chargers have a bright future as well. Talk about a wild Wild West!

  18. What a great move by the Seahawks!

    Trade a 1st and a 2nd, plus the pics from Denver, to the Texans, and the Hawks get Watson for basically, a 1st and a 2nd, + plus the Hawks still get the players from Denver!

    The Hawks would have a younger QB at about the same cap cost, Fant, Lock, and the Dlineman!

    Broncos are going to regret this trade!

  19. A tale of two cities. Seattle get a fresh new start and boatload of picks (good or bad depending on the QB), Packers gets years of cap hell with the similar team the last two years that could not execute in the playoffs.

  20. Two first round picks mean nothing if they don’t draft well. The Seahawks draft well in the middle rounds but their first round picks in recent years, when they actually had them, have not panned out.

  21. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I don’t see what all the doom and gloom is. Wilson knows what it takes to win a superbowl especially with a stacked defense. Is it a lot to give up? Absolutely, but there’s no substitute for experience.

  22. New team means it’s time for a new wife for Russ. Seattle won that traded hands down

  23. Seahawks were fleeced. They lost a more than proven commodity for Drew Lock, a tight end, and two first round picks. The Hawks offense struggled with Russ, now there’s going to a rookie back there…or Drew Lock. So the Seahawks, who have holes in their defense and their running game now just created a hole at QB too.

    Petter hope they pick right. The thing about draft is that its a crapshoot. Th organization still has to make the pick and pray it pans out.

  24. Russel Wilson for an overrated safety and some scrubs? He must’ve really wanted out.

  25. Man, the Broncos are betting the farm on this. Reminds me of the Saints trading away their entire draft in ’99 so they could move up for Ricky Williams. If Wilson doesn’t get them to the playoffs, I’m betting it’s gonna get ugly in Denver really quickly.

  26. I don’t see Russel Wilson’s best years in front of him at this point, however there is no way if you trade for a proven NFL starter that you are going to get a good deal. Denver paid what they paid and Seattle got a very decent haul players and draft capital. It will be interesting what Seattle does with those picks.

  27. This is the worst trade I’ve ever seen. Surprised the NFL allowed it to go through. Whoever is running things in Denver should be fired.

  28. I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t say how this will work out for either team. But the same people who are saying the Seahawks fleeced the Broncos said the Lions fleeced the Rams they traded Stafford to us. They were wrong about that. I’m guessing they’ll be wrong about this, but time will tell.

    The big question is whether the Seahawks scouts can leverage these draft picks into starting players.

  29. Hawks have to be laughing. They needed to rebuild and found a Herschel Walker sized sucker in the Broncos who just gave them the tools to do so.

  30. Jon says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:57 pm
    Tom Brady coming to the Hawks!

    A lot of you say no, but what if Seattle told Brady he could use the 2 1’s and 2 2’s any way he wanted to.

  31. Is there something in the water in Denver to make every executive go full on stupid over quarterbacks? Just gave up the next 2 years worth of picks and Shelby Harris for a guy we will get 3 years from and then right back to zero. WTF!

  32. That is a high price to pay. Does anyone feel that Denver was a QB away from winning the SB?

  33. The AFC West just became even more exciting.
    Mahomes, Herbert, Wilson and Carr are all very good to great players.

  34. Well now, someone just pressed the panic button.
    Way to re-set the QB market to match your high-elevation, guys.
    Broncos going All-In with only a hope and a prayer and
    wishing they can catch lightning-in-a-bottle, like they did with Peyton.
    It’s not going to happen.
    Worst part is these mountain mule riders just helped prop up
    the sinking Seabirds back up to respectability again.

    This Wilson trade stacks up nicely with the Reggie Bush and
    Herschel Walker heists. Deal of the decade.

  35. Before the Stafford deal worked out for LA, nobody would have gave up this much for Wilson. It will be interesting to see how he does in Denver. He’s got good young receivers and backs there to work with.

  36. As a Seahawks fan I’m gutted. Sure Russ had a down year last year but he’s everything you want in a franchise QB. If the first round picks are that valuable to you, why trade two of them for a safety that doesn’t improve your team?

