Will the Seahawks have a Jamal Adams problem?

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is no longer Jets safety Jamal Adams for a couple of important reasons. One, the Jets weren’t willing to pay him. Two, the Jets stink.

Adams wanted out of New York in large part because he was tormented by losing. And while he has gotten his long-term contract that provides him with a lifetime of financial security, he could be on the front end of playing for a punching bag, all over again.

Russell Wilson is gone. Bobby Wagner is gone. The Seahawks are shedding veterans and trying to rebuild.

It will wear on Adams, if the Seahawks slide. We’ve already seen that happen for him with the Jets. As he enters the sixth year of his career, and given his courageous, hard-hitting playing style, it’s unclear how many more chances he’ll have to compete for a championship. By the time the Seahawks rebuild their way into being a true contender, Adams may be close to the end, if not already there.

If the Seahawks win quickly post-Wilson-and-Wagner, it won’t be an issue. But if they struggle and spin their wheels and fail to parlay the four extra high-round draft picks into quality players, Adams may start talking wistfully about playing for a contender. Before too long (and perhaps within the next two years), he could be the next big-name player to exit Seattle.

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  1. That big mouth LOSER deserves to have a loser career. He came in entitled and he wasn’t as good as he claimed or what the NY media propped him up to be.

    Pats fans saw it 2x per year. Schneider and Carroll are to blame first, though. This was their move.

    I warned of it sinking them for years. It’s literally one of the worst trades in NFL history.

    Even for 1 1st rd pick, it would have been a bad deal because it gave Adams the leverage.

  2. “Have”?

    They’ve HAD a Jamal Adams problem for 2 years now.

  3. They’ll be lucky to get pennies on the dollar if they ever have to try to trade Adams… Everyone outside of Pete C and the Seattle brass knew that was a bad trade before it ever happened. They may as well rename the team the Tropics, because all they are going to be looking at for the foreseeable future is 4th place.

  4. I agree that in all likelihood, he is the next “big player to exit,” as you indicate. However, it is just as likely he leaves, even if the Seahawks are successful the next couple of years. His next contract then, would be huge and his body will have taken a beating. The reality is that Adams is more than likely, win or lose, playing on his final Seahawk’s contract.

  5. If they are truly in rebuild mode they should try to get whatever they can for Adams. Even if all they can do is jettison his contract for some low draft picks they will create cap space to help with the rebuild. He is eventually going to turn into a problem. Why not trade him while he is young and still healthy

  6. What they gave up to get him, and then what they paid him, I was under the impression they already had a Jamal Adams problem…

  7. I remember the days when pro athletes made teams successful, and didn’t just pout until they were traded to a team that was already successful.

    You’d think a gargantuan, far-beyond-set-for-life paycheck for playing a game and the opportunity to compete might be enough for most. But I guess not all.

  8. 1) Be careful what you wish for. 2) Adams already isn’t the same player he was, so he has less leverage to be as discontented as he was with the Jets. 3) Adams’s down play despite huge invest is part of the reason Seattle has gotten bad and likely will get worse. He’s part of the problem, so he can hardly complain.

  9. Ironically the Jets need safety help, especially in the run game. I’d take him back on that contract for a third and a muzzle. Or better yet, Prez and DK for #10 pick we got from Seattle in the Prez trade. That trade was the biggest W since Bart Scott screamed “can’t wait!” Somebody tell JD: WE ARE STILL WAITING!!!

  10. Even before this…. it was a nightmare trade for Seattle… now it’s a disaster.

    They really needed to go younger at the Head Coach this season.

    Seattle will be a bottom feeder for a number of years now.

  11. Jamaal Adams has a $30 million cap hit if they trade him,… plus he’s under contract through 2025. His contract numbers show salaries of $9mil/2022,.. $18 mil/2023,.. $23mil/2024,.. $24mil in 2025.

    Not sure how Seattle deals with a contract like that if the intention is to rebuild.

  12. Probably the most overrated player in the league and a terrible contract that Seattle won’t be able to get rid of. The entire league knew that was a bad trade.

  13. Adams is bad and should go; they should trade him for the best deal they can get.

  14. Seattle never recovered from Malcolm Butler’s interception, and probably won’t until Pete Carroll retires

  15. I can’t stop laughing at how the Jets fleeced Seattle and Carolina. They got a total of four first round picks for one bigmouth player who will soon be looking for a job and for a nice guy QB who will never measure up.

    Four first rounders for Adams and Darnold – The great bank robbery from willing victims.

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