With no deal in place, Bucs will tag Chris Godwin again

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The Buccaneers and wide receiver Chris Godwin kept the door open for a long-term deal heading into Tuesday afternoon’s deadline to use the franchise tag, but they weren’t able to get talks to the finish line.

With no deal in place, multiple reports confirm that the Bucs will place the franchise tag on Godwin for the second straight season. He’ll make $19.18 million if he plays out the year under the terms of the tag.

The two sides can continue to talk about a new deal until July 15. If they fail to reach an agreement by then, Godwin will be on track for free agency in 2023 as a third straight tag would be prohibitively expensive.

With the tag in place for Godwin, cornerback Carlton Davis, center Ryan Jensen, edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, running back Leonard Fournette, and tight end Rob Gronkowski are the most prominent free agents in Tampa.

8 responses to “With no deal in place, Bucs will tag Chris Godwin again

  1. $19m isn’t crazy for a player of his talent, but they’ll have a scrub throwing him the ball and he’ll be unhappy with the quality of those throws. Will be hard for him to put up big numbers. My guess is that they work out a deal.

  2. The Least Interesting Man Alive says:

    March 8, 2022 at 3:22 pm

    Should have taken the $$$ last year
    Why? So he would earn less over his career? Hes injured AND was still tagged. Now he has an open path to free agency with no tag next yr for a large long term contract.

  3. Who’s throwing him the ball, and who in their right mind would pay a wide receiver 20 mil for one season that’s just bad business

  4. It’s not bad business. Chris Godwin is more than just an excellent WR and blocker, he is the kind of guy you want on your team and representing your city.

  5. I hope now Godwin only signs contracts fully guaranteed for skill and injury. They’ll be shorter, but from a practical purpose, that’s all most players who sign 5+ year deals get guaranteed anyway.

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