Colts trading Carson Wentz to Commanders

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Carson Wentz is on the move again.

According to multiple reports, the Colts are trading Wentz to the Commanders.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports Washington is sending Indianapolis a package of picks that includes a pair of third-round selections. Washington will also take on the full remainder of Wentz’s contract.

Wentz is due a $22 million salary and $6.294 million roster bonus in 2022, a $20 million salary and a $6.176 roster bonus in 2023, and a $21 million salary and $6.235 roster bonus in 2024.

After coming to Indianapolis from Philadelphia via trade, Wentz had a middling 2021 season. He started all 17 games for the Colts, compiling a 9-8 record. He completed 62.4 percent of his passes for 3,563 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions. His sack rate also went down from a whopping 10.3 percent in 2020 to 5.8 percent in 2021.

But Wentz faltered when it mattered most late in the season. With two chances to clinch a playoff berth in Weeks 17 and 18, Wentz was just 16-of-27 for 148 yards with a touchdown against the Raiders on Jan. 2. Then he was sacked six times while completing just 17-of-29 passes for 185 yards with a touchdown and an interception in the Week 18 loss to Jacksonville. He also lost a fumble in that contest.

With the Colts’ late-season collapse, it seemed like just a matter of time before they moved on from Wentz.

After reportedly calling about every available quarterback, Washington now has a new QB1. And Wentz will return to the NFC East — a division he knows well having spent his first five seasons with the Eagles.

115 responses to “Colts trading Carson Wentz to Commanders

  1. This is what happens when teams see what elite QBs can do for their teams and there are too few elite QBs to go around.

  2. The Eagles, Cowboys and Giants all send a big THANK YOU to the not-so-in-Commanders.

  3. Looks like Snyder is committed to the longstanding tradition of losing in DC

  4. This will be interesting…Wentz vs. Philly twice a year…if he stays healthy that is.

  5. this is not a big surprise. If Carson can’t make this work, it might be over. Good luck kid.

  6. Its a great situation for him.

    The kid can throw the ball.

    He’s had some miscues in his career but he’s also played like an MVP.

    It’s fair value to Washington who had no options.

  7. Imagine calling everyone, leaving no stone unturned and getting rewarded with Carson Wentz.

  8. Correction… Washington does not have a new #1 QB. They have Carson Wentz.. Huge difference.

  9. I forgot that this was the new Washington team and thought they sold his contract to the CFL

  10. C’mon man…he ain’t worth a bag of chips. Sure hope they are drafting a QB as well.

  11. Only surprise here is that Washington was willing to give up TWO 3rd rounders, especially considering their financial obligations.

  12. Wentz has the talent to be a great QB. If Ron Rivera can figure out how to make Wentz a team player and to help Wentz improve his personality this could be a great trade for the Commanders but that is a huge if.

  13. “Tag you’re it” Washington!

    “You’re problem now”, sincerely Colts

  14. Jimmy G has to be the next domino to fall. I think Cousins only goes somewhere if Minnesota can line up his replacement first.

  15. Definitely an upgrade to what they currently have. The issue with Wentz is consistency. His stats last year weren’t too bad but stats don’t tell the whole story. He can be very good, and he can be very bad.

  16. It’s incredible the Colts got anything at all in return for him since it was common knowledge he was getting cut – let alone also getting Washington to pay his full salary.

    I’m having a really hard time envisioning his personality meshing with Rivera’s to the point where I have a hard time believing Rivera was on board with this.

  17. This smells like the desperation of incompetence. The OC will get fired next after the 2022 season, after this doesn’t work out, then Rivera will get fired after the 2023 season, then back to the top of the slide. Unless Snyder is forced to sell.

  18. From MVP to consolation prize. They’d probably rather have Gardner Minshew than Wentz.

  19. Isn’t he going to a more inferior team than the Colts…..good luck. Also Reich had to cut bait or lose his job if he had stayed with Wentz.

  20. The one guy I definitely didn’t want here is they guy they trade for

  21. Don’t like it one bit. I’d rather stick with Heinecke. This is not an improvement.

  22. Wentz is a good guy, although probably not the most inspiring football player. As an Indy fan I had high hopes that he could find that spark he had with Reich in Philadelphia. I am bummed that it didn’t work out for him in Indy. Wish him luck in Washington. As for the QB situation in Indy …. now what????

  23. My boys will have 6 easy wins now….you change the name which was a dud and now this. Washington last for years to come.