    Very similar to the Junior trade; Russ wanted out.

    There is no way the Seahawks would have actively been looking to trade him otherwise.

  37. The main thing Seattle gets is away from that albatross of contract that has hamstrung them for the last decade, now Denver can find out what happens when they have to pay Russ $55 to $60 million a year or is he a one to two year rental.

  38. Way to early to call either side a winner or loser yet. If Denver wins a Super Bowl, Seattle hits on a couple of these picks and becomes a contender again they both won. If Denver is mediocre and the recent history of terrible first round decisions continues in Seattle they both lost. Time will tell.

  39. This is the worst trade I’ve ever seen.

    Craig Erickson for a 1st
    Steve Walsh for a 1st
    Rick Mirer for a 1st

    Nothing top the Herschel trade..

  40. Really stoked that Denver made this move. Seatlle got a great haul. Denver got a great QB.

  41. I bet the picks traded prove to not offer any franchise QBs, and of the three players traded, only Shelby Harris will be missed. This was their path to a franchise QB and they took it.

    A lot of pressure on Wilson to perform.

  42. Nobody wants to play for the Commanders! As long as Snyder is the owner any player in his right mind will avoid the team like the plague! The only way a free agent comes here is for the money. He is definitely not coming here for the team’s winning ways! He is not coming here for the outstanding organization! The team has been the laughing stock of the NFL! Before Snyder, under Jack Kent Cooke, the team was one of the most parament teams in the league. During Gibb’s run, 5 NFC Conference Championship Games, Four Super Bowl appearances and three Super Bowl wins! Since Snyder, they haven’t had a double digit winning season nor a NFC Championship game! The NFL needs to make Snyder go away! He is the worst owner in the league! Sell the team!

  43. Bad year ahead for the Seahawks, but then a new QB next year + new blood from all those picks would be the start of a new era.

    They could also go out and get someone like Trubisky, Jimmy G and try to be competitive this year.

    And Coach Pete should retire.

  44. Broncos gave up a lot for Russ. Are they really just a QB away? In that division?

  45. You’re gonna trade the 1’s and 2’s for an elite QB after sending your current elite QB away for said draft picks? Even if you have no faith in Seattle’s front office, that does not seem likely. My guess is John has his eye on some draft choice to compete for the QB spot. So, we’ll give Drew Lock the Matt Flynn millions and then sit him on the bench.

  46. Ownership to Pete Carroll – “Can you win as often next season with Drew Lock?”
    Pete – “Yes, no doubt about it”
    Ownership – “Here’s your shot, put up or shut up.”
    Pete – “Crickets”

  47. Don’t see much point in Seattle going after a veteran QB. To give up any of their bounty for someone probably not as good as Wilson would be a waste for not much gain.

    If they’re smart, they’ll bite the bullet and bide their time until the QB they really want shows up in the draft, be it next year or the year after, then leverage available picks for that. If they draft really well, they could be in good shape again within a couple years.

  48. gochief58 says:
    March 8, 2022 at 3:49 pm

    As a Chiefs fan, I’m thrilled they got Wilson and not Deshawn Watson.


    Really? Wilson won a Super Bowl, Watson has all of one playoff win in his career, and only a couple winning seasons. Guy’s come up small when it counts, including against the Chiefs. Wilson is definitely going to make more noise than Watson ever has or could.

  49. Was the only way Denver was going to have a chance in the division. Good move by them

  50. Noah Fant just can’t catch a break. He was so close to having a real QB.

  51. Denver got hosed on this deal. Russell Wilson is NOT going to win you THAT division. He’s, arguably, the 3rd best QB IN HIS OWN DIVISION. So, the Broncos might get a wild card and that’s a big ‘might’.

  52. Secret best part of the deal for Seattle is DE Shelby Harris, big-time locker room leader, and the blocker of passes in the NFL.

