Cowboys trading Amari Cooper to Browns

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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Amari Cooper is heading to Cleveland.

The Cowboys have agreed to a deal with the Browns that will see Cooper and a sixth-round pick go to Cleveland, and a fifth-round pick and sixth-round pick to Dallas.

That’s very little compensation for a player of Cooper’s caliber, but the reality is the Cowboys will be happy to get anything for him, as they were prepared to release him rather than pay his $20 million base salary this season.

It’s unclear whether Cooper and the Browns have agreed to any kind of restructured contract as part of the deal, but once the new league year starts on Wednesday and trades can become official, Cooper will have his new team and the Browns will have a receiver they hope can be a better fit in their offense than Odell Beckham was.

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  1. One thing you can say about Cooper is that he doesn’t seem to have enough heart. That’s the one thing you cannot say about Baker. Hopefully he imparts some of his passion to Amari and they can make each other better.

  2. How does this fit Watson? Does it cut into Browns’ cap or is the shiny new toy meant to entice him?

  3. Dude is one of the best route runners in the league… But his little problem of checking out seems likely to show itself even more in Cleveland…

  4. Wow. Cleveland finally got the WR they have been looking for. Baker must be so excited about this move. Did i hear Super Bowl.

  5. Straight up steal for the Browns and illustrates how little value anyone but a starting caliber QB or elite pass rusher has in trade in 2022. This is gonna have a lot of fans wondering why their teams didn’t get in the game for him.

  6. Your time to shine Mr.Lamb. This move makes sense for all parties. Great move by the Browns. Dallas’ wr corps is just too crowded. Time for the Lamb and Gallup show. Cooper wants to be featured more. It’s the perfect divorce and there aren’t any losers by either team and Coop. All for the best.

  7. Browns never learn. Until they get rid of Baker it won’t matter how many WR’s you trade for. Everyone thought Odell was the problem until he goes to the Rams and puts up some pretty good numbers for only 8 games and while learning a new system mid-season. Jarvis isn’t even happy with the targets he was getting. Sounds like more of the same for the Browns. I really do feel bad for you Browns fans.

  8. Like the move for Cleveland. Amari is overpaid but he’s not a diva and his route running should improve Bakers accuracy

  9. LOL…wait until he played with Baker, who will throw to him a few times a game for a few yards but miss the read repeatedly when he is wide open, running free. Get ready Coop for 4-37 yds. 3-26 yds. 5-57 yds Games.

  10. Don’t know how much Cooper has left in the tank. His stats dropped way off this year, and that was with a better QB throwing him the football than Baker.

  11. The way Amari’s contact was written, this was always a 2 year deal. Cutting him after 2 was inevitable the day it was signed. So while the return is next to nothing, anything above zero has to be considered a positive. Additionally, I think this is a signal the Browns will try and upgrade at QB.

  12. bassplucker says:

    March 12, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    Straight up steal for the Browns and illustrates how little value anyone but a starting caliber QB or elite pass rusher has in trade in 2022. This is gonna have a lot of fans wondering why their teams didn’t get in the game for him
    Did you even read the article? It’s really simple, they gave up a 5th rd pick to get Amari at about what he would’ve costed as a free agent that’s why the compensation was low 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. “a fifth-round pick and sixth-round pick to Dallas”.

    Another example of the Dallas F.O. working in reverse.
    On the bright side at least there good for a good laugh.

  14. Good deal for both teams sometimes it works out that way. Browns are better and the Boys wanted to dump him also.

  15. henrythehorse says:

    March 12, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    looks like a DL for the Browns with the first RD Pick
    This likely doesn’t change their draft approach. I highly doubt with Cooper coming in that Landry will still be there so theres still a pretty good chance Cleveland goes wr early.

  16. Cooper barely worth half of 20 mil. The guy has a bad habit of disappearing in big games. Best days are long behind him.

  17. How is trading for a player who even at this young age has lost speed this guy is a joke at 27 he is already a has been i lost a lot of respect for our GM you gotta be able to tell the difference between god and fools gold seems he can’t .
    Old Jerry pulled a fast one and dumped his bloated cap mistake on the clueless Browns.

  18. This didn’t fix anything the Browns still need to pick a WR in the 1st rd this trade is a bad joke
    at the Browns expense.

  19. If Browns are going to go after Watson…going to have to trade Mayfield…dump Keenum and Hunt for cap reasons…those 3 moves would likely get them in cap position for Watson, but might also have to move on from Landry too.

  20. Drew Brees didn’t look all that good in his first 3 or 4 years either.
    Now he’s a HOF’er in waiting.
    Let the kid develop. Be patient Browns fans. Mayfield has had to deal with 3 different Offenses in his 4 years. That alone is a recipe for disaster for a new QB. And it wouldn’t hurt to beef up the O Line to help him out either.