  24. Stat-wise, Wentz was still 13th in QB rating. But typical short-sighted fans only remember the last two games.

  25. Here we go again, A has been with big contract brought in and here is a man that im not sure he has ever completed a winning season. except last year when he fell apart in final game. Bad Idea Commanders. Please make Snyder Sell the team.

  26. Never has anyone been paid so much for doing so little.

    Not even Kirk Cousins.

    Not even Jay Cutler.

  27. Absolutely no one wants to play there. I said it before only players who want money or have nowhere else to go play in Washington. If you want to win you just won’t go to that dumpster fire.

  28. Another team and fan base to disappoint. Washington is turning into the “Factory of Sadness 2.0”

  29. Good move for Washington—not because Wentz is their answer, but because he only has one year of guaranteed money. They can draft a QB, let their rookie cut his teeth for a year, and then jettison Wentz with no cap hit.

  30. There are worse choices than Wentz…. I just can’t think of any at the moment…

  31. Another bullet dodged by the Steelers. First was Rodgers and that ransom, second was Russell. Whew!

  32. Carson Wentz is mistake prone. Defensive coach like Rivera will not like that.

  33. First a bad rename… Now a trade for a broken-down overpay QB in Carson Wentz who could make it with a 2,000-yard rusher and the best OL in the NFL. All that was asked of Wentz was to not throw the football to the other team. Please sell the Commanders…

  34. Actually this is really good news for Heineke. He has an excellent chance of keeping his job or reclaiming it in week 4.

  35. After being rejected by Russell Wilson Washington threw in the towel and decided to start over except this time start from the bottom in search for their new QB.

  36. The eagles and giants are sending big thank yous? Honestly, redskins defense is better than both Eagles and the Giants. Not really sure why you are being thankful especially when you have Daniel Jones and Jalen Hurts as your QB

  37. I wanted Mitchell Trubisky, but maybe Rivera can get a lot out of Wentz. Troubled that the Colts took so little to unload him and his big contract.

  38. He has a long and well-documented history of alienating his teammates. On the field he’s been ok, sometimes even really good. But he’s not good for a locker room and that’s why the Colts ultimately bailed.

  39. The story lines would be sooooo good if Wentz becomes a really good QB. From Indy looking stupid to Philly looking stupid and having to face him twice a season, etc. But, its Carson Wentz, and I dont see him becoming a really good qb…

  40. This seems really silly. Last year, Washington were in a good enough position to draft either Jones or Fields. They did neither. The result? Carson freaking Wentz! I feel bad for the fans. I really do.

  41. It was sporting of the Colts to throw that first round pick in the garbage over this bust.

  42. If Frank Reich can’t fix Carson Wentz then no one can.The Colts deciding to move on after only one year must mean Wentz is unredeemable.That probably should have been all the warning Washington needed not to do the deal.

  43. Wentz was top 10 in touchdowns last season, and his receivers were meh at best. So haters can shut their mouths.

  44. Heinecke is a better QB than Wentz. Carson showed who he was when they needed him the most.

  45. Its been time for Riverboat Ron to go!

    He obviously is a poor GM and a mediocre coach.

    Wentz is worse than a locker room cancer and if his previous man crush and former coach Frank Reich couldn’t get the best out of him why would Commander fans believe Ron and his Carolina coaching staff can?

    Ridiculous and just a dumb signing!

  46. Let Wentz and Heineke battle it out in training camp… best man wins the job

  47. If the Commanders are serious about having a QB, they should also trade for Foles. I’m sure the Bears would be willing to deal him.

  48. Wentz has shown both MVP and LVP. He has the tools….does he have the head?

  49. As a Commaners “fan,” wow, what an awful decision for everyone involved. Wentz isn’t good enough to lift the team, and Washington is a place where ok players just get worse. Washington still has no quarterback. 6-11 or bust!

  50. Wentz’ penalty for losing that last game against Jacksonville and missing the playoffs is getting shipped off to Washington. Jim Irsey just got his revenge.

  51. Washington fans now have to turn around and root for a guy that they saw close up for years was not the answer after he signed that extension.

  52. Look at the contract people. It is INCREDIBLY team-friendly. $26-28M cap hit for the next 3 years. And ZERO dead money after this year! Meanwhile what are the Colts going to do for a QB??

  53. Well as long as Washington doesn’t use their first pick on a QB I’m ok with this.

  54. Commanders should’ve just offered a bunch of money to Trubisky & taken their chances. At least he isn’t a turd like “me, me, me” Wentz seems to be. After being able to pull off this deal, I am thinking Chris Ballard has ocean front property to offer Ron Rivera next time they discuss a potential trade….