  53. Too bad for the Seahawk fans. You never want to lose a franchise QB. There is no guarantee they can find another one – especially with guys like Schneider and Carrol. It’s somewhat good for Wilson. Good org to go to but he’ll be in a division with Mahomes/Herbert etc.
    It’s great for NFC W teams – especially the niners as Wilson had their number.
    Good luck Seattle – you won’t be relevant for quite a while. They basically traded Wilson for Adams + a few ok players.
    Love to see Seahawks go down the drain.

  54. Two firsts and two seconds for a guy whose best QB attribute is running after anyone gets near the pocket? That’s a dumb trade. It might be a good trade if they were a playoff team and only a QB away from the Super Bowl (like when they got Peyton) but they are nowhere near that. Mortgaging your future for a guy who hasn’t done anything in years is dumb and it’s going to set that team back five years. You just can’t give up four high draft picks like that and expect to be able to improve your team.

    I wonder how long it’ll be until Russ asks for a big fat contract. I’ll laugh if he holds out.

  55. Well, at least the Niners get to play Wilson again this year — SF @ DEN.

  56. Here are the two reasons why I see this as a bad move: Wilson has been less effective the last few years. That can be directly traced to his diminished mobility. Remember Daunte Culpepper? He was all-world, until a knee injury took away some, not all by any means, of his running/scrambling ability. With that diminished mobility has was barely practice squad-caliber. Wilson can’t move like he used to and that has resulted in his being just another quarterback. Reason Two: Wilson has never seemed to understand that’s he hasn’t just been the Seahawks’s QB when they win, he’s also been the QB when they lose. PR slogans (Let Russ Cook) and insistence on input about coaching hires are fine if you are walking the walk and winning championships, but seem pretty lame and selfish when you aren’t.

  57. Top NFC West QBs now Stafford and K. Murray. Rams have the edge here…
    A trade of Garoppolo to the Seahawks for some of those picks makes sense, except that the 49sers would never do that.

  58. This is the price you pay for a top QB. A kings ransom for sure but the Seahawks did not have to trade him but chose too. I hope it works out for everyone. (I think Denver knew Rodgers wasn’t coming there and had to pull the trigger on some deal and Seattle knew he wanted out).

  59. Ok, as a Lions fan I have no horse in this not even from a division rival angle. If I’m Seattle I make that trade every day and twice on Sunday. Eliminate other factors but focus on the division. Denver has Just a beast of a division, including the chiefs. Every team has good to excellent QB play. If I was forced to bet on the futures of the clubs I’d have Denver no higher than 3rd with an occasional 2nd. Does this move them to first in their division, I think that’s an easy NO. So if I’m settle I probably am getting first rounders in the teens or twenties, 2nds around 45-52. They got plenty for a one man band who isn’t playing as well as he once did. All things aside this was good business by Seattle. And I think reaching for Denver. IMO

  60. He’s still good, but father time is catching up with him. Still a massive upgrade for Denver.

    Seattle just lost the only thing keeping them in games, but they’ll have a boatload of picks and (without looking) perhaps cap space to fill some holes. At the very least, they won’t need to cut people. Will it be a fast rebuild or slow one? Big decisions ahead.

    But with any team that loses a franchise QB, it’s often very hard to get one even a couple notches below the previous one quickly. That’s what Seattle must deal with.

  61. This is good for both sides. Seattle really cashed in trading in an unhappy quarterback, getting two firsts, two seconds, a tight end worth another first, a sneaky good, versatile defensive lineman (you’ll see this when you look him up on video), and a new backup quarterback (they’ll pick Malik Willis with Denver’s first in this year’s draft). So Seattle get’s alot out of an unhappy player, and they get younger at the position, while Denver gets an established, franchise quarterback. After seeing what the Rams gave up to do this last year, and what it got them, more teams will be jumping at the chance to do this.

  62. As being meh on Wilson for quite some time now … guess time will tell if this was a good deal for both teams … but for Denver well a stacked division and he ain’t getting any younger, but having a better Oline will do much to tell the tale is he still a quality QB able to win in the playoffs or just another rich dude inevitably losing to father time ??.

