Jeff Gladney found not guilty of assault

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The Vikings cut 2020 first-round pick Jeff Gladney last summer after he was indicted for assaulting a woman in Dallas and a jury returned a verdict in his trial on Thursday.

According to multiple reports, Gladney has been found not guilty. He was accused of shoving, punching, and choking a woman last April and the Vikings cut him in August.

Gladney started 15 of the 16 games he played for the Vikings during his rookie season. He had 81 tackles and a forced fumble that year.

With Gladney’s criminal case resolved, he could draw interest from teams looking for cornerback help this offseason. Given where he went in the draft, there are likely other teams that thought highly of his skills coming out of TCU.

9 responses to “Jeff Gladney found not guilty of assault

  1. He should be able to sue the Vikings and the NFL as he was convicted in their eyes before being found guilty.

  2. A jury returned a verdict not guilty. No, the young man did not pay the woman off. There is no innocent until proven guilty! His salary should be reinstated…

  3. There should be harsh punishments for these folks who falsely accuse people just so they can try and get a payout. Jail time for sure. Otherwise this will just keep happening.

  4. Glddney deserves to be resigned with the Vikings. A new administration and a fresh start by someone who undoubtedly has grown tremendously and is ready to play. To have the guts to put your freedom at risk, decline plea bargains and go to trial says more about the lies of the accuser than the actions of Gladney. And the jury was out only two hours. This case should have been dropped.

  5. You can’t start throwing people in jail because they accused someone of a crime and the prosecutor was unable to prove the charge(s) in court.

    If you can prove that somebody filed a false police report against you they DO go to jail under our current laws. It is a felony. You must prove it. Just like they must prove any accusation made against you.

    Is it fair that he missed a year of playing time? Absolutely not.

    That’s a problem with the NFL and not our legal system. Specifically it’s a problem with Roger Goodell.

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