USFL’s full TV schedule will put most games on broadcast television

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The USFL faces an uphill battle to succeed where other recent spring football leagues have failed, but the league’s TV deal certainly gives it a chance to reach a large fan base.

The full TV schedule for the 2022 USFL season was announced today, and most games will be on broadcast television. Fox will air 14 USFL games and NBC will air nine USFL games. The first game, on April 16, will air on both NBC and Fox, making it just the third pro football game to air simultaneously on two broadcast networks, following Super Bowl I and the 2007 Patriots-Giants game that concluded New England’s 16-0 season.

In all there will be 43 USFL games: A 10-week regular season with four games a week, followed by two playoff games and one championship game. In addition to the 14 games on Fox and nine on NBC/Peacock, nine games will air on USA, eight games will air on FS1 and four will air exclusively on Peacock.

The USFL will have 20 Sunday games, 19 Saturday games and four Friday night games.

6 responses to “USFL’s full TV schedule will put most games on broadcast television

  1. There are NFL games I have no interest in seeing. I do not see how a second-tier league is going to hold my interest.

  2. Big mistake was not broadcasting the draft. People can’t get enough football and this will get better ratings than MLB, NBA or NHL.

  3. I cannot think of a better example of Einstein’s theory of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Can we buy stock in the USFL? If so, I’d like to short it.

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