With Justin Herbert on rookie deal, Chargers still in good cap shape after Khalil Mack trade

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco noted this month that the Chargers were in good cap shape in large part because quarterback Justin Herbert is still on his rookie deal. And the Chargers are doing all they can to capitalize on that.

The Chargers have now signed receiver Mike Williams to a new contract that gives him a $14 million cap number this year, and they’ve traded for Khalil Mack, who will have a $17.75 million cap number this year. And even after those two moves, the Chargers are still in good cap shape.

The Chargers will have about $25 million in cap space when the Mack trade becomes official at the start of the league year, according to OverTheCap.com.

That’s in large part because Herbert only counts $7.2 million against the cap in the third year of his rookie contract. A year from now, Herbert will be eligible for a new contract, and if he plays in 2022 like he played in 2021, he’ll surely be seeking one of the most lucrative contracts in NFL history. But in what may be the final year with Herbert playing on an absolute bargain of a contract, the Chargers are going all in.

24 responses to “With Justin Herbert on rookie deal, Chargers still in good cap shape after Khalil Mack trade

  1. It behooves the NFL to establish good teams in LA and they are behoovin’. The Rams did their thing and the Chargers are up next. Is there a man behind the curtain orchestrating all of this or is it just a coincidence that the two LA franchises have become such attractive teams at this convenient point in time?

  2. The Chargers are getting really serious about making a BIG PUSH. It’s looking like their time is coming.(Hey, if the Bengals can do it).

  3. Mack will be healthy all year and have 15 sacks, because that’s how these things always work out for the Bears.

  4. so for the 17th straight year, the pundits will declare the San Diego/la chargers the best team in football and on to the super bowl! they are the best. oh my god.

    and every single year they really really mean it. this year they have this guy or that guy or this coach or that coach blah blah blah

  5. Get a Nose Tackle to clog the middle, and a new RT + RG for the O Line. Also need a backup to Eckler for RB + Tight End

  6. Still a dumb trade. They’re not ready to win yet. 2 year window in arguably the toughest division in football.

  7. Justin Herbert is gonna clown Mahomes the way Brady clowned Manning. He’s bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. Chargers are building a dynasty. West coast Patriots. Khalil Mack and BodawillDerek Carr looking for new excuses for his big game mediocrity. Chargers are Super

  8. The Chargers are 16-17 with the greatest QB to ever play. If Herbert is clowning Mahomes he has an odd sense of humor.

  9. Mack will start out red hot only to flame out with yet another nagging injury that will either slow him down or prevent him from playing altogether. We saw it first hand here in Chicago by his 2nd season with Bears. He is now 4 years older & it won’t get any easier for him to stay healthy. Thank you Tom Telesco for ridding us of this massive contract with little production in return…

  10. The wildcard for the Chargers weak is still HC. He cost them at least 2 games last season by some (rookie) play calling mistakes. Has he learned that you have to balance the pure % chance of a play working with the purely subjective feel of momentum. That only comes from experience. It should make for an interesting team……

  11. wardo says:
    March 11, 2022 at 10:40 am
    The Chargers are 16-17 with the greatest QB to ever play. If Herbert is clowning Mahomes he has an odd sense of humor..
    Herbert has outplayed Mahomes in all four meetings. The first one he found out he was making his first start of his career three minutes before kick off. The Mahomes hype train is out of steam. He blew the AFC championship with his running around playing hero ball. Kansas City is done , which is hard to hear if you live there, cause there is nothing else going on. Here
    Comes fifteen years of Herbert dominating the NFL. Prepare yourself

  12. The AFC west is going to one tough division. It’s good to see the GM’s making moves to really compete!! On a side note, I feel sorry for Bears fans, nothing ever seems to go their way

  13. Going to be tough for Chargers to get past Cincy and Buffalo, especially when Cincy is done in free agency. Herbert is immensely talented but doesn’t have the same in game moxie as Burrow and Allen.

  14. Can everyone stop hailing the Chargers? Yes, Herbert looks great, but this was the 3rd best team in their division last year.. before Russ joined Denver, the Raiders having completely incompetent coaching situation, and a chiefs team that slumped the first half of the year. They have no choice but to push hard in FA

  15. hallaudermilsmithsteen says:
    “Herbert is immensely talented but doesn’t have the same in game moxie as Burrow and Allen.”

    I’m no Chargers fan here but I’m a Herbert fan and from what I saw he’s just as talented and “moxie” as Burrow and Allen. Their head coach cost them some games and prevented them from advancing to the playoff. Herbert played great all year. His moment will come.

  16. Building a great team but it couldn’t happen to a worse owner.
    Spanos is a maggot and right up there with the most vile owners in the league.

    Actually fits right into the NFL Mantra of “Greed is Good.”

    Disgruntled San Diego Charger Fan

  17. Mack had one good year after he signed that massively overvalued contract and has not been nearly as effective since. If he was still the beast he was with the Raiders and year one in Chicago, he is not getting traded for day 2 picks. I keep reading how Bosa and Mack will benefit from each other. Bosa misses multiple games a year and Mack has also been dinged. They will play about half of the season with each other in the same games.

  18. wardo says:
    March 11, 2022 at 7:22 pm
    BTW Robby, I’m a Raider fan.


    LOL Your Raiders have had 2, count them TWO winning seasons out of 8 since the Great Derek Carr – future hall of famer – joined the league. You should concern yourself with which color Khalil MACK jersey you’ll decide to wear on Sundays.

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