  21. Seems interesting that Cooper would agree to come here. Maybe he didn’t have a no-trade clause, but, still, if he really didn’t want to come here, he would have told the Browns and I seriously doubt they make the trade. Cooper must have seen the OBJ Dad tweet. So, is this a sign that there WILL be a change at QB?

  22. My grandpa always said, “Ain’t gonna fix those browns down there with no 10-ply.” I finally know what he meant.

  23. In the early 2000s I had my spleen removed. That dead spleen would make a better GM than that Jones guy…

  24. Wasn’t obj it was baker that was the proble. Obj shined with stafford and Eli. Amari is gutless too he will not play through any injuries and he is always injured. Can’t make the club in the tub. Compensation isn’t great but good salary cap relief. If they get rid of collins next I’m good with that too. Another questionable heart guy and oft injured.

  25. Who trades for a super expensive WR weeks before one of the most WR packed drafts in years? Yep, the Browns of course.

  26. The question is why are the Browns making this deal. This doesn’t help their team.

  27. Raiders trades that garnered 4 #1 picks now getting a couple of 3’s and a 5. Too bad the Raiders didn’t do much with those picks

  28. “Better fit in their offense than ode was,”

    That appears to be the “other” narrative. True its the one this site, and other mainstream sports journalists adopted after he and his daddy pulled the stunts they did, but there is another narrative out there. It is based on facts and it does completely reverse the victim, versus who the bad guy was in this horrifying (for the Browns and their fanbase) sordid drama.

    You all remember when every underhanded thing that he was doing, and everything on the field that he wasn’t doing, during his 45 million plus, totally unproductive, fiasco of a stay was being reported and the narrative seemed to be quite the opposite.

    It seemed everything shifted once he was given, at the Browns expense to…


  29. jerrysglassescleaner says:
    March 12, 2022 at 2:21 pm
    Your time to shine Mr.Lamb. This move makes sense for all parties. Great move by the Browns. Dallas’ wr corps is just too crowded. Time for the Lamb and Gallup show. Cooper wants to be featured more. It’s the perfect divorce and there aren’t any losers by either team and Coop. All for the best.
    How does this make sense for Dallas? They grossly overpaid for cooper and are getting very little in return. Their WR corps are extremely thin (not crowded). After Lamb, who’s there? Gallup is coming off of ACL and won’t be ready at the start of the season and he’s a FA. Wilson is unsigned. The only other guy is a fourth stringer (Brown). Even Schultz is a FA (though tagged). I think Dallas is in big trouble with their WR.

  30. So the Cowboys gave up a 1st rd pick, to rent Cooper for a few years, just to get a 5th rd pick in return? How in the heck is this the world’s most valuable franchise?

  31. An exchange of 6 rounders and a 5th for Cooper? That’s depressing, that’s a fleecing. That’s a kneecapping of McCarthy so they can justify firing him after the season. That entire division is the epitome of dysfunction.

  32. Everyone talks about Amari being 27 bla bla bla.

    More important to point out he was 2 the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl…..

  33. This was all about salary cap math. Dallas was happy to find someone to take Cooper’s contract off their hands.

    I see people in the comments talking about the Browns making a move for DeShawn Watson, and I think that makes sense. The Browns would need to ship Baker Mayfield and some draft picks to Houston for the trade, but it would dramatically change the narrative in Cleveland. Houston is rebuilding. Mayfield would be their transitional QB, playing for his future.

  34. this bought the browns a little flexibility with their 1st round pick maybe pick a wr on day 2

  35. Cooper is a very talented receiver but he only plays when he wants to.
    He didn’t like being told what to do with the Raiders, spat his comforter when Dallas put some competition on the roster. What will he make of not being targeted on every play in games on cold days by Lake Erie in the ugliest uniforms in the NFL?

  36. FWIW, neither team is going to a conference championship….questionable whether either gets to the divisional championship…this is not a strategic trade.

  37. RIP to Amari Cooper’s career. Browns are ignoring their 2 biggest problems Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield.

  38. Cooper is a good receiver but not a great one. When things are clicking on offense, he is a good contributor, but when the offense is in need of a boost, don’t look to Cooper to give it. Depending on the money that Cleveland pays him, it might be a good deal for Cleveland.

  39. I don’t know what kind of math they use in Cleveland but does ” straight-up steal” mean getting this overrated WR for $20m vs trading the guts and heart of Landry for $15m? Browns be Browns.

  40. 20 mill is a crazy salary for a guy with 865 yards last year which is why they had to give him away. 6th highest cap hit in the league and not even a top 25 WR.

  41. This will turn out awful for the Browns this guy at his still young age best days are behind him and now there’s talk they no longer need a WR in the 1st rd are you kidding me ?

  42. Jerry screwed the Browns odd how many of the clueless media types love this move .

  43. Foolish media think this has been slow WR fixes the problem a great debate who is better Landry or this loser i’d pick Landry.
    They still need a WR at # 1 if not forget it this offense will continue to stink.

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