Report: Steelers are not interested in Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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A little over a year ago Deshaun Watson requested a trade from Houston. Carson Wentz has been dealt twice since then. Watson remains with the Texans.

Watson, though, won’t remain with the Texans in 2022.

The Texans paid the quarterback $10.54 million to do nothing in 2021. He has a $35 million base salary and $40.4 million cap hit in 2022.

So where does Watson go?

Washington and Denver have filled a need at quarterback with agreed-upon trades this week. The Dolphins insist “the door is shut” on a Watson trade.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette now reports that the quarterback-needy Steelers are not interested in Watson. Dulac even used all caps for ARE NOT for emphasis.

The Panthers, Seahawks, Bucs and Saints are among other teams in the quarterback market as the carousel spins.

A grand jury will hear evidence in the case involving Watson on Friday, the same day he faces questions for the first time in some of his pending civil lawsuits. A decision on criminal charges could come as early as Friday.

If Watson isn’t charged, the long-awaited trade of the three-time Pro Bowler could happen sooner than later.

13 responses to “Report: Steelers are not interested in Deshaun Watson

  1. No team in their right mind is going to entertain the thought of signing someone who very well may be indicted by a grand jury very shortly for sexual crimes against women. Watson should be worried about his freedom at this point not his football career

  2. If true, they may be the wisest of all the teams… Ironically, I see them going after Jameis Winston which isn’t any better!

  3. Dude should be in jail, not running around spending the $10 million he didn’t earn last season.

  4. Weird quarterback carousel this year. Steelers are probably going to stick with Mason Rudolph- it’s the least interesting and safest route.

  5. Mitch Trubisky will be the highly successful QB of the Steelers for the next decade.

  6. Seeing how Pittsburgh is built now that they finally have a running game since Bell left they could add to the O-line they could go after a QB that isn’t a really proficient passer and I think there are a few good cheap options which would be 3 QBs that filled in very well compared to the playing time they got when their starters went down, the first who is actually 3rd on my list is Tyler Huntley who filled in pretty good in Jackson’s absence, the 2nd is Colt McCoy who had very good games when Murray went down for the Cards and #1 is the “STACHE” Minshew who played great at Jacksonville and pretty good in 2 starts at Philly when Hurts who wasn’t that good in his 2nd season went down! If the Steelers could land Minshew they could be set at QB until they find Big Ben’s replacement if it isn’t Minshew.

    If I were the Steelers I’d try to make a deal with the Eagles for Gardner and give him a 2yr prove it $10mil deal, $5mil/yr and that’s a very cheap price for a starting qb that would let them build the rest of the team around him before having to commit to move up to draft a 1st rounder or pay Minshew the a bigger contract.

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