Carson Wentz will play games at Philadelphia, at Indianapolis in 2022

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Carson Wentz will play for his third team in three years. He will get to see both of his former teams this season.

A trade agreed upon by the Colts and Commanders on Wednesday will send the quarterback back to the NFC East after one season in the AFC South.

It also will send him back to Philadelphia and Indianapolis in 2022.

The Commanders not only have two games against the Eagles, but they also play the Colts on the road. The NFL will announce the dates of the games later this spring.

Wentz has cost three teams a lot of draft picks for not a lot of production. In 2016, the Eagles traded the No. 8 overall choice, third- and fourth-round choices in 2016 as well as their 2017 first-rounder and a 2018 second-round selection to move up to No. 2 overall to take Wentz.

In 2021, the Eagles traded Wentz for a 2021 third-round choice and a conditional selection that turned into the Colts’ first-rounder because Wentz played 75 percent of Indianapolis’ offensive plays.

Now, the Colts have traded Wentz for Washington’s third-rounders in 2022 and 2023 with the third-rounder next year becoming a second-rounder if Wentz is on the field for 70 percent of the offensive plays. The teams also are swapping second-round choices this year.

15 responses to “Carson Wentz will play games at Philadelphia, at Indianapolis in 2022

  1. I like Ron Rivera, but Mac Jones was sitting there for him last year. Now he’s gotta try and make it work with Wentz, who’ll prolly be on th bench by week 6.

  2. The level of trolling he will receive in Philly might be well beyond what Eagles fans even thought was possible. I can’t wait to see / hear it.

  3. About to get a head on comparison of Wentz vs Hurts twice per season. Stats favored Wentz in 2021 and both teams went 9-8 but Eagles made the playoffs due to a weaker NFC.

  4. That’s correct if he’s playing. One, we have to assume Washington is drafting a qb in the first round. Two, he has to be healthy which hasn’t always been a guarantee.

  5. “ I like Ron Rivera, but Mac Jones was sitting there for him last year.”

    That’s a little misleading. Jones was selected before Washington picked. Yes, Washington could have traded up for Jones as any team could. But Jones wasn’t “sitting there” when they picked.

  6. Wentz has the arm strength, he has the desire…what he doesn’t have, is smart football intelligence ON the field and in the heat of the moment. You can’t out coach that.

  7. Idiots! Could have had Mariota for pennies on the dollar! I guarentee if a team signs him, gives him a legitimate go, at being the starter, He will win comeback player of the year!
    Seattle, Are you listening? Pete knows Marcus…

  8. Two 3rd round picks is nothing. If his recent average performance continues, no great loss to cut him. Probably better QB trades available which is the bigger issue, why him? Hieneke will likely beat him out in training camp anyway!

  9. He won’t play any of those games. He’ll be on IR by the first quarter of the first game he starts.

  10. Too many people are forgetting that
    Jonathan Taylor played a huge part of Wentz’s success last year and I don’t think he was part of this deal.

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