Panthers remain interested in Deshaun Watson

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Last year, the Panthers were willing to trade for Deshaun Watson despite unresolved criminal and civil cases. Watson, however, would waive his no-trade clause only for the Dolphins.

This year, with the door shut on a trade to Miami, the Panthers are back on the scene.

Via Jonathan M. Alexander of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers have been in contact with the Texans, and the Panthers have done their due diligence. However, a final decision has not yet been made.

Per the report, the Panthers believe they’ll have to surrender at least three first-round picks, another draft pick, and a young player or two. Alexander writes that the players would include safety Jeremy Chinn, defensive end Brian Burns, defensive tackle Derrick Brown, and/or cornerback Jaycee Horn.

It’s unknown whether Watson would waive his no-trade clause for the Panthers. Coach Matt Rhule is currently believed to be on the hot seat entering 2022, raising the possibility that the Panthers could be looking for a new coach in what would be Watson’s second season.

Ultimately, the decision may come down to the other teams that want Watson, and how he feels about those other teams.

Before any of that becomes relevant, he needs to emerge from the grand jury procedure with no felony charges. We could learn the answer to that one as soon as Friday.

38 responses to “Panthers remain interested in Deshaun Watson

  1. Yeah, no. If they, or any other team were interested they would have traded for him. No one is giving up multiple 1’s, 1’s plus players or anything remotely close to that for a 4-12 QB. No one is beating the door down for a 4-12 QB.

  2. This team feels more than a QB away, and I just dont see a trade worth it, especially with the legal situation. They should rather draft Malik Willis or wait until next year for guys like Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, and ~~Spencer Rattler~~

  3. That’s insane. No one is giving up that much for a guy who is probably gonna be suspended. I’m still guessing the Texans end up having to cut Watson and getting nothing.

  4. If the Panther’s give up all for him, then they all need to fired and Tepper should be made to sell the team. That is NUTS!!!

  5. The Texans management has no grasp of reality if they think Watson is worth all that. No team is going to give away three first-round picks in this situation. Maybe one first-rounder and a few others, but that’s it.

  6. Wow! That price is way too high! Three firsts, another, and two players? Who are they getting? Superman with baggage? Glad my team is not in the running.

  7. Prop bet: who plays again first, Watson or Ridley? I have serious doubts that Watson will play this year too.

  8. Heck NO!!!!!!!!!!! Give up our best defensive players for someone who QUIT on his current teammates??? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll have some PSL’s for sale.

  9. Why would they give up 3 first round picks when no one else will touch him. the dude is radioactive.

  10. “Per the report, the Panthers believe they’ll have to surrender at least three first-round picks, another draft pick, and a young player or two. Alexander writes that the players would include safety Jeremy Chinn, defensive end Brian Burns, defensive tackle Derrick Brown, and/or cornerback Jaycee Horn.”

    That sounds like a terrible trade.

  11. But Watson is the guy who refused to play because he didn’t care for the way the Texans were being run. What makes anybody think that Watson is gonna go all-in with a franchise that had just decided Sam Darnold was a good idea?

  12. He is on the verge of going to prison but still decides what team he plays for? Okay.

  13. Sad that’s it’s gotten to the point where we no longer care how terrible a human being is as long as they can play a sport well.

  14. Reeks of desperation. After the Sam Darnold debacle, you’re really going to give up a defensive lynchpin AND a bunch of #1s? How far this franchise has fallen. 4 years in, Tepper’s got to be seething at watching his investment tank.

  15. I’m a solid hell no on this I would give the 3 1st but none of the players they are asking for. Watson is a solid QB and bring our team back to the top of the south and even help win a SB in the next few years if build around him. I’m all in with use Sam and draft up our current lines. I just feel it would hurt on team way to much.
    On another issue we still need to see what the courts do and how the NFL will handle him with suspensions so he might even play next year. Mr. Tepper want to win as much as the fan’s do but don’t sellout our future for DW go get our QB next year from a much better QB class.

  16. If there really is an offer of three 1st rounders, a random pick, and a couple of players this trade would be done. This reeks of the Texans trying to pump up the price. Watson may be uber talented but with the pending litigation, a missed year, and a pending suspension of at minimum six games, I will be shocked if they haul in that much.

  17. The Panther’s have done some very dumb things in the past (like giving Washington 2 first round picks for Sean Gilbert), but a trade like this would by far be the dumbest. Every player they trade away will leave an additional hole on the roster besides the holes they already have and they would have no draft picks to fill any of those holes. What good is a QB if you can’t surround him with talent? If you want an example look at Green Bay. They arguably have one of the best QB’s in league history, yet he has the same number of SB wins as does Joe Flacco, Nick Foles, Brad Johnson, & Trent Dilfer. My point is, you can’t win without a complete team no matter how good or bad your QB is.

  18. So three first rounders and your first round pick from last year? Lmfao hard pass

  19. As a Panthers fan….steer clear of this. Are we to believe all 23 women are lying? Even if none of this were true, three first round picks plus two of our best guys on defense? Even when Watson was great in Texas they were still horrible, why would it be any different in Carolina who just traded away their future.

  20. This would be the stupidest trade the Panthers could ever make. Three first round picks,really. Plus a player for someone with great judgement who will probably get arrested again ….

  21. No way, Panthers will move on Captain Kirk Cousins – they’re just putting this out there to try and get the Vikings to lower their asking price. Which they won’t do, because they don’t HAVE to let him go.

  22. Watson’s leaps and bounds better than Russell Wilson, 7 years younger, and still in his prime. He’ll easily fetch at least something similar to what Russell Wilson got. Y’all trippin’.

  23. it still the Bible Belt .as they say it sounded like a good idea at the could go sideways real fast..

  24. Its crazy to give up that kind of draft capital for just one player but we know how the front office thinks in Carolina.

  25. onewarriornation says:
    March 10, 2022 at 9:24 pm
    Yeah, no. If they, or any other team were interested they would have traded for him. No one is giving up multiple 1’s, 1’s plus players or anything remotely close to that for a 4-12 QB. No one is beating the door down for a 4-12 QB.
    Really? I suppose you think the 4-12 record was his fault? The Texans had one of the worst defenses in the NFL that season and had traded away their number one receiver before the season started. Never mind Watson lex the league in passing yards, had 33 TDs vs 7 INTs and had a higher completion percentage then Tom Brady. You remember Brady that season, right? He won the SB and was the SB MVP . Watson was also named to his third consecutive Pro Bowl in 2020. I’m sure you thought Matt Stafford was horrible as well. Why would the Rams of wanted to trade for a QB that was 4-11 the season prior… just using your way of thinking.

  26. I am beginning to wonder if someone is at the airport with a stupid stick and beating people who are coming to work in Carolina.

  27. One thought: if Watson gets away with these prior incidents, it is likely to embolden him going forward.

  28. Three first round busts is a fair deal for Watson. You need a proven QB, just look at the playoffs.

  29. I guess I’m confused as to how any team would trade anything for him without knowing that he’ll be eligible to play. The result of the grand jury won’t affect the Commissioner’s office decision whether to suspend him. There’s also this: even if he’s not indicted or suspended, the best thing you can say from this mess is that he’s incredibly weird and has little or no judgment. Keep in mind that the accusations (which he hasn’t denied exactly other than to say things were consensual) paint the picture of a guy who found women in every city the Texans visited to engage in (at least) borderline sexually inappropriate behavior. I like him as a player but I wouldn’t take him for the league minimum. As for CK, that’s really apples and oranges and anyone who thinks he wasn’t blackballed because of making the league uncomfortable simply wasn’t paying attention.

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