49ers are an early popular bet to make it to the Super Bowl

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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Even though NFC teams have won two straight Super Bowls, the broader balance of power has swung to the AFC. That makes it easier to get to the Super Bowl from the conference that currently provides a relatively easier path.

Via Greg Brainos of Yahoo.com, the 49ers have drawn significant early wagers through BetMGM to make it to the next Super Bowl. Of all money bet on the potential NFC champions, 29.5 percent has been placed on San Francisco. It has lowered the odds from +700 to +600.

The Cowboys, at +600, have drawn only 8.4 percent of the handle. The Packers have received a mere 6.4 percent of the action to date, which is no surprise given the odds (+450) and the very-recently-resolved status of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Quarterback Trey Lance also has become a popular bet to win the MVP award, with 10 percent of the handle and odds that have dropped from 80-1 to 66-1. That’s a lot of faith in an unproven commodity, especially with the looming possibility that Tom Brady isn’t retired — and that he’s determined to play for his boyhood favorite team.

If Brady can find a way home, the 49ers immediately will become the favorite to make it to the Super Bowl, and probably the favorite to win it.

Either way, the 49ers enter the bulk of the offseason action as a popular pick to qualify for a February trip to Arizona, their home away from home during the pandemic. The looming moves could end with the 49ers having the best odds, too.

51 responses to “49ers are an early popular bet to make it to the Super Bowl

  1. What did they sign Tom while I was asleep, because if they play the rookie it is not happening. That division is to stacked. If Jimmy stays then okay they have decent shot at it.

  2. Does anyone honestly think Tampa would trade Brady to the 49ers, or even release him so he could go there? NEWS FLASH: Not happening in this lifetime.

  3. I’m completely lost on why. Lance has shown nothing so far. Their defense will be equal or better, but I think SF will be worse overall. I think it’s Rams vs Packers in the NFC and the AFC is gonna be a slog. If Buffalo or KC show up to the Super Bowl I think they win, but if they are upset then the Super Bowl could go to the NFC again.

  4. No respect for the Super Bowl winners…

    And Trey Lance? He couldn’t stay on the field after a couple of games, and there will be no Grap in the wings to fall back on this year. Then to throw the Cowboys in? Puhlease.

  5. There is no way I take those odds if Garoppolo or Brady isn’t the QB and Lance is. I’d throw the money down on them going 4-12 if it isn’t one of those two at QB.

  6. Keep fantasizing that Brady is headed to SF. With what teams gave up for Wilson and Wentz, they cannot afford to trade for him……unless the author feels they should just let him go. And what the hell, let the Bucs throw in a 1st round pick just because.

  7. Trey Lance sat out the prescribed amount of time and will become the next Pat Mahomes.This might be the reason John Lynch was considering a network job.It’s a get out of Dodge if it doesn’t work out.

  8. Why would the 49ers want a guy who couldn’t even score a single point against the mighty Taysom Hill when his all star team around him wasn’t available?

  9. Bogus. Too much hype for a team with a unproven rookie QB. Tons of free agent departures and a cash strapped team trying to sign “cornerstone” players.

  10. The cap hell 9ers, no draft and probable qb bust Trey Lance? Do people watch football?

    SF had their chance. The long fall begins.

  11. In my wildest dreams:

    1. Jimmy G goes to the Colts and has a stellar career, fairly close to his hometown.

    2. Niners players tell Shanahan they won’t play with Brady. They are ride or die with Lance.

    3. Brady goes to Seattle and wins the Super Bowl year one, making Rodgers and Wilson look like idiots. Then he retires for good. Yeah, I know Seattle’s “rebuilding.” This is my wildest dream, remember?

    4. Jordan Love looks so good in 2023, Packer brass has no choice but to send Rodgers down the road for a boatload of picks at the end of the year. Again I say… wildest dreams.

  12. Seriously? Bettors thinking Trey Lance will have a Mahomes type of second year? I bet the pendulum will swing to Green Bay again, now that Rodgers is back.

  13. What happened to all that love for the Rams. In the AFC I’m going to pick the Bengals.

  14. SF is a great team but Trey Lance still needs to show he can pilot the team through a successful season. It seems premature to annoint them favorites.

  15. I don’t see it. Trey just isn’t ready to go through two proven vets like Stafford and ARod. Now if the Niners really do end up with TB, that could be a different story.

  16. Unless somebody makes the Niners an offer they can’t refuse (unlikely), they’ll keep Garoppolo for 2022. It’s possible they’ll try to lure Brady for 2023, but who knows if Brady will be interested in a return to football after a year off and immersing himself in all his other ventures.

  17. You mean the same 49er team that needed an epic choke job by the Rams making a ton of one-off mistakes in the 4th quarter just to get in the playoffs? And now they’re uncertain at QB? Those 49ers?

  18. The niner fans are betting with their hearts. As a Rams fan I have respect for Jimmy G, he beat us six straight before the NFC title game. But unless SF has a change of heart and keeps him, they have little chance. Lance has so far shown nothing to prove he can take them to the SB

  19. Hey if Jimmy G can almost get them there…then Spongebob should be able to seal the deal let alone Trey Lance….

  20. Funny that the Rams aren’t even mentioned here. Personally, I think these Rams won’t make it to another Super Bowl. Most mediocre SB winner in ages, and all those lucky breaks won’t go their way again.

  21. They have a truly stacked roster. The ? is a QB, but look what they achieved with Garrapollo back there.

    Even serviceable play at QB and they look good for a deep play off run

  22. I love the Seattle fan here basing Jimmy G, while his team was in the cellar last year….and now has no QB.


    The Niners can make it to the Superbowl if they keep Garoppolo, but if they go with Lance, it will be a year or more before they get even close.

  23. mrbigchest says:
    March 10, 2022 at 9:00 am
    Trey Lance can’t play


    Lol at all the haters writing off Lance after 2 games. 603 passing yards, 5 td’s passing, 2 int’s, 1td rushing , 97.3 QBR. 1-1 record as a starter.

    But he’s a bust. Obviously most people on here fail to actually watch the games. If they did they might see he’s raw but has tons of athleticism and upside.

    With the offensive weapons they have, things look good for another SB run in SF, whether it’s Jimmy or Trey at the helm.

  24. This has got to be based on the assumption that Brady ends up there. I cant see how this could be based on Trey Lance leading them, who couldnt earn the job over Garoppolo.

  25. With Jimmy G the Niners could perform magic. I don’t think they’ll be signing Brady and I don’t see them as legit contenders next season. Maybe if they sign Deshaun Watson (if can get through his legal issues without damaging himself as a brand-name).

  26. The people betting on the Niners reaching the Superbowl are probably trying to get the best odds before a Brady signing/trade. I can’t explain the Trey Lance mvp thing going on!

  27. Makes sense. They were one play away from beating the Rams in NFCCG. And, yes, Trey is better than Jimmy.

  28. Division got weaker when Russ left, but still gotta go through LA and GB. If Lance is the starter, no way this happens. This feels like a few big bets placed by 49er fanboys, or early bettors assuming Brady goes to SF and they want the best odds.

  29. Seems like not many commenters understand betting. It’s not that these betters necessarily agree that the 49ers are the most likely NFC team to make it to the Super Bowl, it’s that the odds were seen as extremely favorable. Everyone here wishes they would have put $1,000 down before last season on the Bengals making the Super Bowl.

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