  55. The question has now been answered. “Who will be the FIRST Quarterback of the newly branded Washington Commanders?” A. Carson Wentz !

  56. And Goff was there right in front of you Commanders.. Heyy Indy how are you? Are the Bucs over there too?

  57. This makes no sense. Heinekie is a better player and leader. The Colts got off easy other than the fact they gave up that first rounder but they got out of Wentzs salary. I don’t know what their qb options are right now, but it would be fun to watch Sam Ellinger be an NFL starter

  58. This isnt an upgrade from Fitzmagic or Heincke. What are they thinking here? Wentz is washed completly never recovered from injuries he’s had.

  59. Well…it’s an upgrade for Washington and Indy gets bailed out of a disastrous deal.

  60. Do people really think Jimnmy G is a better QB than Kirk Cousins? After that Rams playoff game? Kirk Cousins would do really well in Indy, if they’re not going to draft someone.

  61. he is the perfect stud to play QB for the commanders. Absolute gem of a QB to represent that weird guy who owns the team with the weird name.

  62. I couldn’t care less about Wentz or the NFC least but why are you all laughing? Who do you guys have at QB? Dak? What has he done? Philly, NY… ??? Alabama could win that division.

  63. Cowboys, eagles, giants all…..pumped!!!!!! However, He did help get philly the luckiest sb win in the history of the NFL.

  64. jimmysee says:
    March 9, 2022 at 2:37 pm
    Never has anyone been paid so much for doing so little.

    Not even Kirk Cousins.

    Not even Jay Cutler.

    Sam Bradford. Do I win????

  65. jimmysee says:
    March 9, 2022 at 2:37 pm
    Never has anyone been paid so much for doing so little.

    Not even Kirk Cousins.

    Not even Jay Cutler.

    C’mon man,…Sam Bradford cashed in and he was Tim Couch.

  66. Hopefully he has more success against the Eagles than McNabb did….

    Now taking bets on where Wentz will be in 2023 Hint:It isn’t Washington

  67. Jason Wright, Martin Mayhew, and Ron Rivera all need to go. This deal is devoid of logic, and absorbing a $28M cap hit for, at best, a placeholder QB should be a felony. What is it about QBs run out of town in Philly (McNabb) and Indy (George) that intrigues Snyder? And in Wentz, he satisfies both. I hope Wentz is prepared to be booed lustily the first time he steps on the field, and I hope he realizes that it’s not really him we’re booing. It’s the entire front office and owner’s suite for continually breaking the team. I really had a higher opinion of Rivera than this – now we know he’s a good man but dumb as a box of rocks.

  68. rkt4mayor says:
    March 9, 2022 at 6:27 pm
    Wonder if Carson regrets forcing his way out of Philadelphia now?


    Things have come full circle for Carson, he’s a living game of QB hot potato on the Fitzpatrick career path on the team with Fitzpatrick. Crazy.

    I also like how they included the same clause as the Philly trade, an escalating pick with 70% playing time. Now Indy fans can experience the contradiction of wanting Carson to play well enough not to bench him but bad enough to get a better positioned pick.

  69. Long time Eagles fan who is acutely aware of all of Wentz’ flaws. That said, he is still miles ahead of what Washington has had at qb the past few years. I think he’ll make them better, if he stays healthy. I figure this is the last stop for him, though. I simply don’t think he enjoys being a qb in the NFL. He’s made his money and I think he’ll be back in North Dakota spending his days hunting geese, within the next 2-3 years at most.

  70. Washington had $35 million in cap space before the trade. They now have $5 million. This combined with the draft picks for a mediocre (if any) upgrade at the QB position? TERRIBLE TRADE. The curse of Snyder continues…

  71. We’ve seen this story before. Remember Alex Smith to the Chiefs? It’s clear that when the offensive line is good, he is good. When he gets sacked a lot, he is NOT good. It’s really that simple.

  72. Actually, Carsen Wentz does have talent, if he can grow beyond relying on his physical skills, he can be very good, again. The problem is that his growth is a risk for the Commanders. I wish him all the luck in the world against Dallas and the Giants. I certainly would like to see him resserect his career, he was a big reason why the Eagles were able to get to the Super Bowl, and yes, call me sentimental I’m a Nick Foles fan when he wears green, same with Wentz. Thanks to those guys for 2017. Good luck to the newest Commander in town (just not against Philly).

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