  63. Denver got hosed on this deal. Russell Wilson is NOT going to win you THAT division. He’s, arguably, the 3rd best QB IN HIS OWN DIVISION. So, the Broncos might get a wild card and that’s a big ‘might’.


    True enough. But it cuts both ways. Someone like the Chiefs are going to have a helluva time trying to pull the #1 seed in the AFC any time soon, and they aren’t guaranteed to win the division either.

  64. Russell Wilson is only 33, the Pack just signed a 39 year old. I say it was a no brainer for the Broncos. Wilson just made the bronco’s a really good team.

  65. alarmbottle says:
    March 8, 2022 at 2:53 pm

    A tale of two cities. Seattle get a fresh new start and boatload of picks (good or bad depending on the QB), Packers gets years of cap hell with the similar team the last two years that could not execute in the playoffs.


    Is that a fan of a team in full rebuild mode gloating? With those extra picks and a lousy roster they’re in “elite” company. See Lions and Jets fans, you can join the trash talking fun too. Let’s see which of those three teams get the most wins this year. I call Lions!

  66. I believe rumors of Wilson’s demise may be greatly exaggerated. The man broke his finger last year and was out for 3 games. Probably came back before he should and the team still finished a couple of games out of a playoff spot in the NFC West where 3 teams made the playoffs. I know the AFC west is competitive but Denver at least has a shot now.

  67. Great deal for Seattle. Russ hasn’t been the same since he decided to put on weight which resulted in his loss of mobility – which was his difference maker. He throws a great long ball, but takes unnecessary sacks waiting for the long ball to become available. The Jamal Adams trade and signing still stings, but this helps offset that and hopefully they don’t squander the picks on reaches like Rashaad Penny. Denver fans that haven’t watched Wilson over the past couple years may be disappointed.

  68. Wilson sucked last year. Can he robound who know but that is a lot to bet on maybe’s.

  69. Denver could have signed Trubisky to a prove it deal and also taken a QB in 1st round while holding on to all those surrendered picks. Russ is 33 and showing signs of decline. I predict Denver is going to regret this & I predict Russ will be crying for a trade inside of 2 years.

  70. Broncos have up to much for a 34YR old Wilson who’s starting to decline but never the less SEA was stupid to deal Wilson without a plan B backup plan at QB. Drew Lock is horrible as is Genius Smith, what are they going to do have a QB comp between the two to see who starts? Secondly next years first round n second round pick of Denver’s will be very late 1st/2nd round picks which doesn’t help them land a QB. Are they going to take a project like Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett or maybe Desmond Ridder in round 2?? All of those guys are huge projects and none scream franchise QB.
    SEA is the beginning stages of a FULL Rebuild in SEA, Hawks are going to live in the NFCW cellar rent free for the foreseeable future!! The Hawks hands down will be the worst team n the NFCW in 2023 and aren’t winning anything anytime soon.

  71. Love the move, on many levels. The Broncos are going all in – they gave up a TON, so it’s all about winning now. Still, I respect the aggressiveness.

    But this will make things much tougher on KC. I want that Bills/KC match-up in Buffalo next year.

    And man, to NOT have an elite QB in the AFC now is basically a non-starter. The AFC is stacked w/ top QB’s. Former powerhouses like the Steelers, Pats & Colts will be on the outside looking in.

  72. I honestly think it’s a decent trade for each side. Seahawks aren’t going to the Super Bowl next year with or without Russ. Broncos have a solid roster that was missing a game changing QB. Seahawks get some really young players and high draft picks that they can possibly turn into Good to Great players. Broncos get their much needed QB that has the potential to take them deep into the playoffs. A potential win win scenario, but only time will tell. Also I think that Russ going to Denver now makes them an attractive spot for some solid free agents, so there’s that to take into consideration as well.

  73. Toughest thing to do in the NFL is find a top flight QB. Wilson might not be as good as Rogers or MaHomes but he is still better than most. As far as the Draft Picks go Denver will just have to look to Free Agency to fill in the Gaps instead of the Draft. Seattle has draft picks but that’s a crap shoot and they aren’t going to be a very good team for the foreseeable future. If I’m a Seahawks fan I’m a little depressed. Take it from a Pats fan.. Life isn’t quite as good after you lose your star QB.

  74. I think Wilson is in decline, but he may be good enough to get Denver to the playoffs. But don’t think Seattle “fleeced” the Broncos. History has shown that most of those picks they got will end up being average or worse. Trading picks for established veterans and star players is a better plan than amassing high picks. Ask Les Snead. He’ll tell ya.

  75. Funny to read what sound like the exact same people that came here to say the Lions won last years trade and the Rams got swindled. Sorry Seattle, this trade was as dumb as the Adams deal. Russ has been the only guy propping up that club for years, and you’re not replacing him with the picks Denver just gave you. You need a QB to win in this league, and you just sent yours packing. Wonder how many years it will take to replace him.

  76. 3 starters and 5 draft picks? Woah…. Denver might end up regretting this one.. even is Russ is good for a year or two. If they don’t get a super bowl out of this they just killed their next 5-10 years.

  77. The return was good….in all honesty,. It won’t make the Broncos better, too many holes.

  78. Denver has an elite QB and Seattle does not. You need an elite QB if you want to compete. Could Seattle find an elite QB? Sure. It’s easy. Right? Denver is following the latest trend. Acquire a proven QB and win a super bowl.

  79. Seahawks fans must be ecstatic given how well they’ve used early round draft picks in recent years.

  80. Where does this conventional wisdom that Wilson is “in decline” come from? He has 10 years in the NFL and is 33. Over his first 5 years, he put up a 99.6 passer rating with 127 TDs to 45 INTs. Over the last 5 years, he put up a 103.8 passer rating with 165 TDs to 42 INTs. 4 of his 5 lowest passer ratings were in his first 5 years (the other was his 6th year). His lowest passer rating for a season in the last 4 years is 103. But yeah, sure, ok, I guess he’s all washed up…

  81. Russel Wilson for an overrated safety and some scrubs? He must’ve really wanted out.

    Uhhh the trade was for 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a 5th then Lock, Fant and a DL. Not so sure Fant is a scrub and not sure Lock won’t turn out to be a serviceable QB. He may just be a backup but I wouldn’t say he is a scrub. The Broncos overpaid for a 33 year old QB. However, if Wilson gets them to the superbowl, then it doesnt matter.

  82. Hmmmmmmmm all those draft picks and Deshaun Watson still floating around in legal limbo… heading to grand jury…they decline to prosecute and poof…Seattle is calling Houston and making a deal.

  83. Whoever gets the star won the trade. Stop it with the picks thing. The draft is a crab shoot, i.e; Drew Lock was a draft pick…

  84. as a chiefs fan, i don’t see this making a difference… still 2 “W’s” for Mahomes & co.

  85. Who wants Drew Locke? He’s a bust.
    I’d rather go with Trubisky, or draft a guy and hope the 55 chance come through.
    Drew lock is a 0% chance

  86. I wonder how this deal compares to whatever it was that Aaron Rogers claimed to have set up with Denver as one of his few landing choices?

    Because this deal takes Denver off the table for him, and that might have been his “Plan A”. It’d be pretty embarrassing if Denver offered more for Wilson than they were offering for Rogers, and went for the Wilson deal as THEIR preferred option. A butt-hurt Rogers jabbering away on twitter would thus make a whole lot more sense.

  87. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    March 8, 2022 at 8:49 pm
    as a chiefs fan, i don’t see this making a difference… still 2 “W’s” for Mahomes & co.
    I think this Chiefs fan is arrogant. Wilson is a future HOFamer who hasn’t had diminished skills despite last season. Chiefs road to AFC W title became harder and getting #1 seed in AFC much harder.

  88. I think its a great trade for both teams. Broncos overpaid, but they still have 6 picks in the 1st 5 rounds and 26m in cap space (according to overthecap .com”). Seahawks finished last in the the toughest division in FB so getting rid of a disgruntled QB for a big haul is a good move if they want to be able to rebuild quickly.

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